after the civil war concluded chaos overflow the

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ha sido of America, as the us government tried to produce those states united once again. Following the killing of the sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln, the

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government was in an overall total state of disarray, and so they were faced with a challenge that surpassed that of any

other, of reuniting and reconstructing the South. The federal government was hoping that they may bring the

states back again as a whole while satisfying the needs of the southern citizens, and keeping all the

northern citizens happy with the way that the Southern was punished. They failed at all three attempts. The

authorities may have got tried to reconstruct the To the south, but due to Andrew Johnson, all tries were

shot down due to his utter disregard for Congress and his like for his southern friends. Politically, Johnson

failed as a Leader, economically, Manley failed as a Southerner, and socially, Meeks failed as being a


Andrew Manley was nominated as vice-president of the United States in 1964, and took over the

office of the Chief executive after the fateful death of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth assumed he was

helping the South simply by assinating Lincoln subsequently. In the end, it might turn out to have the exact opposite effect, because

Manley would take over the following morning hours. Andrew Meeks took over the Presidency with promises

of studies and court-marshals and total, promised to punish the South because of their rebellion. Only 1

Confederate soldier was hanged pertaining to the Detrimental War, and he was an innovator of a southern war jail. The rest

were pardoned with a blanket pardon. Claire Johnson repealed bills that would have helped bring slaves

again on their feet, such as the Freedmans Bureau expenses, which may have extended the life span of the

Freedmans Bureau, which was an organization that helped former slaves find careers, among other things.

The slaves were given the justification to vote, even so to political election they had to b!

elizabeth literate or follow the fact that was known as the grand daddy law, which in turn allowed you to vote if the

grandpa had voted. Most blacks were separated from their grandfather at birth. Meeks was also lenient

on his pitch which allowed Southern declares back into the Union. He agreed on legislation that allowed

girls to own area, however , ultimately, Andrew Manley failed like a President of the States of America.

He was the reason why in the end the states were not united.

The slaves were given their freedom after the end of the detrimental war, nevertheless most learned the news

in the seeds and fields of their previous owners, they will smiled and went back to work. We were holding elated that

these people were now their own owners, that they most likely would not be beaten again, but they also probably

realized that one of the most difficult challenges were forward. They now had to find careers, clothing, refuge, family

they had recently been split in addition to. And the govt did not help them, they decreased their odds of

turning out to be Americans. America is the land of the cost-free, but yet the us government passed such laws while the John

Crow laws, which usually put segregation into place and the dark-colored codes, that have been limitations within the blacks and so

known as freedom. The usa probably would have got helped the slaves even more if they had provided the

slaves jobs on the farms on which they will worked, and demanded which the former servant owners spend them

for a season, and that would be the Souths abuse.!

But it was not to be, since Andrew Meeks failed being a Southerner and a Leader.

Society is definitely vicious, and the blacks could soon realize that as they arrived to their fresh settings. The

blacks realized that captivity had continued, but in an entirely new trend. Slavery to society. For

100 years, the blacks would guard rights that they can should have received since day one. Whites did not

acknowledge blacks to get such factors as their contest, their past occupation, mainly because they were distinct, but We

assume that blacks are not accepted because the government did not support these people in any way. In case the

govt had discovered them jobs, if they had given them equal rights to begin with, who knows how

advanced culture could be. Yet because Toby Johnson failed as a citizen, as a southerner, and as a

Leader, America is usually 100 years behind other international locations.

After the Civil Warfare ended, damage engulfed the States of America, since the Government attempted to make

those states united again while satisfying the needs of the The southern area of citizens, and keeping every one of the northern

citizens happy with the way which the South was punished. I find myself they failed at all 3 attempts. Claire

Johnson should have never been given the vice-presidency, he should have been impeached, but most of

all, the South, plus the slaves, should have been remedied fairly and with empathy that only one particular man understood.

Unfortunately, that gentleman was assassinated by a Southerner who thought he was proper. His problem cost the

United states more than it can ever know.

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