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Would you be considering working being a Hong Kong officer? Why or why not? I would personally be interested in working as Hong Kong police officer because the department is definitely paying wonderful attention to employees morale and motivation. This is often seen incidentally the section treat their particular employees by simply rewarding them with awards and recognition following your employee experienced accomplished a particular achievement and performed all their assigned obligations at a sustained level of excellence. There are many methods to inspire the employees for works.

Among the methods is by giving them monetary rewards.

However , in my opinion, financial rewards are certainly not enough in motivating the employees. People demand for acknowledgement. Meeting employee needs for acceptance are located in rewards and recognition programs and procedures. 1In this case, the Hk Police Force is focusing even more giving awards and identification to their personnel who had display a great achievements in performing their responsibilities. By giving acknowledgement to the staff, it will boosts the chance the fact that employee will certainly continue to perform well.

It is because, the employee will feel that their very own performance was valued and it will keep them encouraged.

It also may enhance morale and productivity. Besides that, it will also increase the employees assurance to try new things and it is good for the near future development in their career. By using awards and recognition as a tool to motivates the employee, it will also brings about greater work satisfaction for the employees as well as increase the staff loyalty towards organization. Like a conclusion, We would interested in doing work as a Hk police officer mainly because for me cash is not everything.

I feel even more appreciate if my supervisor/manager recognize myself for doing my activity and that is one of many geatest driving force for me to continue doing my own job. However , not every person has a same reason for operating. The reasons to get working happen to be as specific as the person. Some people put money as being a motivating factors for them to excell in their task. So , employer should know what motivates their particular employee so that the employee is capable of doing well in performing their job towards the company. How many examples in such a case can you apply motivation hypotheses to?

In such a case, there are several methods the division give identification to their employees. For example , the candidates whom attains the highest exam scores are awarded with the Commisioner of Police’s Accreditation of Academic Advantage. The best all-around probationary inspector who gets excellent ends in all feature will get the Brial Slevin Trophy, the Baton of Honor, and a silver precious metal plaque. Besides that, the department as well give inside (e. g: compliments or perhaps letters of appreciation) and external (e. g: Braveness Awards) award schemes that emphasize great reinforcement rather than punishments.

In line with the Herzberg, if we like to inspires people on their jobs, we should emphasize elements associated with the operate itself or with outcomes directly produced from it, including promotional chances, personal expansion opportunities, reputation, responsibility and achievement. By looking at the circumstance, the Hk Police force employ Two-Factors theory in worthwhile their employee’s performance. You can argue that the recipients with the honors and awards are only fraction of all police officers. Suggest other effective ways to encourage the police officials.

Monetary benefits also important to be able to motivates employees to perform in their best and then try to achieve person and organizational goals. One way to motivates workers by using financial rewards is the fact by offering shell out raises when the employees got perform well in carrying out their very own duties or perhaps had completing training programs. By doing this, employees will become more motivates to further improve their performance levels and skills. The Hong Kong police also may bring in the compensates based on efficiency of the individual.

The peformace in the employees will probably be measured by making use of performance evaluation system. Simply by implementing this type of system, staff are given financial incentive to get reaching the goals. The objective of this kind of sytem is always to create a direct link involving the employee’s task performance and the amount of pay this individual earns. In shorts, in the event the employees overall performance increase, a lot more financial advantages he will get. By doing this, it can motivate workers to perform in higher levels. 2 Additional bonuses also can encourage employees to boost their functionality in order to meet the business desired goals.

For example , the Hong Kong police Force may implemented bonuses program to inspire perfect presence. Employee bonus deals aren’t always in the form of funds or funds. The employer can also reward employees by appealing them to lunch/dinner. Are there any great motivational implications of tying or braiding compensation shell out closely to firm efficiency? It appears to be a truism that if you want to motivates powerful, you attach rewards to it. Once part of the employee’s rewards is founded on the performance of the firm itself, employees will become even more motivated to boost the performance of the firm.

When we connect rewards based on the functionality of the firm, employees who also feel motivated to job are likely to be prolonged, creative and productive, turning out high quality work that they can willingly embark on. A motivated employees is more productive than employees who have are unmotivated. The only way to help make the employees more productive should be to make sure they are determined to operate harder. By tying reimbursement closely to firm overall performance the employees can see what benefits they are going to get in the event they operate harder for the organization.


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