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I. Target: The purpose of this experiment should be to determine the composition of a mixture of solutions of NaOH and Na2CO3 by twice indicator approach.

II. Introduction:

Consider a combination of NaOH(aq) and Na2CO3(aq).

Response between HCl(aq) and

Na2CO3(aq) takes place in two levels:

HCl(aq) + Na2CO3(aq) ï NaHCO3(aq) & H2O(l) “”””””””-(1)

HCl(aq) + NaHCO3(aq) ï NaCl(aq) & CO2(g) + H2O(l) “”””””(2)

While that between HCl(aq) and NaOH(aq) completes in only one step:

HCl(aq) & NaOH(aq) ï NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) “”””””””””(3)

The hydrochloric acid is put in the inside the burette and is also added, slowly and gradually and with constant whirling, to the blend of NaOH(aq) and Na2CO3(aq).

Remedy mixture of effect (1) at the equivalence stage is alkaline, while that of reaction (2) is acidulent and that of reaction (3) is fairly neutral. Therefore the complete titration must have three fractures in the ph level curve, corresponding to the previously mentioned three phases.

Reactions (1) and (3) may be indicated by simply phenolphthalein and that of reaction (2) could be indicated simply by methyl lemon.

III. Process:

1 . Every apparatus ought to be rinsed effectively with related solution

2 . 25cm3 of the mixture of NaOH(aq) and Na2CO3(aq) was pipetted into conical flask.

3. Burette was filled with standardized 0. 1M hydrochloric acid

4. two drops of phenolphthalein were added to the mixture.

five. Initial reading was recorded plus the burette was run until colour with the solution improvements from lilac to colourless.

6. Last reading was recorded and three or more drops of methyl lemon were added.

7. Burette was run again until colour of the solution alterations from yellow-colored to reddish colored.

8. Last reading was recorded and composition of the combination of NaOH(aq) and Na2CO3(aq) could possibly be calculated.

4. Data, Computation and Consequence

Phenophthalein indicator:






Final burette reading(cm3)

30. 55

27. 60

26. 96

26. 20

27. 45

Initial flacon reading(cm3)

5. 40

2 . 50

installment payments on your 00

1 . 25

installment payments on your 40

Titre (cm3)

twenty-five. 10

twenty-five. 00

twenty-four. 95

twenty-four. 95

25. 00

Indicate titre sama dengan (25. 00+24. 95+24. 95+25. 00)/4

= 24. 98 cm3

Methyl orange sign:






Final burette reading(cm3)

40. 55

37. 35

36. 85

36. 12

37. 31

Initial flacon reading(cm3)

40. 50

twenty-seven. 50

twenty six. 95

dua puluh enam. 20

28. 40

Titre (cm3)

12. 00

being unfaithful. 85

9. 95

being unfaithful. 90

on the lookout for. 90

Indicate titre sama dengan (9. 85+9. 95+9. 90+9. 90)/4

sama dengan 9. 80 cm3

Quantity of mole of HCl(Methyl orange colored indicator)= 9. 90/1000X0. you

= being unfaithful. 9X10-4mol

Number of mole of NaHCO3= 9. 9X10-4mol

Number of mole of Na2CO3= 9. 9X10-4mol

Mass of Na2CO3= 9. 9X10-4 X(23X2+12+16X3) sama dengan 0. 105g

Number of gopher of HCl(Phenophthalein indicator)=24. 98/1000X0. 1

=2. 498X10-3mol

Quantity of mole of the mixture of NaOH and Na2CO3=2. 498X10-3 mol

Number of gopher of NaOH=2. 498X10-3 ” 9. 9X10-4

=1. 508 X10-3 mol

Mass of NaOH=1. 508 X10-3X(23+16+1)=0. 0603g

Mass proportion of Na2CO3 to NaOH=0. 105: 0. 0603 =7: 4

Consequently , the blend contains roughly 64% Na2CO3 and 36% NaOH

V. Discussion

The mean titre with the use of phenophthalein indicator is definitely 24. 98 cm3 as the mean titre with the use of methyl orange sign is 9. 90 cm3 and the blend contains approximately 64% Na2CO3 and 36% NaOH.

There are a few sources of problems:

(1) Sporadic reading in the burettes

(2) General problems associated with titration (overshooting, arithmetic errors)

(3) Methyl fruit was added when the remedy didn’t become totally colourless.


(1) Great care is needed through the addition of methyl lemon.

(2) Great care is necessary during titration to avoid applying too much titre as the conclusion point is definitely not very razor-sharp.

VI. Queries

1 . HCl is not a primary common and should be standardized. Advise a primary common for the present experiment and explain briefly how to perform the standardization.

Ans: Anhydrous sodium carbonate is a suited chemical to get preparing a standard solution (as a primary standard). The molarity of the presented hydrochloric acid can be found simply by titrating this against the common sodium carbonate solution prepared. The end-point is noticeable by using methyl orange while indicator.

installment payments on your Write down the equation to get the reaction involved before titration in the present research.

Ans: 2NaOH +CO2 ïNa2CO3

3. Drawing a pH vs amount of HCl curve, indicate the stages of colour modify of the signals.

4. Establish the equivalence point and the end stage of a titration. Why does 1 choose a great indicator in order that the two points match?

Ans: Assent point is definitely the point from which titrant have been added to behave exactly while using substance becoming determined although end point is the point at which the indicator improvements colour. Picking an sign that the two-points coincide helps you to minimize titration error.

5. Suggest another way to detect the equivalence point without the usage of indicator.

Ans: pH inmiscuirse.

VII. Bottom line

The mix is composed of approximately 64% Na2CO3 and 36% NaOH


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