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This kind of marketing plan consists of the complete planning for launching our new product which is Safi For Men. Safi For Men area of issue the men consumers who actually care about the look of them or well-known as metrosexual guys. With this marketing prepare, we provide the knowledge included the business description, tactical focus and plan, SWOT analysis, market analysis, competition analysis, customer analysis, product-market focus, marketing program as well as advertising budget preparing. In the end of this marketing strategy, we provide a couple of pictures of our new products since the sortie.


Safi was founded this year started to lead the Halal brand which in turn consists of a unique and thorough range of skin care, personal treatment and toiletry products developed exclusively to fulfill the needs of modern Muslim women and men. Constructed with the finest 100 % natural ingredients that adapt to Syarak requirements and certified HALAL with a stringent impartial body ” JABATAN KEMAJUAN ISLAM MALAYSIA (JAKIM), SAFI is firmly steeped in Muslims traditions with products that are liquor and gluten-free.

Safi is usually manufactured in ISO and “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) authorized production features. Safi endeavours to provide the very best quality products in order to meet the developing needs of our consumers. To make sure product top quality, consistency and adaptability of supply, Safi are made 100% in factories situated in Malaysia. All Safi’s goods conform to worldwide standards, including Federal Medication Authority (FDA), European Financial Community (EEC)/COLIPA, the British Pharmacopoeia (BP), Cosmetics, Toiletries & Scent Association (CTFA).

Safi acquired succeeded in marketing many include skin care and personal treatment such as tooth paste and aroma. The latest one is Safi Shayla which aiimed at female client who happen to be wearing scarves.


3. you ” QUEST

A respected brand of Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

No . 1 Halal Brand in Malaysia

Specific concentrate on the Malay/Muslim consumers

3. 2 ” GOALS

Long Term

To be the leading halal skincare product in Malaysia

To be the best halal skin care product

To further sink into halal skincare product at local and global term

Short Term

To strengthen and enhance manufacturer identity and brand awareness to achieve company loyalty between customers ï‚· To utilize each medium of mass media in advertising actions to reach awide range of market ï‚· To exceed sales expectation and sustain a larger growth yearly


The strategy for Safi is appeal to a goal group whom are looking for Halal personalcare goods, and give these people the best their money can buy when it comes to an overall company experience. Safi also is the marketplace leader in Halal personal care marketplace who’s aimed towards of Malay/Muslim consumer. Therefore , it depends to Safi to set the benchmark of creativity and market expansion.


4. one particular ” SWOT ANALYSIS


The initial halal pores and skin product in Malaysia

100% 100 % natural ingredients



Small capital when compared to competitors

Less consumer awareness and consumer usage towards different products such as personal proper care (shampoo, deodorization deodorizer and toothpaste)


Appearing market in Halal makeup products

Substantial growth marketplace

Magnificence concern lifestyle


A whole lot of competitors who provided almost precisely the same function for every product The competitor’s cost which is too high compare to Safi’s products which will lead to perceived quality and product comparability


According to Barker (2013), the worldwide skincare market grew from $1577. 8 million in 2007 to 2737. 4 million in 2012. The industry is being driven by buyers in the Asia-Pacific region, which will accounted just as much as $1623. you million news. Overall the industry has more than dual in size since 2007. Thus giving the opportunity to Safi in to your men’s marketplace. Tyrimou (2014) report the fact that sun treatment collection comes with an average growth of 15% above past five years.

This will give opportunities to Safi in producing goods for sunshine care since the average growth is quite high for the past five years. In respect to Dorothy (2009), the vitamins in camel’s dairy is higher compare to goat milks. As opposed, goat’s dairy contains bigger calcium in its component. Therefore , Safi take this opportunity to your market by producing skin care for men consumers by offering the camel’s milk centered skin care products.


4. several. 1 Garnier

Garnier is a mass industry cosmetics model of L’Oreal that produces hair care and skincare. The company started out as Laboratoires Garnier in 1904, and was obtained by L’Oreal in the 1970s. Current product lines contain Fructis shampoos and air con, and Nutrisse hair coloring. Garnier comes in numerous countries worldwide, with specific product lines targeted several skin types and civilizations. In 2011, Garnier partnered with TerraCycle to advertise up-cycling of product pots and the advantages of biodegradable products. Market Share: 26%

Strength: Wide range of merchandise brand

Product Range: UltraLift Pro, Retinol, Pure Effective, Vital Restore and others Price: RM6. 00 ” RM20. 00

Unit of sales: Every bottles

Positioning: Garnier offers a wide range of product for skin care buyers Advertising Campaign: Television set commercials and promotions

4. 3. a couple of Clean & Clear

Clean & Crystal clear is a distinctive line of dermatology products owned simply by Johnson & Johnson. The manufacturer was formerly developed by Revlon as a type of sensitive epidermis personal treatment items in 1957. The “Clean & Clear term was depending on products that contained no fragrance or dyes, and left not any residue after rinsing. In 1991, Revlon marketed Clean & Clear to Johnson & Johnson. All their primary concentrate is in skincare intended for young ladies, but has extended their very own range to add products dealing with a wider range of conditions, recently starting a business line “SOFT dedicated to facial moisturizing. Clean & Clear is currently available in 46 countries. Business: 8%

Power: Wide range of item brand

Product Range: Deep Action, Effective Clear, Clear Fairness while others Price: RM6. 00 ” RM20. 00

Device of product sales: Per bottles

Placement: Clean & Clear gives a wide range of item, especially for adults Advertising Campaign: Tv commercials and promotions

four. 3. a few L’Oreal

The L’Oreal Group is the world’s largest cosmetics and splendor company. Having its registered office in Paris, france and hq in the Paris, france suburb of Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, France, it has developed actions in the field of cosmetic makeup products. Concentrating on hair colour, skincare, sun protection, cosmetic makeup products, perfumes and hair care, the company is mixed up in dermatological, tissues engineering and pharmaceutical fields and is the very best nanotechnology patent-holder in the United States. Market Share: 19%

Power: Wide range of product brand

Product Range: L’Oreal Paris, L’Oreal Luxe and more

Value: RM6. 00 ” RM20. 00

Unit of sales: Every bottles

Positioning: L’Oreal offers a variety of product to get female consumers Advertising Campaign: Tv commercials and promotions


According to Bryant (2013), more males are engaged in a skincare regime. A brand new report within the male tidying sector by Mintel discloses that several 58% of men older 18-24 and 63% of people 25-34 survey that they use a facial moisturizing product. This can be in kampfstark contrast to the 32% of these aged 55-64 and 29% of men over 65 from other era demographics declaring to do exactly the same thing. When it comes to personal care products, men are nothing if perhaps they’re not loyal. Over fifty percent of all guys (52%) declare they tend to stick to the same brands of toiletries and tidying products. In addition , 34% of men want to smell their very own personal maintenance systems before buying all of them and twenty percent favour 2-in-1 products to save lots of time. Variable functionality and proof of substantial efficacy needs to be key, because these would tend to be the main characteristics that men anticipate from an item (Euromonitor, 2012).

In another research shows that, in terms of product offerings, many companies are moving over and above basic skincare and waxing with items segmented by simply skin type, including sensitive epidermis, anti-acne and anti aging (Kanlian, 2006).

Euromonitor (2012) statement that one prevalent factor that defines category dynamics, yet , is the fact that men, possibly urged simply by employment lack of stability or increased media inspiration or another, have found the activity of looking after their appearance and implementing a splendor routine more and more appealing. It has coincided together with the release of several new products by different value points, from male-targeted shampoos, to men’s specific attention treatments as well as Blemish Cream creams and concealers, motivated from the girl market.


5. 1 ” Marketing and Product Aims

Our marketing objective is to successfully reach men client who is actually concerned about the look of them or well-known as metrosexual. Therefore , all of us applied sales strategies as much as we are able to in order to achieve our objectives. Our tactics are the following:

Advertising through media such as television and radio.

Advertising through website and social network such as create a page in Facebook or myspace and through Instagram. Hire Izzue Islam as the ambassador for our Safi For Men.

Offer with low price at the beginning and later raises the price as well as the demand is usually increasing. Package deal promotion including buy Safi For Men, have a free Shick razor.

However, our product objective is to close the gap are present between items offered to the market. By entering to male industry in skin care segmentation, plus a new product development which is camel’s milk structured products, were hoping to increase our revenue and larger marketplace coverage because the Halal products offered. Safi For Men offered items that can handle such oily face, whitening, moisturizing and acne trouble.

5. 2 ” Target Market

Our target audience is guys consumer ages between 18 to more than 30 years old. Since the best study shows that men who are involved more of the appearance happen to be those who are among this age.

5. three or more ” Buyer Value Proposition

Halal products for those who are concern of using halal products.

five. 4 ” Point of Difference

Our new products, Safi For Men is a totally new product development, whereas our company is using camel’s milk since the centered for this product offered. Camel’s milk provides Vitamin A, B and E which is good for skincare.


six. 1 ” Product Strategy


Safi For Men presented camel’s dairy based goods in the form of stable soap, and facial rinse 2-in-1 which can be facial wash+toner.

Unique Merchandise Quality

Camel’s milk gives Vitamin A, B, C, and Elizabeth. Research demonstrates that camel’s milk contains more vitamin A and At the compared to cow’s milk. Supplement A is an effective treatment on the skin problem such as acne and psoriasis. Supplement B present warmth and circulates your skin and enhance the resistant function of the tissues which is something fatigued or overwhelmed skin locates difficult to keep. Vitamin C can whiten the skin and protect from Ultra Violet rays. Meanwhile, Vitamin At the provides hydrates skin, leaving it smooth and moisturized.

6. two ” Cost Strategy

For 40g items may costs around RM 15. 00. The price could be higher than additional facial rinse in an existing market, yet there is a factor in term of the success and the expense of manufacturing is a little bit higher due to importance camels’ dairy from foreign countries, such as Egypt.

six. 3 ” Promotion Approach

For minister plenipotentiary, we are selecting local acting professional Izzue Islam. The reason is this individual owns the fair epidermis and we found that by using celebrities, it is much easier toreach consumers. The numerous advantage is definitely whenever we will be organizing incidents to reach the consumers; the involvement of which is relatively high. Other than that, we could using Cents-Off Coupons which customers can get for every RM 50. 00 and above in a single receipt. This will catch the attention of them to buy.

6. some ” Syndication Strategy

SAFI distributed the items to the hypermarket and all convenient stores such as Giant, Tesco and Mydin. Apart from that, consumers could also buy through online including priceme. com.


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