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Executive Summary 1 . 0 Business Summary Puddle Jumpers Air carriers, Inc. can be described as new consumer airline in the formative phases. It is being organized to take advantage of a certain gap inside the short-haul household travel marketplace. The space exists in low cost services out of Anytown, U. S. A. The difference in the availability of low cost services in and out in the Anytown hub coupled with the necessity for voyager travel on selected paths from Anytown indicates that the new competitor airline could be expected to catch a significant portion of current flights business too hub.

The management of Puddle Jumpers is experienced in airline start-ups.

Previously management grew Private Jet Air carriers from just one Boeing 727 to a fleet of 16 MD80 series plane. Revenues grew to $130 million within a two year period coming from 1992 through 1993. The research and projections reveal that air travel to and from Anytown is sufficient to get a new carrier with income of $110 million us dollars in its initial full 12 months of businesses, utilizing 6 aircraft and selected short-haul routes.

These sales figures will be based upon weight factors of only 54% in 12 months one. Second year earnings are expected to exceed $216 million us dollars with added aircraft and expanded ways.

Load elements for yr two are 62%. The Puddle Jumpers plan has got the potential for a more rapid ramp-up than was the case with Private Jet due to the characteristics of the paths and the with regard to travel currently in the targeted markets served. In short, the frequency of flights needed to serve Puddle Jumpers’s target market exceeds the need that influenced Private Jet’s growth. These kinds of sales levels will create net profit of just over $1 million inside the first detailed year and $21. four million dollars in flight 12 months two. Income in yr one will probably be 1% of sales and can improve to 10% of sales with the economies received in year two.

The over-all detailed long term income target will probably be 16% of sales since net earnings in years three, several, and five. The company’s permanent plan is definitely part of the due diligence package. The first detailed year is actually fiscal season two in this plan. The first year of conformative operations will burn cash until revenue can commence. This is due to the company and regulatory obligations of a new air carrier. Expenditure activity is needed to handle the expenses of the phase in the business. The next chart illustrates the total highlights of your business plan over the first 3 years.

Gross Perimeter here is about 87% of sales because the only costs in particular calculation will be travel agent commissions, visa or mastercard discounts, and federal excise taxes. Travel and leisure agent commissions are computed on 30% of product sales even though administration feels you see, the number will never exceed 10% of product sales. NOTE: For display purposes in this test plan, statistical values in tables and charts are shown in thousands (000’s). Highlights 1 ) 1 Targets The Company gets the following targets: 1 . To get required D. O. Capital t. and Farrenheit. A. A. certifications about or ahead of March 1, 1997. installment payments on your

To start revenue services on or before Come july 1st 1, 1997. 3. To improve sufficient “seed and “bridge capital in due time to economically enable these kinds of objectives. some. To start operations with two McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 series aircraft in month one, four simply by end of month four, and 6 by end of month six. five. To add 1 aircraft per month during yr two to get a total of 18 in year two end. 1 . 2 Mission Puddle Jumpers International Airlines, Inc. has a mission to provide safe, efficient, low-cost consumer air travel service. Our service will focus on safety as its highest top priority.

We will certainly operate the newest and best maintained airplane available. We all will never skimp on maintenance in any fashion in any respect. We can strive to operate our routes on time. We will provide friendly and respectful “no frill service. 1 . 3 Keys to Success The keys to achievement are: Getting the required governmental approvals. Obtaining financing. Skilled management. (Already in place). Marketing; both dealing with channel problems and barriers to entry; or perhaps solving problems with major promoting and campaign budgets. Targeted market share should be achieved even amidst anticipated competition. Product quality.

Often with security foremost. Solutions delivered on time, costs handled, marketing financial constraints managed. There is a temptation to repair on progress at the expenditure of revenue. Also, fast growth will be curtailed to keep maintenance specifications both rigid and measurable. Cost control. The over-all cost every ASM (available seat mile) is pegged at 7. 0 cents or significantly less in mil novecentos e noventa e seis dollars. This kind of ASM component places Puddle Jumpers in a grouping from the lowest several in the air travel industry inside the short-haul market. (US Surroundings, the master carrier inside the Anytown marketplace, averages doze. 0 pennies per ASM by comparison).

The only three airlines with lower working costs also operate more mature and less reliable equipment, and even then the lowest short-haul cost inside the airline market is currently Freebie southwest at 6. 43 mere cents per ASM. Company Summary 2 . zero Company Overview Puddle Jumpers International Flight companies is being shaped in Come july 1st, 1996 as a South Point out Corporation. The offices will probably be in Anytown, Georgia. The founder of Puddle Ladies jumpers is Kenneth D. Cruz. Mr. Smith has intensive experience in consumer aviators. His biography as well as the qualification of all the people of Mess Jumpers’s administration team are enclosed herein. 2 . you Company Ownership

Puddle Jumpers International Airlines, Inc. will authorize twenty, 000, 500 shares of common stock. 1, 1000, 000 shares are to be reserve as founder’s stock to become divided among key administration personnel. Also, it is expected that management stock options will be made available to key administration personnel following operations commence. It is predicted that creators stock in addition option share will not total more than 15% of approved shares. Primary “seed capital is to be drawn via a descapotable debenture sold by Non-public Placement. This kind of round of funding may have premium change privileges vs . later rounds and “bridge capital.


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