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1 . Purpose

The purpose of this report should be to help and present a brief view of business expansion to Singapore corporations that are considering venturing all their business overseas in terms of exhibiting them the many opportunities that they can might get or perhaps the challenges some may face as well as the tips and tricks to tackle and solve all of them. Also, this proposal includes the steps delivered to achieve success, knowing the right time to seize hold of the opportunities are all carefully shown.


This report highlights the recommendations that ensures the success to get Singapore businesses that are going overseas in addition to a overview of the business that we have selected based in Singapore that has already been branched offshore. We are largely focusing on 3 of the main key factors that they might confront when venturing overseas as well as the steps that they can should take or perhaps follow, the opportunities and challenges they could face and lastly, providing these valuable tips to further improve their business or strategies that they can could apply on to handle potential challenges or concerns.


This statement will not are the following: The network in the company, how the company want to market goods via the numerous or diverse media websites and whether if the county provides any form of economical support to company that wants to opportunity overseas.

Sources and techniques of data selections

In this report, most of our secondary sources are from reliable Net reports found online, newspaper content articles and educational journals such as the straits moments, tripadvisor, plus the official website of Outdated Chang Kee.


Singapore companies are getting encouraged by the government to venture abroad. SMEs happen to be being funded by the govt to help them to grow their businesses. By having Singapore companies venturing abroad, it not only helps companies to overcome the constraints of domestic market as Singapore is relatively as minute as compared to different countries. Additionally it is important for firms to internationalise for use of global marketplace, resources and also to expand their very own country as they companies will assist you to escalate demands for companies. By having more Singapore companies overseas, it helps Singapore grow into a value-creating economy.

2 . Getting and examination

2 . you corporate profile

Started in 1956 as a tiny stall within a coffee shop near the then

Rex Cinema along Mackenzie Street, Old Alter Kee quickly gained it is popularity among many Singaporeans. From around the world, Singaporeans would come to try the delicious curry puffs in that case known as the ‘Rex Curry Puffs’. Because it

was well-loved by many Singaporeans, Old Chang Kee started growing bigger as a company, having up to 80 outlets around Singapore.

By 1993, Old Chang Kee has recently expanded their very own business to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Inside the following years, they also began expanding to

Australia and Indonesia. A large total of 9 retailers in Australia, Dalam negri and Malaysia.

installment payments on your 1 . one particular Revenue for the past few years of old alter kee

The revenue of Old Alter Kee pertaining to 2018 has a increased in revenue of S$7. you million of approximately 9. 1%. the earnings from fresh outlets plus the increase in earnings from the existing outlets they own. There are also other styles of income such as delivery, catering service which resulted in an increase of around S$65, 000 as the need for delivering and wedding caterers services have got increased. (table form)

2 . 1 . 2 Number of retailers overseas

Older Chang Kee have an about of 9 outlets offshore which are respectively at Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia as these countries are nearer to Singapore and they may have the same preference of food as Singapore and will most likely support american presto which have embarked overseas.

2 . 1 ) 3 Development in consumer bottom

Recently, Old Chang Kee as attained “Halal” recognition so as to reach out to the Muslim community. With it becoming “Halal” authorized, it enables them to reach out into a larger pool area of people while the Muslims will also get to purchase their very own product and helping those to gain even more customers and becoming more earnings. With the manufacturer being halal certified, it implies that it will cover a higher percentage of customers since due to their religion they cannot ingest food that are not halal accredited.

Likewise, by choosing other Asia countries to enterprise abroad, they have similar preference to what the locals will certainly eat and they’ll be more taking towards the new product and may support the brand to become establish generally there.

installment payments on your 2 . Aspect 1- Branding

Singapore is a highly decent and well-established country globally and thus, it truly is well-known amidst foreigners. Singapore is subconsciously a brand itself as well, by simply hearing the phrase “Singapore”, many people have the point of view that the products, goods or services offered are of top quality and it must be true good.

Especially in this situatio, a Singapore local please (Old Chang Kee) that is certainly loved by many Singaporeans has been sold in another land will certainly spark fascination and fascination amongst the locals living there but as well as the way of thinking that “Oh! It’s from Singapore therefore it should taste great! “.

Aged Chang Kee uses along with yellow since it is the most lustrous among all colours of the variety. It’s the color that catches our focus due to that being very striking producing us recognize it right away when we notice it. When we notice it, all of us will almost certainly look at what they sell and maybe will choose the items presently there. It also includes a close similarity to the golden-brown colour.

Old Alter kee standard website has information which enables buyer to learn more about the rand name story and marketing activities. Allowing clients to know the most recent promotion plus the knowing the latest unleashed new flavour.

Old Chang Kee’s brand is easy to consider in terms of as old Chang Kee can be described as dialect that makes it easy for visitors to remember because they people in Asia knows how to speak dialect and the meals are also Asian food that will suit Asians taste bud. Likewise, they have built a rather proven and reliable position in the food and beverage sector throughout the numerous years of their organization operation. Through their manufacturing of the standard but renowned original curry puff and also the innovative creation of new flavours of curry puff and a wide variety of others fried and delicious snacks to choose from.

The style of their very own outlets is straightforward and classic looking, which is a representation of their historical qualifications.

installment payments on your 2 Component 2- Merchandise Differentiation

Goods that are several in terms of it is tastes and outlook will probably be recognised right away by the locals as it is not the same as the food that they can eat in their country as the looks, taste and just how it is getting packaged is unique from how a locals packs their things.

For Old Chang Kee, they have different flavors of curry puff that differentiate them from the usual traditional curry puff that people will normally buy. This allows people in other countries to know the brand name due to the meals that it offers to buyer is different. This allows those to remember the unique flavor of it.

Older Chang Kee curry puffs are different from Malaysia’s curry puffs in terms of flavours and elements used. When traditional Malaysian curry puffs consist of the normal potatoes and chicken pieces, Old Chang Kee curry puffs have more option in terms of flavour like Sardine, Kaya, Jackfruit, Nasi Lemak, Durian, Chilli Crab etc . As a result, people are presented a range of options to choose from, producing Old Chang Kee the go-to place to buy their very own curry puffs.

Aged Chang Kee is also well- known for their different fried food which will focus on the taste of folks. Also with different flavours of curry puff, it will generate consumer attempting to try out the product as classic curry puff only provides potato or perhaps sardines flavors.

2 . 3 Factor 3- Client growth approach

If Singapore companies are intending to expand offshore, they will have to consider the difference in buyers taste. As Everyone has diverse taste and preference intended for food, at times the preference of the people may not be well-known by the persons overseas. Probably it is as a result of how they prefer consuming the food they have abroad and may not really be used to a newly bring in food inside their country. By catching the consumers taste, it will make sure that the company is going to do well as they know what the locals in that country desire and more persons will purchase if it suits their flavor.

Outdated chang kee has been presented in TripAdvisor Malaysia, upon Old Alter Kee, states that tourists give out responses such as the curry puff is not disappointing and very properly done, the purchase price is affordable and it is useful to access to as it is located in a shopping mall. Clients are also commended the a comprehensive portfolio of curry puffs to choose from with the side you will find cakes and drinks marketed.

Outdated Chang Kee also has stores in Philippines, a Muslim nation, by getting it halal authorized it can attract more customers to buy their products. As curry puff is an a malay food and it is slightly different in the traditional curry puff, it can make customers curious and want to try it. While Old Chang Kee markets food just like curry puffs, sotong tennis balls and other sort of fried meals, it will appeal to the taste of Asia if perhaps they expand at Asia countries including Indonesia, Malaysia. Also, Indonesians love to take in spicy meals, if older chang kee curry smoke can be made spicier in Indonesia, it will probably be in a position to attract more people producing old alter kee effective in going overseas.

3. Realization

After performing our research, we learned various important factors that affects the successfulness of companies expanding overseas. These factors involves the company’s personalisation, products difference and lastly, customer tastes. Therefore, we have developed the top three or more recommendations which will further help them to ensure success within their business such as conducting comprehensive market research, setting up of interviews with company’s employees and lastly, the application of physical or digital promoting to promote all their brand.

All in all, the process of expanding a businesses abroad requires as well as careful organizing, you will also have to pay particular focus on the ethnic differences that may require you to alter your usual business techniques but it is still important to check out the roots of the products and not really change it as well differently. With expansion of local businesses overseas delivers greater publicity as well as improved awareness of each of our local eats.

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