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Teacher Information Teacher: Mrs. Katy Kownacki Business office: Online! Office Hours: immediately following class classes. Office Telephone: (571)344-3234 E-mail: [email protected] edu Course Information The eleventh-grade student should be able to make and analyze educational and convincing oral presentations, with attention to the accuracy and reliability of facts and the effectiveness of delivery. An examination of how media influences morals and manners will be released. The student will certainly continue to develop and broaden vocabulary. Study regarding both traditional and modern American materials will improve the student’s admiration for literature.

Trainees will be able to determine the frequent themes and characterizations present in American materials, which are reflective of history and culture. Learners will also employ nonfiction texts to pull conclusions and make inferences citing fiel support. The student will be able to compose clear and accurate personal, professional, and informational correspondence and information for study and other applications. Grammar development will continue through the putting on rules intended for sentence development, usage, transliteration, and mechanics.

The student will establish informative and persuasive writings by locating, considering, synthesizing, and documenting data following ethical and legal guidelines. Students have to take the English 11Standards of Learning End of Course Test. Prerequisite/Co-requisite: English 10 Book & Course Materials Needed Texts •Elements of Literary works, Fifth Course Enhanced ©2007 (http://my. hrw. com) •Elements of Dialect, Fifth Course ©2004 (http://my. hrw. com)

•The Great Gatsby simply by F. Scott Fitzgerald. http://ebooks. adelaide. edu. au/f/fitzgerald/f_scott/gatsby/ Additional Readings oThe Crucible can be found in the online textbook oOther blood pressure measurements will be provided in the FCPS Online Grounds Learning Modules. Web page 1 The english language 11 Summer season Syllabus Fairfax County Open public Schools— On the net Campus Training course Requirements •Computer with Net connection (DSL, LOCAL AREA NETWORK, or wire connection desirable) •Headphones and microphone •Word processing system (Microsoft Expression recommended) •Account access to FCPS 24/7 Study course Structure This system will be provided entirely online through the FCPS 24/7 and Elluminate.

You can use the student accounts to sign in to the course from FCPS 24/7 (http://fcps. blackboard. com). In your FCPS Online Campus course, you will access on the net lessons, program materials, and resources.

In a designated time during the week, we will participate in a synchronous activity using our virtual class room, Elluminate. In addition to traditional writing and vocabulary projects, activities will consist of talks, blogs, discussion forums, e-mails, journaling, and wikis. FCPS Online Grounds Access To access this course inside FCPS day-to-day, you will need access to the Internet and a supported Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox). To ensure that you are using a supported web browser and have essential plug-ins, you should finish the prerequisite technology mini-course before starting the online The english language 11 training course.

Refer to the FCPS On-line Campus welcome letter for instructions. Technical Assistance If you want technical assistance at any time during the course, contact Presidium 1-866-434-8880. Also email your trainer about the situation. You will need to find an alternate methods to access the course (a friend’s computer system, a parent’s computer, the library, etc). Important Note: This syllabus, along with course projects and thanks dates, will be subject to modify. It is the student’s responsibility to check FCPS 24/7 for corrections or revisions to the syllabus. Any adjustments will be clearly noted in course story or through instructor’s email.

English 14 Summer Syllabus Fairfax State Public Schools— Online Campus PART a couple of: COURSE AIMS •COMMUNICATION: SPEAKING, LISTENING, MASS MEDIA LITERACY oUse a variety of oral-communication skills and offer accurate evidence to give informative and convincing oral sales pitches. oCritique and assess the performance of convincing presentations by simply others. oExamine how convincing media text messages influence audiences’ beliefs and behaviors.

•READING oApply understanding of word origins, derivations, and figurative dialect to extend vocabulary development in authentic text messages. oEnhance understanding for literature by learning both classic and contemporary American literature. oRead a variety of literary genres and informational text messaging to identify the prevalent themes in American literature that are reflective of American history and traditions. oDevelop language and reading comprehension skills and apply those abilities in other articles areas, including history and cultural science, science, and mathematics.

oIdentify the contributions of various other cultures to the development of American literature. •WRITING oWrite in a number of forms with an focus on persuasion. oProduce arguments in writing that demonstrate knowledgeable decision and address counterclaims.

oUse knowledge of genres, formats, functions, audiences, and situations to make clear and effective goods that echo use of every stages of the writing process. •RESEARCH oEngage in analysis that requires the choice, evaluation, use, and documents of a variety of sources. oVerify the quality of all information and comply with ethical and legal guidelines to get using and gathering information. oPresent an investigation product that may be clearly written and effectively documented relating to Modern day Language Relationship (MLA) requirements. Page 3 English 11 Summer Syllabus Fairfax State Public Schools— Online Grounds.

PART three or more: TOPIC OUTLINE/SCHEDULE Important Be aware: Refer to the course appointments for certain meeting times and instances. Activity and assignment specifics will be discussed in detail inside each week’s corresponding learning module. For those who have any concerns, please contact a instructor. •Poetry and Brief Stories oIntroduction/ Review of Fictional Elements oVariety of short stories and poems by simply American experts •Drama oThe Crucible •Fiction oThe Wonderful Gatsby • Non-Fiction oThe Autobiography of Ben Franklin oNarrative of Frederick Douglass oAutobiographical Paperwork essay by James Baldwin oLetter from a Liverpool Jail simply by M.

T. King, Junior. oFrom Capacity Civil Govt by Holly David Thoreau •Research oBackground information on Farrenheit. Scott Fitzgerald and The Wonderful Gatsby. •Writing oThesis-driven producing (claim, assertion, commentary) oJournals oPoetry oLiterary Analysis Webpage 4 English 11 Summertime Syllabus Fairfax County General public Schools— On-line Campus PART 4: GRADING POLICIES Rated Course Actions Visit the Eng 11 Models button inside your FCPS On the net Campus course for recommendations and information about assignments. Learners will send work through the Assignments press button, through the Community forum button, or perhaps via email.

Click on the Assessments button to access quizzes and exams. Submitted work is available for look at through the pupil gradebook in FCPS day-to-day. Procedures intended for Submitting Job You use the Task Button to publish assignments. Name the record correctly utilizing the file naming convention: lastname_assignmentname_date. doc. You should add a header at the top of the document that contain your name, the date, and assignment title. If I obtain a document with no name, will probably be returned (and then you face of turning in a past due assignment). As you email me, you should type a message in the subject matter line and sign the

emails with your first and last names. Save (and backup) your entire submitted operate. You should try to keep replications of everything, which include emails that show the particular date and time that you’ve submitted your projects. Late operate must be e-mailed to tutor with an explanation. Late Job Policy ALL WORK IS DUE BY NIGHT TIME ON THE DAY IT TRULY IS ASSIGNED. Job received between midnight and 8: 00 am the very next day will be recognized, but with a ten percent decrease in the level earned. Work received among 8: 00 am and 11: 59 pm that same time will be acknowledged, but with a twenty percent decrease in the quality earned.

Following 11: fifty nine pm on the day after the work was at first due, no late work will be recognized. Discussion boards aren’t accepted late. Viewing Marks in FCPS Online Campus Instructor is going to update the web grades each week—typically 2 – 3 days following each due date. Grade Reviews will be emailed to father and mother, students and counselors once a week. Grade Studies will reveal the present student’s quality of work by the scores on the tasks but will likewise contain missing assignment in the event the student is usually behind schedule to finish the students. Page 5 English 11 Summer Syllabus Fairfax County Public Schools— Online Campus.

*during summer season school this is certainly expedited since a single summer season day is definitely 8 academics days The grade percentage chart will be used to come to be letter class reporting (chart below). Last Mark Every quarter will certainly count since 20% in the final quality. The final exam will count number as 1/5 of the last grade. Notification Grade Percentage Definition A 93-100% Designates the position of a scholar who constantly demonstrates accurate and complete understanding of content and skills specified in the FCPS Program of Studies (POS), and is applicable that expertise to solve problems in a variety of adjustments A- 90-92% B+ 87-89% Designates the status of any student who have demonstrates

understanding of content and skills specified in the FCPS Program of Studies (POS), with some improvement needed in accuracy and/or consistency in performance, applying that knowledge to solve concerns in a variety of options B 83-86% B- 80-82% C+ 77-79% Designates the status of a student who have demonstrates understanding of basic content material and skills specified inside the FCPS System of Studies (POS), yet requires extra practice and instructional encounters to acquire skills necessary to solve problems C 73-76% C- 70-72% D+ 67-69% Designates the status of a college student who needs significant practice and educational experiences to obtain the knowledge of basic content material and skills specified in the FCPS Plan of Research (POS) necessary to solve complications.

As a final mark, not necessarily necessarily satisfactory to meet the prerequisite requirements for the next level in a series of courses. D 64-66% F 0-63% Designates the status of your student that has not proven the basic knowledge of content and/or skills particular in the FCPS Program of Studies (POS) and requires extra practice and instructional experiences in order to be successful. I 5. Designates the status of your student that has not had the opportunity to complete tasks which can be major components of the quarter grade for factors considered appropriate by the tutor or group or by principal or his or her designee.

The student is necessary to make up function within a particular time period in order to convert this kind of “incomplete” into a grade by next quarterly progress record. *I (Incomplete) = Is probably not given as a permanent final grade. Web page 6 English language 11 Summer Syllabus Fairfax County General public Schools— On the web Campus Important note: For additional information about grading, visit the grading and confirming policies on the FCPS site. Page several English 10 Summer Syllabus Fairfax County Public Schools— Online Grounds COURSE POLICIES Participation.

Students are expected to participate in most online activities as listed on the course diary. Consistent engagement is required and submission of is the proof of that participation. Communicate If you find that you have any risk keeping up with tasks or various other aspects of the course, make sure you let your teacher know as early as possible. As you will see, building relationship and successful relationships are key to turning into an effective person. Make sure that you are proactive in informing the instructor once difficulties occur during the year to ensure that we can assist you in finding a solution. Full Assignments.

All assignments just for this course will be submitted in electronic format through FCPS 24/7 until otherwise advised. Assignments must be submitted by the given deadline or unique permission must be requested via instructor. Extensions will not be given beyond the next assignment. Later or absent discussion assignments will impact the student’s quality. Understand As you will be Taken from This Course It is state rules that a scholar will not any miss 15 days of class. The instructor will notify parents and counselor at 5 and 10 days of no work submitted. At 15 days students is taken off the course and returned to the counselor for appropriate position.

Our objective is to get college students to receive credit for college graduation, and if online is not an appropriate environment, a return to manage to face training is necessary. During summer university three days of non-activity is going to warrant termination from the course; your tutor will assess this following Sunday night time. Inform The Instructor of Any Accommodations Needed In case you have a noted disability and IEP, and also you wish to talk about academic accommodations, please contact a instructor immediately. IEP and 504 places to stay must be posted to the Online Campus prior to the class starts off.

The Online Grounds can be called by cellphone at (703) 503-7781 (Voice) or by way of email in [email protected] edu. Commit to Honest Conduct As a student in this course, you are expected to keep up high degrees of professionalism, commitment to lively learning and participation with this class Page 8 English language 11 Syllabus Fairfax County Public Schools— Online Grounds and also ethics in your patterns in and out in the classroom. Webpage 9 English language 11 Syllabus Fairfax Region Public Schools— Online Campus FCPS Honest Conduct to get Users (SR&R regulation 2601) It is the responsibility of the pupil to: •Use only his or her account or password.

This can be a violation to give access to a bank account to any different user. •Recognize and reverance the mental property more; comply with legal restrictions with regards to plagiarism as well as the use and citation info resources. •Not read, alter, or remove files held by others. •Restrict the use of the FCPS network and methods to the mission or function of the institution system. The FCPS network for personal make use of or to get private gain is prohibited. •Help conserve the integrity with the school details system. Deliberate tampering or experimentation is definitely not allowed; this includes

the use of FCPS network and resources to illicitly access, tamper with, or experiment with systems outdoors FCPS. The information systems and Internet access offered through FCPS are available to aid learning, boost instruction, and support school business practices. •Refrain from using offensive, indecent, or bothering language when utilizing FCPS network systems. •Abstain from being able to access, changing, or perhaps deleting data belonging to other folks. Important Take note: Any form of academic chicanery, including cheating and stealing subjects, will be reported to the supervision office. Site 10


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