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Alcoholics Unknown

Alcoholism, Intellectual Behavior Remedy, Substance Abuse, Person Centered Therapy

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The publication contains the stories of how SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE came about and particularly brings up the 14 Steps Plan to restoration and the 12 Traditions in the AA. The previous “is a set of guiding rules outlining an option for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or perhaps other behavioral problems while the latter give guidelines intended for relationships between your twelve-step organizations, members, different groups, a global fellowship, and society at large (Northeastern Baltimore Intergroup of Alcoholics Unknown, 2011).

Being part of the AA meeting, We realized essential it is to have a personal assistant and network for those who need to rid themselves with their alcoholism. I felt empathy for those struggling with their complications and at the same time I was happy for those who have fully restored and managed their sobriety for years at this point. As a future nurse, I will consider SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE as one of the significant and successful intervention options for those who need to eliminate themselves with their alcohol-related habit. Although Let me not consider AA while the only method to treat alcohol abuse, Let me recommend complementary intervention strategies such as “cognitive behavior therapy is mostly used to deal with depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, and other mental disorders (Buddy T, 2008) and/or relapse elimination is a cognitive-behavioral therapy designed for the treatment of problem ingesting, and it is often adapted for the treatment of various other substance make use of disorders (Substance Abuse and Mental Overall health Services Administration, 2010). inch Of course , LUKE WEIL meetings currently provide substance abuse counseling although this should also be done by an experienced therapist to achieve maximum impact.


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