a study showing how homer uses figure of speech

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Iliad revised

War is quite commonly thought of as a bloody and disappointing state. Yet , in Homer’s “The Iliad” war is employed by the a warrior of it, searching for their own beauty in these gruesome battles. Homer displays this kind of quest for beauty through heavy use of images, dialogue, and similes that show evident need for wonder through every warrior’s activities.

The warriors quest for glory is pretty obvious at first of publication 17, when ever Euphorbus brutally murders Patroclus, and then procedes cry away “I was the first Trojanto spear Patroclus down thus let me catch my glory among the Trojan viruses now”(17. 15-18). From the estimate it is deduced that Euphorbus feels that because of this superb accomplishment (defeating one of the greek’s powerful warriors) he should get to “seize [his own] glory” (17. 17), hence completing his quest. The warriors pursuit of glory may also be seen when Hector inches[leaps] to his chariot, flinging the burnished gear [of Patroclus] to his waiting troops to haul apart to troy, trophies to get his very own enormous glory” (17. 144-151) Homer’s use of imagery shows that men would action in unfaithfulness (this staying Hector, acquiring patroclus’ battle suits to receive credit rating that Euphorbus deserved) to accomplish their quest for glory.

Not only is a warriors quest for glory linked to killing powerful enemies but it really could also be received from exhibiting expert skill and braveness. Such skill is viewed when Menelaus, attempting to seize the body of Patroclus, is depicted as “fierce as a pile lion sure of his electric power, seizing the choicest brain from a great grazing herd” (17. 69-70). The landscape portrays Menelaus’s great skill as he swoops in to catch Patroclus’ physique from the fray. Menelaus does this in hopes to obtain credit for his skills in finding the mutilated body of Patroclus. Ajax’s fearless acts towards Hector shows the bravery warrior’s go through to attempt to receive wonder as “in charges Ajax, shield such as a tower ahead of him” (17. 146) to “shield Patroclus round with his broad buckler, stood fast like a lion cornered circular his young. “(17. 151-153). This is a very noble and brave action, one that would allow Ajax to obtain glory from his comrades, completing his quest.

In conclusion, Homer is able to convey the a warrior quest for beauty by skillfully portraying the above mentioned warriors activities as they every strive to get credit for his or her actions through his use of meaningful conversation, imagery, and similes. His methods allowed him to show the warriors actions through betrayal, skill, and braveness and generated much more than a bloody and gruesome struggle, but rather display a further characterization of some of the a warrior, showing their particular struggles within the poem.

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