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Travel is a main industry in India and the Ministry of Tourism designed a campaign to market Incredible India as a traveler destination in 2002. [2] The key phrase “Incredible India” was adopted as a slogan by the ministry. Before 2002, the Of india government regularly formulated policies and prepared pamphlets and pamphlets for the promotion of tourism, nevertheless , it would not support tourism in a determined fashion. However , in 2002, the tourism ministry manufactured a conscious effort to bring in more professionalism and reliability in its efforts to promote travel and leisure.

It formulated a built-in communication technique with the purpose of promoting India as a vacation spot of choice pertaining to the discriminating traveler. The tourism ministry engaged confer with advertising and marketing company Ogilvy & Mather (India) (O&M) to make a new plan to increase tourist inflows in the country. [3] Travel sector analysts and tour operators were appreciative from the high standards of the ‘Incredible India’ campaign. “The promo campaign is making an excellent visual impact and setting up a perception of India becoming a magical destination to visit, ” said Anne Morgaon Scully, President, McCabeBremer Travel, Va, USA.

Normal travelers also appeared to get the campaign interesting and informative, going by favourable comments in blogs upon travel websites Although the ‘Incredible India’ plan was generally well received, industry experts differed inside their opinions around the positioning of India inside the campaign. G. S. Murari, Director, Fidelis Advertising and Marketing Pvt. Ltd. mentioned he was not comfortable with the tagline ‘Incredible India’ and was of the thoughts and opinions that seeing that India had not been a uni-dimensional country like Singapore or maybe the Maldives, utilizing a word just like ‘incredible’ to describe India all together was not suitable.

In 2011, Arjun Sharma, Handling Director, Votre Passage to India, mentioned that the campaign has were living its existence and completely to be reinvented. [8] The Ministry of Tourism features again interested Ogilvy & Mather for a period of 3 year, beginning 2012, to redefine the brand and provide a strategic vision for the marketing campaign. From ancient times, India has been viewed as a place full of Croyant. In olden days time travellers like Huen Tsang came up a long way which has a great problems just to have felt from the place. Nevertheless in modern times, with supersonic jets, the world has become a smaller and has been named as a “global village”.

With all the destinations becoming so much better the traveler are pouring into India from across the world leading to an easy development of travel industry and yet it has not really grown to its fullest potential. Record has dropped count of hordes of humanity which may have travelled and through this land of vibes and wisdom; people, travelers, investors and intruders have been drawn to her shores. Fa Hien and Hieun Tsang originated in China searching for Bhuddha’s calm serenity; via Alexander to Tamburlaine and Nadir Shah, Mahmud Ghaznavi, Muhammad Shah Ghauri to Babar, and Vasco-De-Gama to East India Company.

All came right here to complete their coffers with the wealth of this terrain; Jews, Parsees, Muhammedans, Christian believers, Arabs, Persians, Turks, Orientals and Europeanshave been most made welcome here. India has its own incredibly fabulous spiritual places located from coast to coast. From the majestic peaks of Himalayas for the ghats of holy Ganga to numerous different holy sites, one can opt for an unforgettable psychic journey through this regal country.

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