Acre Wood Retirement Community Case Study Essay

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The pool design has not been in tune with all the original design, so what was promised has not been delivered. Funds allotted weren’t fully applied.

Sarah’s complaint in the newspapers would produce another legal issue and would ask public outcry against the organization. Ethical problems: – The director was not concerned about the welfare of public even though the organization’s mission was to enhance the quality of life of its residents both literally and psychologically. Lack of commitment to visit the pool and refusing to look into Sarah’s complaints had been other ethical issues.

A2. � The behaviour of director only promoted avarice (underutilization of money), irresponsibility (refusing to go to the pool area and not playing the complaints), unethical techniques (not concerned with public protection; totally up against the organization’s vision) and partiality (promoting Gene who wasn’t complaining) A3. � A task model is usually some one who also inspires, motivates and ultimately brings out the very best in the fans by making him realize his own potential. Ethics will be one of the important determinants of any role model. An honest role version is person who puts his organization’s objective ahead of his personal goals, who does not encourage malpractices, who will be always all set to look in to matters which interest public health and welfare and individual who is always all set to listen to his employees recommendation. The movie director had all of the qualities lacking which definitely don’t help to make him an ethical role model. �

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