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Aldo Leopold is considered one of the greatest philosophers of environmental ethics of them all. Scientist, forester, environmentalist, and professor with the University of Wisconsin, Leopold has motivated and designed today’s environmental ethics. This individual impacted various environmentalists with his environmental values and emphasized the importance of biodiversity and ecology. Leopold’s most lauded work is usually “Land Ethic in A Fine sand County Almanac that he wrote. With this essay this individual emphasized the value of saving our environment and being a part of it, rather than destroying that.

In Aldo Leopold’s essay this individual wrote “land ethic adjustments the part of Homo sapiens from conqueror from the land-community to plain affiliate and citizen of it. This implies value for his fellow-members, and also respect to get the community as such.  Because of this us while humans plus the top ttacker on Earth should take care of the planet and not eliminate it by simply depleting in its resources. Leopold points out in his essay that almost everything in the environment depends on one another to survive and maintain a healthy environment.

Leopold experienced this quality while having been a forest manager in Arizona and New South america; he presumed that they should certainly kill all the predators, wolves, to allow deer populations to grow. But as he examined it deeper he began to see the healthy harmony the ecosystem had. Instead of us humans acting just like the top predator or conqueror of the the planet, we should consider ourselves while just another part of the environment that simply cannot survive alone. We also depend on the other associates of the environment to survive and keep a healthy environment.

Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic applies to my personal final newspaper topic about acid rain because we as humans consider themselves to be the conqueror of this earth. We carry out lots of things which might be harming kinds of living conditions and acid solution rain is merely one of the many results humans have on the environment. Acid rainfall happens because you will find excessive numbers of CO2 in the atmosphere, as well as the reason why there exists lots of CO2 in the atmosphere is because we all produce that by using fossil fuels for energy.

Such as driving your vehicle and running your home. All this CO2 in the atmosphere triggers acid rain. Not only does acidity rain impact us just about all impacts the planet. It lowers the pH level in lakes, eliminating many species of fish, losing biodiversity and can cause the extinction of various species. Simply by killing several species of seafood, we are not respecting each of our land values because our company is not tending to the additional members of the environment and that we need all those members to keep up a healthy ecosystem.

Land Ethic means admiration for another person in the environment and for the community; we all humans don’t have the right to eliminate other types because were the top predators. We must have respect pertaining to the each of the members inside the environment and community to properly maintain a healthy and well balanced ecosystem.


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