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Pink Floyd

At first glance, the novel On the highway and the film The Wall by Pink Floyd apparently have very little in common. The novel is actually a story regarding two teenage boys, Sal and Dean, who have travel the country in search of happy times. The film is about a man, Pink, stuck in his life of sex, drugs and rock and roll. After closer inspection though, anybody can see that there are plenty of common fundamental themes. I will attempt to reveal and explain these topics in the circumstance of this daily news.

I will examine these four themes: life is a battle, Claw your way through this kind of disguise, liberty and just one other brick in the wall.

I will begin by discussing the first motif: Life Is A Battle. Deans whole life has become a battle. He has never a new place to get or someone to depend on and take care of him. His father left behind him and he spent his lifestyle searching for him. Dean traveled on railroad cars country wide. He was emotionally unstable. It is debatable why. It could had been the large drug abuse or a chemical discrepancy in his mind. Dean was married to many women, though he was under no circumstances able to claim with these types of women long. The story of his life was like em and leave no ano de.

The second theme comes from a estimate in the music In The Flesh by Green Floyd. if youd prefer to find out what is behind these cold eyes youll need to claw your way through this undercover dress. All through the new, Dean attempted to be regular. He tried to settle down and marry and raise his multiple kids. Each time nevertheless, he experienced the itch and had to leave. Dean always a new suitcase with him, loaded and ready to gojust sitting under the bed.

Pink was similar to Dean in some ok bye. He as well was pretending to be someone that he was not. As an adult, Lilac was a member of a successful music band. He lived a carefree lifestyle of love-making, drugs and alcohol. To any or all around him, Pink looked content to carry on living this way. Inside nevertheless, he was unpleasant. It reached a point where he locked him self in a hotel room on the verge of committing suicide.

A third theme in common between the two mediums is the theme of liberty. Dean had the open road. He has no obligations that this individual took care of. This individual left his children and his women to pursue his own pursuits.

To Pink, medications were his freedom. Your life on the road as a celebrity was too much and he necessary an escape. However bleak the highs and lows had been, it was a getaway from actuality. If only for some hours although Dean escaped his actuality for years, practically to the time he died.

Finally, there is the issue of conformity. This is identifiable for becoming just another packet in the wall. The child inside the film were required to conform to expectations placed on him. He had no choice in training or even medical as portrayed in the field with the doctor in the film.

Gracia had begun to adapt societys expectations in his junior. He joined the services, and began college. Dean, on the other hand, had no targets to conform too. He had his personal rules as he went and since they applied to him.

In the end, Garbo adopts Deans view on life and will not conform to society which says he ought to be married and still have children. The older Red breaks the principles as well. He joins a rock and roll band and gets involved with obscene women and drugs. All three of those make their particular rules and everything three go through because of that.

As you can see from the example represented right here, there are many prevalent themes between On The Road and The Wall. Both On The Road plus the Wall had been taken to extremes in their actions to avoid becoming just another packet in the wall membrane. While I believe it is important being true to your self and your values, there is something to be said for those who take risks to find their particular happiness regardless of what society thinks. Everyone has the right to be outrageous and crazy in their youngsters. It is how we learn from the mistakes and teach foreseeable future generations.

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