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“Explore one of the ways our environment is impacted by each of our agricultural practices or commercial food complex. “

One of the main issues that go into the creation of our crops is usually pesticides, which includes herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and rodenticides. This junk is obviously toxic, however it is always been used in in an attempt to contain unwanted pests. Pesticides don’t only affect the environments wellness, but ours as well, so I’d like to tie up that into all this, yet focus largely on the environmental factors. Pesticides or herbicides are very poisonous to living organisms, especially weeds and bushes, which in some cases are used as an ecosystem by simply other pets or animals and pests. I was reading up on how the use of glyphosate in the herbicide Roundup truly reduces the concentrations of essential herb nutrients inside the soil, affecting a bush called the milkweed, which will monarch the butterflies use like a habitat. And so in cases such as that, the pesticide is probably not directly influencing a certain patient such as the monarchs, yet could be affecting another organism including the milkweed that could ultimately cause a snowball result, destroying whatever using that affected organism to live.

The use of pesticides will not likely stop, but on the other hand a more green one will come around. As of now though, you cannot find any environmentally friendly pesticide, and it is tremendously affecting our environment and finally us. With this continued use of insect poison, the milkweed will have multiple other plant life that turn into deprived of mandatory nutrients, other crops that we have to survive, different plants that keep bugs that we will need, such as bees living. What also appears to be occurring with this continuing use of pesticides is the newly found presence of pesticide resistant weeds. Which clearly is no good for our plants, as the weeds are basically taking all the things required to keep the seeds alive.

Just like the pesticides or herbicides are destroying bushes required to keep ecosystem alive, they are ironically creating weeds immune to them. This really is a horrible scenario, but I am unable to help to laugh as this kind of really couldnt get even worse. It’s as though everything that could go bad goes bad. Until we truly create that mentioned green pesticide and find a way to get rid of these pesticide resistant weeds, our crops health is going to continue to get worse, and recover ours will certainly too. In the same way the monarch butterflies and their milkweed. I am going to look at this scenario optimistically, even as are within an age of research. With time I think the people whom made those pesticides will find a way to make sure they are cooperate with the environment rather than destroy everything. Those pesticide resistant weeds will probably be exterminated in time as well, because well, science can do a wide range of things. With any luck , though, these types of new enhancements stated never bring fresh negative effects in our environment.

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