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An analysis of Alices Adventures in Wonderland

The following text is a small part of a project from:

Jerry Maatta, HII, Katedralskolan, Stockholms, Sweden

Drafted in Mar 1997

Understanding and views

It is important to keep in mind that Alices Adventures in Wonderland, however special given that and nevertheless many different interpretations one

feels one can find, is definitely, after all, although a story written to captivate Charles Dodgsons favourite child-friends.

It is very apparent in the history that it was drafted for the three Liddell women, of whom Alice was the closest to Dodgson. Inside the introductory poem to

the tale, there are obvious indications for the three, right now there named Sauber, Secunda and Tertia Latina for first, second and third respectively in feminized

forms. The business considering drinking on cheerful summer days and nights was extracted directly from actuality. It is said that he used to row from picnics while using

Liddell ladies and inform them stories. Using one of these excursions it started raining intensely and they every became condensed. This, may be, was the

inspiration to the second chapter with the book, The Pool of Tears. The ever-occurring number of three remarks Dodgson usually having at heart the

3 girls this individual tells the storyline to. It could, of course , having in mind the very fact that he was a cleric, be the Christian Trinity or something completely


Many individuals have seen Alices Adventures in Wonderland as being a prime sort of the limit-breaking book from your old traditions illuminating the modern

one. Additionally they consider it as being a tale with the variations on the debate of gender and that its continually astonishing all of us with its modernity. From

the looks than it, the story about Alice dropping through a rabbit-hole and finding herself in a silly and nonsense globe, is fairly guileless as a story. The

root story, the one about a young lady maturing away from home in what appears to be a world ruled by chaos and nonsense, is quite a frightening one.

At all times, Alice locates herself confronted in different situations involving numerous different and curious animals being all alone. She hasnt got virtually any

help in any way from home or perhaps the world outside of Wonderland. Lewis Carroll identifies the get into the rabbit-hole as long and he mentions

bookshelves on the attributes of the hole. Perhaps costly escape in to literature he hints at. Carroll is a professional at puns and paradox. The part with all the mad

tea-party is one of the finest examples of this kind of. Theres a whole lot of connaissance in the 1st Alice book, but in the 2nd the feeling gets somewhat darker and even more

melancholic. The theme with Alice growing and downsizing into sizes could indicate the ups and downs of age of puberty with young adults

sometimes sense adult and sometimes quite the opposite. The hesitation therefore typical of adolescent girls is shown in Alices thoughts: The girl generally

gave herself good advice (though the girl very seldom followed it). Many brief comments indicate teenage recklessness, restlessness and anxiety in most

its diverse forms.

One other example of growing old is Alice getting used for the new sizes she develops. She foretells her ft and learns some of the new ways her physique

works in. Her feelings are very shaken from her adventures and she yowls quite often when ever its not possible to obey the rules in the Wonderland or perhaps

is it adult life? Everything is indeed out-of-the-way down here, because Alice frequently repeats to herself. Alice doesnt just like the animals in Wonderland who also

treat her as a child, nevertheless sometimes the lady gets daunted by the responsibility she has to consider. The offer Everyone in Wonderland is definitely mad, otherwise

they wouldnt be straight down here advised by the Cheshire Cat could be given an existential meaning. Is it that everyone with your life is mad being in, or everybody

dreaming him- or their self away is definitely mad as a result of escape coming from reality? Period is a very central theme inside the story. The Hatters observe shows days

because it is always half a dozen o time clock and tea-time. Time things in growing up, I guess, but additional interpretations will be left unsaid. The composition in phase

12 hints at forbidden take pleasure in, and it is entirely possible that it is about his platonic love for the children, or Mrs. Liddell, for that matter. Considering the fact

the fact that first manuscript was called Alices Escapades Underground, which some in least the Swedish translation of the name is a bit

eclectic, it becomes more apparent, the fact that world Alice enters isnt just virtually any childrens playground, but a somewhat terrifying and hazardous

place intended for maturing. The underground area of the old title undeniably suggests drawing parallells to the course of Dante or the Holy Bible.

Carrying on in this path, the amazing garden, into which Alice wants to receive, can be a mark of the Garden of Eden. It can be believed that

Dodgson, being a cleric and a strictly religious man, acquired read and was extremely familiar with the biblical misconceptions aswell as Miltons Paradise Lost. It

becomes more interesting when Alice finally gets into the garden and finds a pack of cards ruling it, which has a very bad queen in its head. It appears to

certainly be a way of saying even The Back garden of Eden can be in chaos, or that the backyard isnt seriously what it seems to be. Or, having in mind his

Victorian paradox in the adventure, a way of saying our lives that is known are, actually the best we can get to a paradise, which it is dominated my a

malignous full with small respect pertaining to human lives. These ideas are, naturally , merely speculations and it would be quite impolite to advise even

madder parallells, which usually isnt at all difficult which has a childrens tale of this kind.

Some people have become very far in their statements that Lewis Carroll wrote the reports while inspired by opium. They say the fifth section with the

smoking Blue Caterpillar is about prescription drugs. These statements have no true evidence or perhaps facts to point for, and it seems that theyre simply mad rumours made up

simply by people who need more than there is certainly in a apologue. It is quite obvious which the visions with the stories obtain from the genious of a man, and

not from medication influence. In case the worlds inside the books are somewhat unique it surely comes from Dodgson having a stunning imagination and an capability to

make nonsense worlds with your life. He certainly had his share of problems, nevertheless drugs never seem to have been completely one of them. In a closer appearance, there appears

to be a whole lot of suffering in the story. This turns into even more evident in the follow up, Through the Searching Glass, as well as introductory poem

where the pursuing can be found: I use not found thy sun-drenched face, as well as Nor observed thy silver laughter, as well as No thought of me shall find a place / In thy

youthful lifes hereafter. The part definitely expresses Dodgsons feelings to get missing the young woman Alice utilized to be before growing up.

Perhaps the first history is more like a description of your young good friend growing up and evaporating out of ones your life by maturing, and as such

away of Dodgsons reach. Dodgson lost exposure to Alice Liddell in 1868, a few years ahead of the publishing of the sequel. It would appear that the initially book

is actually a tribute into a friend whom, in time, will probably be lost to Dodgson, and the sequel is definitely, considering its tone, a great epitaph. This really is clearly noticed in the last lines

(actually, the just one extended sentence) with the first account when Alices sister thinks of Alice:

Lastly, the lady pictured to herself how this same tiny sister of hers will, in the after-time, be himself a grown woman, and how she would keep

through most her riper years, the simple and supportive heart of her years as a child: and how she would gather regarding her various other little children, and make their

eyes shiny and eager with many an unfamiliar tale, perhaps even with the dream of Wonderland of long-ago: and how she would experience with all their very own

simple heartaches, and find a pleasure in all their straightforward joys, keeping in mind her own child- lifestyle, and the content summer days and nights.

It appears to be Dodgsons own thoughts about the lady growing up expressed through one of Alices sisters. One more quote that expresses

Dodgsons feelings to get old present in the same introduction mentioned above: We are but older children, dear, as well as Who fret to find the bedtime

near. This despair tone of Dodgsons can be obtained from various parts in the sequel, which will expresses his grief of losing end of trading friend this individual once

got before your woman grew up and vanished. The very last composition in the follow up begins its lines with letters that comprise Alice Pleasance Liddell her

complete name. Charles Dodgsons academic education shows in the books. The exotic illusion creatures whom inhabit the worlds of his creativeness

all possess very peculiar names constructed from real words in English, The french language and Latina. For example , the Dormouse is actually a sleeping mouse button. Dormire in

Latin means to sleep, although theres do not need explain other word.

Bottom line

It is very hard to decide on or write a bottom line to a project concerning so intricate subjects as this kind of. Ive tried to show a few different

interpretations and keep the complete project because objective as is possible. The subject can be vast and there could oftimes be years used on it with no

reaching a defined answer, and for that reason I suggest people use their particular imagination, good sense and common sense when speaking about the book Alices

Journeys in Wonderland. One of the few certain things are that Charles Lutwidge Dodgson genuinely loved kids and committed his functions for

these people. Whether this kind of love of his was sexual or platonic is nearly impossible to choose with the few indications he left following him.

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