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Currently, in the produced countries, the advantages of regulation of marketing aimed at children is generally acknowledged. And that happens because children are a very specific goal group with special features due to young age.

Children do not have the skills to critique advertising and are incredibly fooled by simply them. They can recognize in the event that all these points advertised are helpful or not really. Advertisements affect children within a negative way most of the occasions. For example , junk food advertisements cause obesity. Advertising for toys and games and garments products cause consumer odio or ego?ste behavior.

Restrictions should be imposed on advertising aimed at children should cover three areas: the amount of advertising and marketing, the advertising and marketing time and the idea (theme) of advertising. The number of advertising intended solely for the children should be lowered. Children are inundated daily with ads from all press especially via television which can be the most popular means among children. This bombardment is equivalent to brainwashing for a toddler who has simply no the resistance to cope with a predicament like this. Surveys have shown that lots of and successive ads cause stress and anxiety in children.

As well the time spending on the advertisings should be decreased. Moreover, time to run advertisements must modify. To explain myself should avoid viewing commercials that disrupt television series with high viewership among children and teenagers. Regarding the principle (theme) of ads, needs to be banned ads highlighting a product trough cultural role.

To become more detailed, advertisements today aren’t so much about the products but rather about the character of the consumers and how they must feel if they use or perhaps possess the promoted product. Messages to youngsters are all about the happiness, cultural status or success which in turn accompanies carefully or usage of a certain gadget or form of food. This sort of ads that creates mimicry should be banned.

These regulations in conjunction with education in schools, info for parents and children, I think will significantly reduce the negative influences of ads about children and adolescents.

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