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In 1926, Hiram Wesley Evans, then Imperial Wizard and Chief of the Ku Klux Klan, published “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism”, a leaflet that set forth the guidelines and basics of what many referred to as the resurrection of the KKK in 1920’s America, a brand new version in the organization that was formerly formed simply by Nathan Bedford Forrest after the Civil Conflict in an effort to take care of the supremacy of the white man over the just lately freed African-American slaves. The researcher is going to analyze and discuss Evans’ writing through this paper in the standpoint of his views and specific tenets found within “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism”.

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In addition , the researcher will present views as to whether or not really Evans’ sights agree with the ones from the investigator, and finally, a response to Evans’ watch will be provided. Upon the conclusion of this daily news, the reader may have a thorough comprehension of Evans’ work as well as being a possible option viewpoints onto it.

A quick Overview of “The Klan’s Guard Americanism” In order to fully understand the various elements of Evans’ writing, also to adequately understand it, a brief overview of the work itself is within order.

The previously mentioned resurrection of the KKK in the early on 1920’s arrived response to the particular group known as the “infestation by aliens” of America in the years immediately following Universe War We. As a result of the KKK’s revival, by 1926, the organization experienced over a few million users. The KKK increased it is list of these whom it hated to incorporate Jews, Catholics, Communists, and people who were people of the labor unions that were gaining popularity in the usa during that period. Hiram W.

Evans, upon assuming power over the KKK in 1926, wrote “The Klan’s Guard Americanism” as a method to place the foot work for what will be a new growth of the Ku Klux Klan in the twentieth century. Irishism as Identified by Evans One of the search terms that Evans uses in the writing is the word Americanism, something which he claims is a hallmark in the KKK. The term Americanism from this context offers its beginnings in patriotism, something that the KKK promises to have by the bucket load; however , the interpretation of patriotism the fact that KKK provides varied greatly from what one would usually find inside the belief devices of someone just like Abraham Lincoln subsequently, for example.

Patriotism, as the cornerstone of Americanism, in this instance has some far reaching implications. Initial, consider the KKK’s definition of the American ideal inside Americanism, that will first be presented by use of an actual quote from Evans’ work: “Americanism, for the Klansman, is known as a thing of the spirit, a purpose and an area of perspective, that can only come through in-born racial understanding. It has, to be certain, certain identified principles, but he will not believe that a large number of aliens understand those guidelines, even when they use our phrases in speaking about them…

. In short, the Klansman believes in the highest possible range and individuality within the restrictions of the American spirit. Although he is convinced also that few aliens can understand that spirit, that fewer try to, which there must be amount of resistance, intolerance even, toward anything that threatens this, or the important national oneness based upon It” (Evans, 1926). What Irishism is, intended for the Klansman, is the idea of liberty and justice for all, as Americans recites inside their Pledge of Allegiance, yet “all” offers its restrictions along ethnic, ethnic and religious boundaries.

For the KKK, approaching right from the pen of the leader during the time, the American Dream was available for individuals who qualified when you are a certain competition, nationality or religion, embodied in the KKK credo of “native, white-colored, Protestant supremacy” (Evans, 1926). Using conditions like “mongrelization” to describe the ethnic selection that America was suffering from in large part due to the displacement of Europeans following World Conflict I, Evans set up unrestricted possibilities to get a limited couple of, not much totally different from the captivity that America utilized before the Civil Conflict. Another element of Evans philosophy was what he thought as “The American Race”.

This kind of race encompasses people who are white descendants from your ancient Nordic tribes of Europe, Simple in faith. Evans the specific faith based distinction, saying “Rome will not rule America”, meaning that the Roman Catholic Church, and more specifically the Pope, won’t have any hang on what “The American Race” does in the us (Evans, 1926). A Response to Evans’ View While Hiram W. Evans, as a north american citizen, has the right to share his opinions and views, likewise it is appropriate for the researcher to respond to what Evans wrote and professed in “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism”.

As a response, rather than embarking on a long exhortation of randomly responses, his work will probably be discussed along the lines of carefully picked main points, that may give a better response to the entire work. These key points will be as follows: • DIVERSITY IS A BASIS OF AMERICAN GREATNESS- No one can debate the many advantages made to America in terms of home repair, sciences, humanities, education and more would not have already been very significant were it does not for those of several different ethnic backgrounds whom came to America seeking a better life and ultimately manufactured America a much better place individuals.

If America were simply open to Evans’ “American Race”, the country most likely would have recently been held back from the full potential. • REASONING BY ARTICLES OF CHARACTER- Decades after Evans’ dominated the KKK, Martin Luther King Junior. professed that he dreamed of an America where persons would be evaluated not by the color of pores and skin, but my content of character. By simply limiting his view of american citizens to be just those of the white race, Evans omitted many excellent individuals from inclusion inside the American Fantasy.

This uniqueness again may have compromised the ability of America to increase and prosper as it features. • ONE NATION BENEATH GOD HAS MANY MEANINGS- The belief in God cannot, and should not be accessible only to those of the Protestant faith that Evans supporters in his teachings and writings. A land built in many faiths can offer a strong meaning foundation as well as has when it comes to America.

Aside from whether a person’s belief in God originates from the Simple, Catholic, Jewish or any of a number of various other theologies, the teachings of respect intended for other people, tranquility, integrity and morality offers helped to generate America superb. Agreement With Evans? The researcher offers clearly demonstrated that there is certain disagreement with Evans plus the content of “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism”. Having the good thing about viewing the publication in hindsight, it is clearly found that the American landscape will be vastly several in the 21st century in the event Evans dominated the 20th.

Closing Thoughts It was once said that individuals who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. In the case of Evans’ teachings and articles, this is absolutely true. Luckily, the hatred that this individual professed has not totally dominated the American culture, yet does are present today. Therefore , it is important for every American to focus on the past to prevent pitfalls in the future.


Evans, Hiram W. (1926). The Klan’s Guard Americanism. North American Review, 223, 38-39.


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