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‘To a man’ is written by Maya Angelou, whose first novel was an life of her varied your life, (activist, vocalist, waitress, ballerina etc . ) called ‘I know so why the caged bird sings’. She has crafted two collections of the entire, ‘Wouldn’t consider nothing for my voyage now’ and ‘Even the celebs look lonesome’. Angelou provides written several famous poetry, including ‘Still I rise’ and ‘On the heart beat of the morning’ for the inaugeration of President Clinton. Maya Angelou now has a long time appointment since Professor of yankee Studies for Wake Forest University of North Carolina.

The poem is approximately the man that Maya Angelou loves, and she utilizes a variety of metaphors and images to spell out him to the reader. Maya Angelou provides a very important style of writing and uses lots of modal verbs just like ‘is’ to share her message to the target audience. She publishes articles poems to entertain persons, and to be read aloud. I think this one is one particular poems mainly because she uses full prevents and capital letters to demonstrate when breaks should be presented and which usually words will need particular emphasis.

This poem is definitely serious, and thought invoking, and the lady uses unusual imagery to compare her man to. I like the style she uses to give which means to her words and phrases, and how she uses punctuation and pousse together which gives an interesting impact. The feeling is quite completely happy, as the girl describes her man, who makes her feel warm and laughs through his own troubles.

The poem does not follow regular structure, or use syllabic sentencing to each line. The lines do not rhyme, in fact it is like Angelou has just drafted down her thoughts, with no purposefully which makes them into a bit of poetry. The poem is twenty two lines long, and puts important ideas regarding the man independently, or on the separate range to show you how important this kind of aspect of the man is. ‘To a man’ is created from Maya Angelou’s personal experience, and was about her first partner. It identifies his individuality, and likens him into a big kitty. Angelou uses metaphors including ‘My man is Dark Golden Amber’ to begin the poem. The first line ‘My man is’ pieces the field and tells the reader the fact that poem is about the man Angelou loves. The term ‘My’, indicates possessiveness, in contrast to the title which is ‘to a man’, this can be any gentleman. It is unsure why the girl writes to any man, certainly not her individual, but quite possibly it is to let them know how great her man can be and that your woman doesn’t need anyone else. The term ‘Black’ could possibly be in reference to your skin colour with the man, or his personality, which could be evil, or perhaps depressed. I do think it means ‘evil’ because of the later imagery utilized in the poem. ‘Golden’ signifies that he is particular, and valuable as gold, as does another word ‘Amber’ which is also a precious stone. The word ‘Amber’ gives the concept of warm shades, reds and oranges, which usually link into the rest of the composition.

The next line is simply, ‘Changing’ which means her man is continually changing coming from Black to Golden to Amber, his personalities change. ‘Warm lips of Brandy Fine’ I think this means that getting him is similar to drinking brandy, and makes her warm which in turn ties together with the warm amber colours used before. ‘Cautious sunshine on a designed rug’ means that maybe her man is definitely cautious sun light, which links to the images of gold. Possibly Angelou thinks of herself since the carpet, and he cautiously lights her up, and makes her warm once again. The next line indicates that the man huge smiles through his troubles, ‘coughing laughter’ and has a particular smell, of ‘French tobacco’. ‘Graceful turns on woollen stilts’ shows that her man should not only walk on stilts made of made of wool, i. elizabeth. ) do the impossible nevertheless also, start them superbly, and associated with impossibilities of life seem to be easy to her. The following series is simply ‘Secretive? ‘, Angelou is requesting herself a question about the person, is he secretive?, after which answers over the following line, ‘A cat’s eye’. I think this indicates that he features depths and mystery just like the cat’s sight which beat with hidden colours.

He could be not deceptive, just has many layers that cannot be unravelled all at once. Cat’s eyes are fantastic and change color with the mild, which backlinks in to the idea of the man’s temperament, likewise ever changing. ‘Southern’ is in is actually own sentence in your essay at the beginning of another line which may show that her man is in the South, possibly American, just like Angelou herself. The next sentence says he’s ‘plump and tender, with navy-bean sullenness’, navy can be traditionally a very masculine coloring which could indicate he is an extremely macho person. The next line re emphasises how soft the man is, it says simply, ‘The gentleness’. The truth that Angelou doesn’t make use of a lot of phrases to describe the gentleness implies to me just how gentle he can, she are not able to use words and phrases to describe it, it is just presently there, which is in direct distinction from the surly man who have likes navy blue. This again gives the impression of an changing personality. The next line says a cat once again, ‘A big cat stalks through uncooperative bush’. This imagery comes with an air of menace regarding it, the feline using really gentleness to stalk, record and eliminate it’s prey, a cat is definitely graceful, and light but may also be deadly.

This adds an air of danger to the man, is this individual as nice as he 1st appears?. Angelou now requests if your woman mentioned ruby, which backlinks back to the beginning of the composition, and gives someone the red, gold imagery again, and an idea in the warmth Angelou feels with her man. She likens amber into a ‘heatless fireplace, consuming itself’, which (as in other Internet Angelou) poems gives the image of a cycle, forever eating itself. Probably the heatless open fire is what your woman sees in her male’s eyes. Another line says ‘Again. Anew. Into at any time neverlessness’ which usually shows the cycle again, and also can portray the image of a cat’s eye and the way the colours for the reason that change. ‘My man is usually Amber’, this really is a replication of the 1st phrase, Angelou uses a particular metaphor to compare her man to Amer. She then repeats her third line, ‘Changing’, which once again shows the way in which his colours change like Amber. Another line is definitely ‘Always into itself’, that could be operating as a metaphor for their love, which likewise changes although remains similar.

This is further shown in the last lines, ‘New. Now. New’ and ‘Still itself’. The poem ends with the phrase ‘Still” over a line to it’s individual, with a period, this implies that their appreciate is still, plus the way he feels on her behalf, unlike the colours doesn’t swirl and changed and it is still. I do believe that Cyber Angelou composed the composition to describe the way in which her hubby made her feel, and also to keep a part of that sense with her, for great grandchildren. She creates to any gentleman to let all of them know what this wounderful woman has, and to communicate her profound love for this particular guy. Another reason on her behalf to write the poem is always to try to seem sensible of the method her gentleman acts, and the way his moods change.

I think that Maya Angelou wrote this to show the complex thoughts she feels about her guy, possession, pain, love, and warmth all at one time. The poem’s effect on myself was that that showed me the way women felt regarding her gentleman, and it helped me be familiar with deeper emotions of a romance. I liked the way the lady used Silpada to show how her gentleman changed, since it wasn’t within a negative way, the Ruby gave an effect of how precious he was, however she changed her point of view with him. ‘To a man’ helped me think about the pictures and metaphors used, and i also enjoyed analysing it since now, I enjoy it more, knowing how Angelou felt the moment she composed it.


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