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Business and economic circumstances

Slide: ** Akia Rice Company Essay is specialized food merchant

The Akai Rice Companys primary way to obtain revenue comes from selling its only item to Oriental Speaking persons in the La area. In fact , Akai

Rice Company offers three primary business functions: importer, the labels, and dealer. Since not any revenue is usually realized from importing the product, neither from the labels its own merchandise, the Akia company intended for purposes here will be grouped as a Niche Foods Store.

** Eager competition in Specialty foods market.

It really is competing against the many other comparable companies that import or grow, package, and sell niche rice via around the world.

In reality, Akia Rice Organization must be competitive against brands such as Lundberg Rice Business (a specialty Californian rice) and Acquerello Organic Grain Company (a specialty German rice) that sell many in niche food stores such as Dealer Joes, Entire Food Markets and Wild Oats Market.

** Economic growth has triggered consumption in non-essential products

As for the economic condition, since the period Akai Grain Company first came into existence in 1997, the U. S i9000 current economical condition continues to be nothing short of phenomenal. Most importantly this monetary boom has resulted in increased client spending on nonessential items. This really is extremely important to get a company like Akai Grain. While the firm does offer a food product, at $150 for a thirty five pound package, it would be extremely tough to influence anyone that this specific food is an essential grocery store item.

There are lots of far cheaper foods, be it quite a bit less healthy that could be substituted for this product that will sustain the human beings diet.

Slip: ** Us citizens are consuming more rice then ever previously.

According to the U. S. Office of Cultivation, per capita use of rice climbed 191 percent from 1970 to 1997, and recent years every capita rice consumption have been increasing regarding one pound per year in the usa. Consumption of rice inside the U.

S. in 12 months 2000 could climb to 30 pounds for each person, up nearly 10 pounds since 1985. The bottom line is People in the usa are ingesting more grain then ever before.

2) Neutral environment

Glide: ** Various authoritative companies and publications encourage individuals to consume starchy vegetables

Many prominent and highly highly regarded health organizations, such as the ADA, which is The American Diabetic Association, and AHA, which is The American Heart Relationship, are all highly encourage visitors to increase their daily consumption of starchy vegetables.

Furthermore, additional respected health publications such as Runners Universe Magazine encourage all level athletes to have starchy fruit and vegetables because these are full of complex carbs.

** Akai Rice is just one type of starchy vegetables.

These organizations and publications say that starchy vegetables are necessary for a healthy diet, and complicated carbohydrates are energy athletic individuals ought to perform in peak level. Fortunately, Akai rice is merely one type of starchy vegetables that are to be emphasized by simply these prominent and respected organizations and guides.


Main Competitors Weaknesses

Slide: ** Competitors rice products includes fewer nutrition that Akai rice.

In a blind preference test carried out using Nishiki Rice (a high quality white colored rice), one more specialty rice, and Akai rice

60 per cent of total testers selected Akai Grain

32% of chose Nishiki Rice

only 8% from the similar specialised rice

This kind of test just indicated more individuals are very likely in favor of the flavor of Akai rice.

Competitors rice items are of the white rice category and White grain contains fewer nutrients than Akai rice

Even though Akai rice includes higher nutrients and features favorable flavor, other competition strengths happen to be significant

Slip: ** Cheap retail price than Akai rice

** Much longer background than Akai rice

** Much larger distribution reach

To begin with, the Akai Rice Companys purchases just one product from only one part of the world. This practice intensely dictates the retail price that Akia must set for its merchandise, and is, actually a competitive advantage for other rice firms.

The reason why is definitely:

Other companies purchase in around the world rice market segments to find items in lower prices, from Us, China, Thailand, India, The japanese and Vietnam, but the Akai Rice Company cannot.

Go on a00 look this chart.

Inside our research, all of us list practically 12 key rice goods that are

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