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Civilian Classification Position Review Taxation Questionnaire



Darnella Monroe

Date Designated to your current Position: eleven March 2011

Current Recognized Title: Security/Information Management Officer


Explain in detail any responsibility or responsibility you have which usually occupies for least 25% (ex: 2 hrs/day or 10 hrs/week or more) of your time.

The duties include being in charge of establishing and maintaining the Directorates eyesight, strategy, and security system to ensure and safeguard, persons, information, and equipment. Grows, implements, and maintains secureness processes throughout the Directorate to lower information and information Technology (IT) risks. I respond to occurrences, establish appropriate standards and controls, manage security solutions, and immediate the establishment and execution of plans and techniques related to security. I as well manage and assure the right security levels for federal government and service provider employees, that happen to be defined and in compliance with positions for each and every individual. The positioning as needs that I usually provide programs, organize and exercise the management of security settings over the powerful use of the organization’s methods to achieve business goals and objectives, furthermore to routine customer needs.

2 . Describe the knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties/responsibilities.

The principal skills applied include taking care of the appropriate reliability levels for federal government and contractor personnel, which are pre-defined, and ensure persons are in compliance in all related positions; making plans and organizing and exercising the management of security settings, ensuring the effective use of the organization’s resources to accomplish organization goals in addition to customer needs; establishing concern, assigning operate, adjusting projects, and directing workflow to create efficient make use of all resources; networking and maintaining a specialist working associations with a amount of people outside of the organization. It is also necessary that I take part in ongoing education to stay educated of all relevant laws and security restrictions and types of procedures applicable towards the organization.

several. How is definitely work designated to you? Just how and how generally is completed work checked or reviewed?

Job is handled independently in accordance to founded policies which will consist of the environment Force Guidance and generally recognized practices used; a set of procedures defined not simply by the Naval pilot Instructions, nevertheless also the Department of Defense Guides. The standards founded are evaluated for reliability through self-inspections and recurring training. Also, handling issues and or worries from Elderly Leadership along with other members of A5/8 can be a high concern. Beyond the fundamental assigned requirements, this position necessitates availability intended for consultation to resolve security situations or problems and quickly identify the right response measures.

4. List all recommendations (AFIs, guidelines, etc . ) you use when you are performing your work.

Bomber command Information Secureness Plan

Personnel Security System Management

DoD Contract Security Classification Specification

Industrial Security Regulations

Security classification Tutorials

5. Make clear work scenarios where the recommendations are insufficient when performing your job, and how you overcome this.

These suggestions are generally suitable, but in dealing with problems relevant to unusual circumstances, I typically refer to the Wing Info Protection, Unique Security Office, and or work of Particular Investigation for additional clarification. Yet , if the issue is technical in nature, then the different approach will be necessary depending on the identification of where the needed specialized expertise may be sourced.

6th. How do you identify what should be accomplished inside the performance of the work projects?

It is typically the case that individuals are given goals that are defined in a tactical nature and have to translate these into more technical objectives. Consequently , building an effective strategy for determining the range of the work is often needed. To this end, I commonly write down daily/weekly/longs in terms of what needs to be completed and this effort helps to prioritize the work load. Furthermore, My spouse and i constantly review notes and these records also assist to identify the time (people or perhaps things) necessary to get the job done.

six. Describe the problem encountered and originality needed when performing work assignments.

Provided the intricacy inherent in lots of of the work assignments, it will require effective managing and leadership skills to develop a reliable range to operate inside. Each concern can be unique and attempting to takes a immense amount of creativity in overcoming novel problems that usually occur i. e. security incidents.

almost 8. Describe the goal of your work. Include any results reached, decisions or suggestions made; treatment or services provided; reports written, results of assessments or research performed, and approval or perhaps denials built.

The purpose of my own work should be to provide HQ A5/8 advice and support for producing operational types of procedures that have into full account ideal security things to consider and actions at all times.

9. What is the direct effects of the job product or service? (Ex: work effects individuals in the organization, effect to multiple bases around a MAJCOM, etc . )

The courses developed and managed is going to contribute materially to the effective implementation from the A5/8 secureness classification system. The security standards established will have a direct influence on the efficiency of a huge selection of government workers that create or perhaps handle categorized national security information, and an indirect impact on the performance of hundreds of govt contractor employees, who also work with classified national reliability information. These kinds of requirements will have a direct impact on operations in several different amount organization.

15. Who or perhaps what advantages from the work you perform?

Every one of A5/8 workers will profit directly from the work performed; which includes established and implemented Methods, Security Manager’s Continuity, physical

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