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Desert Storm, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Pollution

Excerpt from Thesis:

Simultaneously, research upon ozone depletion showed the dire situation and helped support forces for reform and dangerous harmful chemical substances being used in that vulnerable circumstance as in each of our atmosphere. A large number of Western nations around the world have approved legislation constraining the types of chemical substances and levels which are appropriate, for example the Pollution Act in the us (U. S i9000. Environmental Protection Agency 2010).


With this developing amount of information, it is very clear that tighter regulation will be necessary to reduce future ozone and water pollution as a result of the growth of the flying industry. All of us cannot entirely ban flight travel, therefore resources have to be implemented in finding safer alternatives for the harmful chemical compounds necessary in massive air travel travel.


Appendix a

Increased Air Traffic in Northern Hemisphere

University of Berlin (

Appendix N

Approximate Release Index Amounts for Cruise Level Procedure of Current Commercial Fly Aircraft

Kinds Emission index (g kilogram 1)

LASER 3160

WATER 1240


NOx (as NO2) 12

SOx (as SO2) 0. eight

Soot zero. 04

University of Munich (

Appendix C

Elevated Demand for Aviation Travel


Appendix D

Increased Production of Ozone in Presence of Aviation Emissions

IPCC Ozone Production (

This graph represents the increased development of ozone in 3 cases wherever Nitrogen Oxide, (NOx) is present. Case zero shows the levels of naturally occurring NOx levels and the development rates of ozone which usually correlates with it. Case 1 shows the expression of current airborne blood pressure measurements of maximize NOx amounts. This shows an increase in ozone production. Case 2 is the hypothetical manifestation of greatly increased ozone production in the instance of an increase of NOx continually higher amounts.

Appendix G

IPCC Ozone Loss Rates (

NOx increases the damage rate of ozone in the stratosphere. The left table shows the loss rate with the ozone regarding percentage monthly, based on the corresponding altitude levels. The right panel portrays 20 more nitrogen is released into the stratosphere.

Appendix Elizabeth

This chart shows three major exhausts outside LASER and NOx, and how that they create allergens that will after that freeze and form in to cirrus cloud particles. The chart traces the chemical substance processes following such chemical substances are emitted from aircraft engines.


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