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“The DSM: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam”

Without even watching this kind of documentary I really could imagine what it was going to end up being, I mean it says all this doesn’t that, an expository film that would give us the reality on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and those to it, the American Psychiatric Connection. Although, within the first a few minutes it hit me that this expository film was quite heavy-handed in addition to my personal thoughts and opinions somewhat ham-fisted. The overall sculpt of this documentary was nearly cartoonish. Within the first small of the video they shown disorders from your DSM about decks of cards on top of a holdem poker table, when i can appreciate the symbolism in back of it- rappel to the fact that the committee of psychologists who also decide what things to include in the DSM take care of the process as if it is a game and they wager with householder’s lives- it just came across being a joke and ridiculous. The worst factor of all with this overall metaphor was all their portrayal of the psychologists playing poker with DSM cards and prescription chips, that the filmmakers believed that by making individuals involved with the expansion and additions to the DSM seem like the villains coming from childhood cartoons we would quickly root against them. It absolutely was much too overt and actually funny, I discovered it hard to consider any of that seriously. Let alone the over-the-top reactions and attitudes with the narrators guiding us through the many different details on for what reason the DSM is the most severe possible thing to happen to mental medical care ever since it is inception. Most expository documentaries are attempting to persuade the viewers to see a distinct perspective, but the filmmakers in back of this documented forgot anything they recognized about subtlety and just went with an almost propagandist methodology instead of letting the source material speak to get itself. The film experienced the account of many people that had experienced the struggling caused as a result of psychologists making use of the DSM, as well as many specialists in the mental health discipline revealing the way they truly felt about the DSM, I would personally say it was the best approach this documented employed. They will obviously handpicked those they will interviewed in order to find whoever might best fit their very own views on the DSM, yet even so that they implemented passione by enabling those who have had poor or perhaps harmful experiences on treatments prescribed to them only after staying unexpectedly diagnosed to speak with what they experienced and how they will felt, the filmmakers included as well stories of people who cannot cope with their very own illnesses and the drugs these were treated with and killed themselves. This could incite thoughts in viewers so it was a well used “expository trick”. There was clearly even interests ethos and logos inside the film by simply including figures and certain data, and also testimony from professionals who also practice with all the DSM.

After thoroughly considering all the ways the video attempted to swing me, I’d personally have to believe it was not very effective. As I previously stated it came across because cartoonish and funny at times. Not only that but some of the things it was claiming appeared unfounded or perhaps ridiculous. When i understand where those at the rear of this documented are coming from, because there are a few underhanded practices going on backstage in terms of the DSM and mental wellness treatments, Personally i think it is misplaced animosity that fuels this documentary rather than true wish to inform audiences. The DSM is a guide that allows for standardization and increased and more efficient connection amongst psychiatrists. Most other medical fields possess a plethora of obvious cut periodicals and textbooks that can straight define the symptoms of a disease. Therefore , physicians can easily use these solutions to identify a patient. Yet , psychiatric diseases do not follow this facile, undemanding, easy, basic, simple pattern and they are a lot harder to proficiently diagnose. Although the DSM will indirectly lead to over-diagnosis, the blame should be moved to the actual psychiatrists rather than the manual by itself. The discussion around the pharmaceutical industry was not completely wrong both, of course money is what makes the world go round and thus companies are often looking for ways to take advantage of people and make more money, nevertheless we don’t live in a new where we certainly have the solutions to every disease/disorder. Unfortunately, most medicines, not only in the field of psychology, but through, is damage control. There is not much we could do except offer people comfort. People with heart disease for example , have to take remedies for the rest of their lives, as do those with diabetes, or any various other significant life altering diagnosis. Remedies are a long process and the genuine issue lies in the integrity of doctors, specifically psychiatrists rather than the actual DSM. This issue is prolonged in all medical fields and discredit the necessity and function the DSM delivers to the psychiatric community. One more issue with the documentary’s method to drug treatment as well as its side affects was that the narrators had been quick to point out the serious side effects of psychiatric medications, but they did not remember to mention that a majority of drugs throughout all medical fields possess severe unwanted effects as well. A really clear sort of that is radiation treatment, which literally gets rid of malignant and healthy cells alike to halt the distributed of tumor.

In closing I would like to add that this film did not hit me too done or perhaps convincing mainly because I believe which the underlying issue in a field just like psychology or perhaps psychiatry is definitely the malleability from the field as well as the inconsistency than it, which simply comes with the area. The best way to boost the field and push it forward and stop the above diagnosis, misdiagnosis, plethora of insurance scams, etc . is usually to attack the problem at the root, rather than shifting the responsibility to the DSM. Major change needs to happen in the field by itself and particularly in those leading this kind of field, not so much a simple guide that gives medical doctors an excuse to commit the mistakes which might be so frequent. Instead of proposing this or perhaps making meaningful discussion this kind of documentary select instead to “expose the evil practices” of psychiatry fueled by the DSM.

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