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Radical Progression by Joel Garreau offers chapters in two situations of the future of humans. Equally Heaven and Hell Scenarios have “The Curve” engaged, but the dangers of the SMILE technologies associated with Hell Situation more likely. Go up of technology will bring about the demise of mankind due to Bioengineered Disease Agents/Weapons. Supporting ideas for this theme are: menace of humans creating dangerous weapons just like pox with cobra venom, biotechnology like the Australian mouse button pox occurrence being harmful, and the surge of technology may boost a plague and kill more people than a normal plague.

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Garreau is concerned with humans getting changed so much we won’t be able to tell who is who have. Also, we may end up missing “typical man characteristics. ” To Garreau, human nature is definitely “the quantity of the patterns and attributes that are common of the human being species, as a result of genetic rather than environmental factors (Garreau, 159). ” A few early indicators we’re going into The Hell Scenario are: “Almost unimaginably bad things are taking place, destroying huge chunks of the human race or perhaps the biosphere, in a accelerating rate, and systems continue to increase the speed of as person nations, continents, tribes or perhaps movements jinete for position in a inhospitable world (Garreau, 184). ” Chapter several mentions the GRIN technologies.

Gregory Share is the G, nanotechnology is definitely the N, and computer intelligence is the My spouse and i. Gregory Inventory is the director of the Plan on Medicine, Technology, and Society at the School of drugs of the University or college of A bunch of states at Are usually. According to Garreau, Share thinks humans will go beyond because of hereditary engineering but not because of personal computers which is what Kurzweil considers. There are two kinds of nanotechnology.

The initially “reduces big things to sizes so extraordinarily little that their habit changes considerably (Garreau, 118). ” “Promising godlike power, immortality and unimaginable prosperity (Garreau, 118)” is the second kind. An example of the 1st kind of nanotechnology is the “buckyball” which is nicknamed in Buckminster Fuller’s honor. Its real estate are: “60 times the strength of steel, the weight of plastic, the electrical conductivity of silicon, the heat conductivity of diamond and the size and perfection of GENETICS (Garreau, 119). ” The second kind of nanotechnology starts with Eric Dexler.

Along with his book Machines of Creation: The Coming Period of Nanotechnology, he examines his concepts. Growing objects such as a car, or a TELEVISION SET will be possible with nanotechnology. Computer intelligence has two meanings: weakened and good.

There’s a person name Ray Kurzweil, often known as “the restless genius, ” in the film Transcendent Man. He stated, “technology passes on by itself and gets faster and faster. It’s gonna continue and in about forty years the fundamental changes will be so amazingly quick that you won’t have the ability to follow it if you do not enhance your very own intelligence with the technology we’ve created. ” According to Garreau, Kurzweil’s thinking of the weakness of humans was affected by his and his wife’s family getting destroyed by the Holocaust great dad struggling with a heart attack and dying at age 54.99. Kurzweil’s view of human nature is humans, unlike lizards, are capable of bigger functions such as love, art, culture and technology.

He “can see” the hell and prevail scenarios and describes avoiding hazardous technologies such as nanotechnology can be unrealistic. He said, “Most technology will be nanotechnology inside the 2020s.

You would probably have to relinquish all of technology. ” Kurzweil calls “The Curve of exponentially elevating technology (Garreau)” “The Rules of Speeding up Returns. ” He feels humans don’t have power over the pressure (the Curve) and it’s a “pattern of your life (Garreau). ” Surviving Improvement mentioned a term called “Progress capture. ” Based on the video a progress pitfall was created “to define human behavior that seem to offer benefits for the short term, but finally leads to disaster because they’re unsustainable. ” An example that was presented was each of our ancestors hunting mammoths. Seekers who learned how to eliminate two mammoths made progress. Driving a herd over the cliff was discovered which in turn led to making too much progress.

Also, this kind of progress trap could be relevant to the Shape. The movie stated, “”We believe progress is far more of the same… Like we ought to make our machines better and help to make more equipment. ” Technology is rising due to individuals trying to produce progress which ended up being a lot of. According to the film, we are basically the same persons as those stone age people, culture is becoming completely detached from normal evolution, and our know-how and technology (ability to do good or harm) has exploded out of proportion.

After, he went to the topic “the mortal danger from the progress self-replicating man-made anything (Garreau, 145), ” but he found information which lead him to believe biotech can be described as greater menace. Francis Fukuyama is “one of America’s most considerate and tough public intellectuals (Garreau, 155). ” “He defines being human as “the sum of the behavior and characteristics which have been typical from the human types, arising from hereditary rather than environmental factors (Garreau, 159). ” Also, Fukuyama said, “The thing I’m worried one of the most about is a attempt to modify on a large scale some basic attributes of human being behavior in ways that will make us scarcely identifiable (Garreau, 159). ” Distinct versions of hell are mentioned in Radical Advancement. “For Francis Fukuyama the best ring of hell will probably be reserved for people who, through biotechnology, dream of leaving behind human nature (Garreau, 155). ” Garreau’s realization from his studies will there be will be three different types of individuals: The Enhanced, The Naturals, plus the Rest.

The Enhanced are folks who use SMILE technologies, The Naturals happen to be humans with an opportunity to turn into Enhanced but choose never to, and The Relax are individuals that don’t include a choice of becoming Enhanced. Inquiries are asked which are: “If a person has a test-tube baby, is she an Enhanced? ” and “If a person has a Viagra pharmaceutical drug, is he an Improved? ” Garreau wants to make use of the Shakespeare Test out to answer the question: “How can you someday inform, looking at a great Enhanced, if she genuinely represents a transformation of the species-comparable to the big difference between Neanderthals and today’s humans? ” Bill Delight is “the Edison from the Internet. ” Joy explained, “Ethical humans, not software, dominated this kind of future, and I took Roddenberry’s dream as part of my own (Garreau, 141). ” After Delight hearing a debate between Kurzweil and John Searle on the Heaven Scenario, Delight thought of a hell scenario.

Both scenarios have The Contour. Although Delight thought of the concept he doesn’t have an e book of The Terrible Scenario. In the beginning Joy centered on the topic of “overcoming people’s denial (Garreau, 145), ” but to him it seems like it’s previously a topic that had a lot of discussion.

After, he visited the topic “the mortal danger from the progress self-replicating man-made anything (Garreau, 145), ” but this individual found details which business lead him to think biotech can be described as greater danger. When Saddam Hussein is at power Korea was attempting to mix pox and naja venom together with the knowledge of fowlpox with venom extract gets rid of more hens. Another item of information is definitely the incident with Australian mouse pox. This kind of virus may kill every mouse that infects. As smallpox is a close comparative, it could be genetically modified to become as fatal.

In a information by Both roman poet and Epicurean philosopher Lucretius a quote says, “A flame, like flame in furnaces, would blaze/Within the belly (Garreau, 148). ” These kinds of make up The Hell Scenario. 1st, Pox with cobra venom was practically made after the second Gulf War, but in the process of it’s making, the invention was destroyed due to bombings. When Saddam Hussein was in power Korea was attempting to mix pox and cobra venom together with the knowledge of fowlpox with venom extract kills more birds. After hearing this, “Joy’s alarm is usually underlined by the fact that this kind of a system in the hands of someone just like Saddam Hussein was a serious worry (Garreau, 146). ” Second, may be the incident with Australian mouse pox.

This kind of virus may kill just about every mouse this infects. Seeing that smallpox is known as a close relative, it could be genetically modified being as fatal. In Australia, mice were all over the place and scientists tried to find a way to control all of them. According to Garreau, “Toward this end, two Canberra researchers, Ron Jackson and Ian Ramshwo, in late 2k were planning to create a fresh mouse birth control method.

Instead, that they created a huge. They added one gene to a mouse pox computer virus, and this new virus turned into 100 percent fatal. ” Next, A modern plague will be more risky than a plague in the past. Within a description simply by Roman poet and Epicurean philosopher Lucretius a quotation says, “Recurrent spasms of vomiting might rack alway their thews and people, breaking down with sheer tiredness men previously spent… the inward areas of men, for that matter, would blaze unto the particular bones; A flame, just like flame in furnaces, could blaze in the stomach (Garreau, 148). ” This displays the symptoms of the problem of Athens. With that in mind, imagine what a trouble enhanced by today’s/future generation’s technology can easily do.

Who would die? The Inauguration Poem “One Today” says, “… searching trenches, redirecting pipes and cables, hands as worn as my own father’s slicing sugarcane so my brother and i also could have catalogs and shoes and boots. ” Is going to we need to work once we reach a point exactly where technology is very advance devices can the actual work for us? If that happens humans won’t need to knuckle down or even work on all since machines will be the product of human’s earlier work. In summary, possibilities of harmful weapons, dread from the Aussie mouse pox incident, and the high level of threat of any modern plague all from the Hell Scenario. With these types of imperfections of humanity it’s unlikely man kind follows the Heaven Scenario.

Instead man kind will dance into the Hell Scenario since that’s a closer match to how points will go with imperfect humans. Works Cited Garreau, Joel. Radical Evolution: The Assurance and Danger of Boosting Our Minds, Our Bodies– and What it takes to Be Human being. New York: Doubleday, 2005. Print.

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