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Nowadays television performs an important role in our life. If it is the source of information, it provides great entertainment for the whole family products. As a result, just about every family today owns a television and television is currently becoming a very useful device for each family. Therefore , in this situation we should admit there many advantages and disadvantages in watching television. And this is the time for you to discuss the advantages first.

Firstly, the television offers news via all over the world through local Big t.

V channels and satellites To. V programs about political happenings, interpersonal events, festivals, sports news and weather predicting. There are also various programs demonstrating the gems and stage scenery in the world that people can see and enjoy without spending funds travelling presently there. Furthermore, television can be considered as a source for the students to improve their subject matter knowledge and general knowledge. There are numerous channels which usually provide various programs which can help students in their studies.

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Especially, students who are doing technology as a subject matter they can accumulate more expertise by viewing Discovery Funnel, National Geographic Channel plus more. As we all know in science generally there many more issues which are very difficult to see the techniques with our naked eyes. Just like Amoebas, your life cycle of bacteria, and behavior of viruses. Nevertheless , because of the tv set now learners can see these processes simply by watching television. As a result it can help those to improve their research. For housewives and elderly people those who almost all of the times be home more the television, actually their best friend and their ideal company.

And, the programs designed to train children like ‘Sesame Street’ are useful intended for kids’ British knowledge that reveals vocabulary, simple mathematics, science history and artistry. Such learnings are ideal for youngsters who will be in early the child years. For the modern day we have considered the advantages of the television. Now let’s discuss regarding the down sides of tv.

Because of the television, social problems such as educational and overall health regarding to teenagers, are getting to be worse. These were exposed with a research carried out lately that teenagers for most of countries happen to be addicted to tv programs. As a result of this craving that teens are used to forget their research and overlook homeworks. Since instance, these kinds of issues had been recorded specifically so during Sirasa Super Star reality television system which have been telecasted on Saturdays and Sundays. Students wasted a lot of time by concentrating on that T. Sixth is v show rather than studying.

As side effect on this, in june 2006 O/L and A/L outcomes have been decreased. Similarly that they are dillying-dallying before the television teenagers are come up with health issues like adipose and defects of vision. Such social problems would become worse problems in future. Another bad concern of watching tv is that a few of the programs which are carrying poor scenes are not being strained. Therefore this could be affected to the growing associated with the teens as their minds are not actually matured. Withal, most of the young adults love to experience new adventure things and also to imitate extremely heroes just like superman, index man and etc¦.

Therefore , sometimes, most of the teenagers come up with fateful problems. As circumstances, in by-gone times, couple of deads were recorded as a result of imitating superman by youngsters and also lot of teenagers encountering dangerous narcotics. When looking the primary reasons of those circumstances happen to be that courses being telecasted by television set. As well as, the causes for criminal activity done by teenagers are also the motion pictures which were displayed in television as criminal offenses, barbarian videos, robbery situations, murder circumstances, drug interacting and smuggling films.

While example, these days, a student who was in America shot his educational institutions and his lecturers with a gun in his personal collage. Finally, that student also committed to suicide by himself. For these tragics, to pose his brain, television have strictly damaged to him. At last we have to say that television brings more advantages and more disadvantages intended for human beings. Although, in one side as we value one of the of information and communication resource, in other hand we should be dependable that the father and mother should also supervise their children to manage them coming from watching unnecessary things through the television.

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