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Directions: Create a thoughtful, organized, and well-developed essay response to one of the following prompts. Treat your response seriously, and ensure that the response illustrates your synthetic skills as well as a critical comprehension of the poem. You must incorporate compelling details from the poem to support the conclusions. 1 . Many experts and teachers believe that Beowulf contains topics that are relevant to modern life. Will you agree or disagree? Clarify your opinions applying details/lines through the poem to get support.

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2 . The pagan Germans, Greeks, and other ancient lenders believed that fame and glory are definitely the only points that will make it through a human being’s death. What evidence will you find in this poem from the importance positioned on a person’s open public reputation? three or more. The hero of an impressive poem normally embodies the ideals and conduct which can be most appreciated by the traditions in which the epic was made up. What are several (4) of Beowulf’s benefits and for every one, cite the part or perhaps parts of the epic in which the virtue is definitely displayed.

4. Beowulf and Wiglaf are formidable warriors whom kill the dragon in Beowulf. Just how else perform they compare? Find data in the poem which displays their comparison. 5.

Imagine that Grendel provides escaped unscathed after struggling Beowulf at Herot. Depending on what the poem has taught you regarding the huge, what do you imagine Grendel will perform next in the war against Beowulf as well as the Danes? Use reasons and examples coming from Beowulf to help explain your opinions. 6. One of the main themes in Beowulf is definitely conquest. What lessons could you learn from examining about the battles and accomplishments in the characters with this epic? several. When Grendel fights Beowulf, the reader learns that the monster’s “time had come,  and he can soon pass away. What does this kind of idea claim about the Danish idea in destiny?

Explain how the belief in destiny impact on the thought and actions of at least three (3) characters in Beowulf. Offer examples from Beowulf to compliment your positions. 8. Frustrated pride may result in spite, as loyalty can result in vengeance, and eagerness to get glory may turn into greed. Explain how each monster Beowulf challenges represents an extreme and risky form of soldier values and behavior. 9. Through most of the poem Beowulf embodies the virtues of self-reliance and individualism. Interestingly, “The Previous Battle,  although promoting these same benefits, seems to offer a different set of values.

Discover two (2) specific circumstances in the composition (prior to “The Last Battle) that reflect these types of values of self-reliance and individualism, and then explain what different pair of values might be reflected in the events which in turn occur during and after “The Last Battle. 10. Is Beowulf a believable figure, or can be he “too heroic? Totally support your response employing details from your poem, and in addition explain just how his believability affects your sympathy intended for him. (Be careful to never write him off too rapidly by concentrating only on his supernatural power. Your response should reveal a deep analysis and understanding of his character).


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