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The broad language from the second article of the Constitution left many

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questions about the power and authority from the President and the Executive

branch of the Federal Government. As George Wa, each Chief Executive

has come to the position with different values on the responsibility and electric power

of the President. However the efficiency of the leader is often designed by

outside factors which in turn control just how he must become a Chief Executive. The

habit of presidents come from a variety of criteria. A presidents

personal character, his approach to the positioning and situations during his

term all contribute to presidential behavior.

Presidents have approached the office via two hazy positions. They

have presumed, to various degrees, that either the president has a strong

command position and broad powers to direct the nation in one direction, or perhaps

that the director has very limited powers dictated by the Metabolism and

ought to act like a chief manager for the Federal Government. These morals

were shown in their tendencies while in the White-colored House. Franklin Roosevelt

presumed that the Government had an obligation and affinity for bringing

the country out of the despression symptoms. In order to do this kind of he started a number of

agencies and assignments to employ people. In the 1st Hundred Times of

Roosevelts first term this individual initiated a number of programs which will increased the

size of the us government and the benefits of the President. He performed all that

he could to find out that his proposals were put into place. This kind of included a failed

court taking scheme to have a more friendly Supreme The courtroom to find his programs

constitutional (Lowi and Ginsberg

230. ) Contrary to this belief in broad presidential expert by Franklin

Roosevelt was Howard Taft. Taft presumed that Presidential authority was very

limited the cosmetic and had being specifically approved to the Director by

Congress or the Cosmetic (Lowi and Ginsberg 230. ) One other example of a

passive method to the presidency to is usually George Wa. While he can often

seen as an very powerfulk president, his position since the 1st President

need that he previously to set many standards. In reality President Washington hoped

which the presidency probably would not be master. In his inaugural address he argued

to get a strong legislature which this individual received (Lowi and Ginsburg 227. ) However

personal beliefs around the role with the president have already been minor inside the behavior of

a Director. When necessary all Presidents have presumed power to quickly deal

having a situation.

A Presidents individuality and philosophy are also an issue in determining

his activities as a President. Barber argues that a persons personality is usually shaped

by simply his character, world look at, and style all of these are founded at

different times in his life. He argues that a persons personality is established

early in life, world look at is formed adolescence, and style in early adult life.

These broad areas of character come together to establish a style of

leadership and presidential character. Barber goes on to establish four

categories of Usa president Character that happen to be, active-positive, active-negative

passive-positive, passive-negative. Jefferson was clearly an active-positive

director who was aggressive and liked the power which he had. Klipper (daglig tale)

explains this by his Enlightenment education and good humor. Adams would suit

into his category of active-negative presidents who a strong work ethic (a

reaction to his Puritan heritage) but a tough disposition. Madison can be suit

into the place of passive-positive. He bowed to political pressure, but loved

his location because of his past in framing and support for the Metabolic rate.

Finally a passive-negative chief executive would be Chief executive Washington who had been more

or perhaps less compelled into the office. He hoped for stability in the fresh government

and allowed other folks to take an energetic role in forming the institutions in the

government. His military background obligation to execute community service

explain this method to community service (Woll 291-300. )While Barber is usually

successful is placing presidents into these categories, he gives extremely vague

types of character which will explain their particular behavior like a president. It could be

difficult to efficiently predict just how future presidents would squeeze into his

types and they are too broad to describe behavior of presidents.

Usa president behavior may also be seen in historic terms which the

stature and power of the president has increased with the regarding the Federal

Government. Since the early 20th century through the present day the

Federal Government is growing in range and size with practically each Leader. This

is additionally true with all the United States in regards to international contact.

Presidents in the last century took a much greater part in legislature

command because of the mother nature of their selection process. Presidents such as

Reagan and Clinton ran upon specific applications which they would implement. Reagan

acted within an active legislative way simply by proposing a tax minimize and elevated military

spending, both of which he obtained. Clinton tried to accomplish health care

reform as well as welfare change. Both of these types of legal leadership

were different from the actions of Madison who was viewed as a chief clerk

(Lowi and Ginsburg 228. ) Seeing that Franklin Roosevelt the Federal Government has

provided many services and regulations intended for the American public. This

has ended in a growth of the executive branch. The Director has had to

increase his role in developing insurance plan as innovator of the exec branch. The

growth of the United States into a global power has also changed the behavior of

the President. His almost full control over international policy made him the

most powerful diplomat in the world. This explanation, yet , only shows the

difference in the persona of the business office of the obama administration in the past 100 years.

How every person president matches this style is remaining unexplained.

The most crucial consideration in explaining presidential behavior is

outside circumstances and events. The nature of the office is good for the leader

to be a reactionary on a number of fronts. Typically the guidelines

that the director proposes is within response to a problem or matter by the community

or the press. The director must respond to international events which may effect

American passions. Presidents who wish to take a positive approach to

danger is often bogged down with problems which derail their very own plans.

Leader Kennedy was forced to spend most of his time to Frosty War problems

during his presidency than domestic affairs because he discovered himself in power

during two of the biggest events with the Cold Battle. The failed Bay of Pigs

Intrusion and the Cuban Missile Turmoil forced Kennedy away from home issues

which in turn he guaranteed to handle. Hoovers obama administration was completely derailed

due to depression. Lincoln focused him self completely on the task of

keeping the Union, even if this kind of meant blatant violations of civil protections.

While situations may specify what a President must manage, it does not

actually explain just how he involves a position about issues and deals with problems.

The behavior of the President can easily be described as a combination of

many factors. His personal politics and way of the power of the Presidency

is going to explain in the event he will make an effort to lead the whole government and beyond the fact that

whole land, or if he will become a attendant, putting into action the orders of

Congress. A Presidents figure and style of leadership are an important

element in his method of leadership. The type and work of the Federal

Government as well effect a Presidents tendencies and the focal points of his office.

Finally a Leader must respond to events at your home and in another country which are away of his

control. The pressures why these events and the auto industry reaction to these people

probably have greatest effect over his behavior and decisions.

Actions and behavior of a Chief executive are the response to a complex pair of

circumstances. No person criteria may be used to explain the behavior of the

leader in any event. Detailing actions based on one conditions is

useless and should be reserved to talk radio website hosts.

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