Action plan for PV Technologies – when they asleep at the switch Essay

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If perhaps PVT manages to lose this agreement then its reputation and position available in the market Place are at stake as the story might by using a press convention. 2 . Boost Marketing Work: The major drawback to PVTs lacking in reaching or perhaps communicating all their product line and service to the clients/customer. They have to start PR activities to enhance their reach and increase their client relationship as well as customer base.

In today’s market they need to not depend on only the top quality, Sales people connections and solutions offered to the client, rather advertising campaign / PAGE RANK activities should drive the customer to way PVT. There should be a proper type of communication credible source of data and appropriate way of conversation (Internal and external) is necessary. 3. Distinctive line of Communication: They should also certainly not rely on the knowledge by the sales reps which made them behave even when the cause of information was unethical. Shedding a customer like Solar Energy will certainly put all their reputation struggling in the industry.

Plan of action to win the current bidding process Since the supervision is concerned regarding the decision taken by Solenergy, they should have an informal talk with Morgan and know the exact scenario of the bidding. Recommendation pertaining to PVT is always to offer their new product, speed up the introduction of all their new 1 . 25MW unit which is 98. 5% productivity.

Introducing this new product, could possibly be appealing for Solenergy in all means like efficiency, dependability, service and most importantly cost of the inverter which is much lesser compared to the competitor. Selecting other options just like extending warrantee to 20 years or providing 99% uptime guarantee free of charge will cause a lot of disadvantages to PVT to sustain in the market and for upcoming orders too. Disadvantage by offering Option1: Disadvantage by offering Choice 2: Overall the opponents can also give these options (Option you and Choice 2 – Annexure 1 and 2), as they desire to enter the market.

Since it is going to reach a broader part of people, will probably be a value addition for the competitor to own same (alternatives), enter the market and acquire a fresh client. The competitor’s earnings can also increase intended for the year. By providing a new item (Option 3) they can gain back top common and status, and possibly close the deal with them. However , they need to think about a way in which the acceleration with this product will not hurt these people financially and may still be brought to Solenergy on time and possibly decrease the manufacturing cost.

Solenergy too can claim that these were the 1st ones to utilize the latest technology and the many robust management system. The advantage by providing Option three or more will be that competitor cannot offer a fresh highly successful product in that short span of time. As PVT is famous for its Research and development and product innovation, this would be the ideal option for winning this kind of bid. Motorists for Alternative energy: Key factors for the competitor to provide a best possible answer.

Market for alternative source of energy is in an expanding stage. Increasing energy cost, shaky oil market, environmental consciousness, tax incentives are the primary drivers on the growth of alternative energy. Market value for 2010 was $6 billion a lot more than 100% development from the previous year plus the market pertaining to solar PV predicted to increase by simply 30. 4% CAGR intended for the period of 2010-15. It’s a vision of a authorities to be based upon the renewable energy to produce 80 percent of the electricity by the year 2035.

Around the world, 85% of electricity has been derived from petrol, gas and coal and less than 1% are via solar energy, thus there is great potential wanting to buy growth. PVT is a leader in alternative energy supply to more than twenty-five countries with the quality and effective product. The below calculation are executed as per the computation in the PVT option like the following: 17000000 10200000 16000000 9600000

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