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We are suggesting a new group of rules and guidelines Drexel should stick to to ensure the achievement of its students continue.

The current plan for the underage ingestion of alcoholic beverages here at Drexel University should go as used. Obviously the intake of alcohol underneath the age of 21 is pointed out in Drexel drinking insurance plan; in fact Drexel’s alcohol coverage is in compliance with all of the point out of Philadelphia’s alcohol coverage. Such guidelines include the Possession, use, or perhaps distribution of alcohol by underage pupils, disruptive conduct due resulting from intoxication and providing a space for the consumption of alcohol by underage individuals, in addition , carefully of kegs and other bulk containers is definitely prohibited.

In the event caught inebriated by whether Residential consultant, staff member, or Drexel Public safety official, students could suffer the following consequences.

Affect one- A three-strike program would have effect, affect one being a one hundred dollars fine, A note to parents, Either therapy or a substance class, and then one year of probation which will if violated will bring one to your second offence.

Strike two – involves a $200. 00 great, Deferred Decrease of Housing and/or Deferred Suspension, Parental Notice and finally an extension of probation.

The third strike- includes a suspension system from the University and/or a number of of the pursuing: Loss of Casing Privileges, Deferred Suspension via University, two-hundred dollar. 00 great and Parental Notification.

The Drug insurance plan at Drexel in respect to the Alcohol policy is not really nearly as liberal. The possession, and/or use of drugs in the event that not clinically prescribed is usually prohibited, simply no discussion. The sale and/or division of drugs by a great unlicensed supplier are also prohibited. Drug things such as bongs, water plumbing, and pipes are also restricted on Drexel property.

The first infringement is the college students only breach and effects include: Suspension system; Loss of Casing; Ban coming from Residence Admission; Counseling Analysis; Parental Notification; and a possibility of Exclusion.

The charges for alcohol should be the same as those of prescription drugs. For a more effective, in-depth and solution with longevity, the penalties has to be directed at the sellers, you as well as almost all abettors in the drugs and alcohol abnuse. Erroneously, the systems mete harsher punishments to medication use as compared to the alcohol abuse, not knowing the damage that both leave on the culture are possibly dangerous. The premise used for this erroneously allocation of treatment is that the drugs have a higher effect, cost more and are many preferred to get black

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