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This dissertation addresses the current debate inside our country more than gay legal rights. It speaks briefly regarding my limited knowledge about the bible prior to going into certain quotes and passages through the bible that religious activists often utilization in their fights against gay rights. I think at what people around the globe say on this issue. I will connect the conversation by using the data gathered to advocate that what people believe that about the bible condemning homosexuality is usually wrong.

My Uncertainty with Religion

My personal knowledge of the bible originates from the sundays I put in at cathedral and the high seasons I put in at catholic camp. It is critical to mention quickly that mother and father, if anything at all, would suit somewhere in the agnostic or atheist categories. We went to a Unitarian Universalist house of worship when I was younger might be because they will wanted me to have a much larger world watch. As for the catholic camp? That was entirely my own, personal choosing, and all because my mate went.

Growing up I actually loved musicals such as Godspell and Christ Superstar. I think we all can easily agree the fact that idea of Jesus is wonderful. He was a person whose idea on your life was spreading peace and love, and that’s how this individual lived. As I grew older I actually began to view a disconnect from Jesus wonderful teachings and people who named themselves catholics. It is my belief the Jesus We grew up understanding would be disgusted by teams like the Westboro Baptist Cathedral who happen to be infamous for his or her slogan “God hates fags. ” Same-sex marriage is a huge defining characteristic in elections over the last number of years but were seeing continuous backlash from religious commanders and cathedral groups who also claim that homosexuality is a sin. “Sexual concerns are ripping our chapels apart today as under no circumstances before. The issue of homosexuality threatens to crack whole denominations, as the issue of slavery performed a hundred and fifty years back. We naturally turn to the Bible to get guidance, and locate ourselves hooked in interpretative quicksand. Is a Bible able to speak to our confusion within this issue? ” (Wink, d. d. ).

It has been in my personal experience that individuals are speedy to say that yes, the bible does condemn homosexuality but not necessarily sure where exactly it says so. I set out to identify exactly what passages are often offered to use in the argument against same-sex marriage and what scholars have stated about them.

Genesis 1: twenty eight Procreation

“And God blessed them. And God thought to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and possess dominion above the fish of the sea and also the wild birds of the heavens and over every single living issue that progresses the earth. ‘” (Genesis one particular: 28, British Standard Version).

Therefore , any sexual acts has to business lead towards procreation. If that standard can be applied extensively, lots of people are actually in trouble. “This means any kind of postmenopausal ladies, infertile ladies, any man or woman that is sterile, women that are pregnant (she’s not going to get pregnant again), anyone who choses to use beginning control” (Dickens, 2009).

Procreation is dangerous. Together with the world getting vastly overpopulated at this kind of a quick rate, 3, 500 babies happen to be born throughout the world every 20 minutes. (World Population Awareness, 2012). Allows be productive and multiply in other ways. Multiply the access to health care, birth control, to education and student loans. Let us advocate intended for the re-homing of children whom don’t have homes. We need to forget about the idea of procreation before really too late. Obviously, procreation is irrelevant to the world we all live in.

Genesis 2: 22 and 2: 23 Creation of Eve

“And the rib that the MASTER God experienced taken from the person he made into a woman and brought her to the man. ” (Genesis 2: twenty two, English Standard Version). “Then the man stated, ‘This at last is bone of my own bones and flesh of my flesh, she will be called Female, because the lady was removed from Man. ‘” (Genesis a couple of: 23, British Standard Version).

This is exactly what is most frequently used in debate against gay marriage. In this passage, Hersker who has become lonely requires God for any companion. Our god creates all these animals, looking for the right one for Adam. non-e of them in shape, so Goodness takes one among Adam’s ribs and produces Eve being his “helper. “

The Hebrew phrase ezer kenegdo is often translated to tool when the truth is it means related help. “A helper just like him, a helper who will be a mirror graphic. A matching strength Somebody who mirrors back in the cat his individual humanity. Someone with to whom that earthling can think complete, can feel entire. It doesn’t suggest servant, or perhaps slave It really is most often used to describe The almighty. God is our helper My help comes from our creator. ” (Dickens, 2009).

It seems to me that if perhaps God would like each of his masterpieces to find their ezer kenegdo, their matching helper In fact it is the human who have chooses who that tool is to be. How come would we ever forbid or minimize gay and lesbians coming from finding someone who they think complete with?

Gensis 19: 1-29 Sodom and Gomorrah

“Three angels went to Abraham, Gods hand-picked founder of his chosen nation, Israel. That they came concealed as males, travelers along the road. Two of them went down to Sodom and Gomorrah, to observe firsthand the wickedness in those cities” (Zavada, n. m. ).

This tale is exactly where we get the definition of sodomy. two angels (male) come to Sodom, and Lot, Abrahams nephew, makes it his friends. Later the boys of Sodom want to have sex with the guests, but Whole lot stronger resists this and offers them his two virgin mobile daughters instead” (Oto Via). “Some paragraphs that have been advanced as relevant to the issue of homosexuality are, actually irrelevant. The first is the experimented with gang afeitado in Sodom (Gen. 19: 1-29). That was a circumstance of evidently heterosexual guys intent in humiliating unknown people by dealing with them like women, hence demasculinizing them” (Wink, and. d. ). “The two angels, nevertheless , struck the men of Sodom blind and rescued Whole lot, his better half, and his daughters before the God rained damage upon Sodom” (Oto Via). The family is warned to not look back again but , of course , the mom does which is turned into a pillar of salt. All of those other family will keep going and hides in the mountains. It is then when both the daughters understand that they will not be able to have kids because that they know what happens to strangers whenever they enter a brand new city. “The next day, the firstborn believed to the younger, ‘Behold, I put last night with my father. Let us make him drink wine beverage tonight also. Then you go in and sit with him, that we may well preserve children from our father. ‘” (Genesis 19: twenty four, English Standard Version).

“Many believe that texts in Genesis and the rest of the Holy bible make it clear that Sodom was punished due to violent, damaging, inhospitable, money grubbing, and unsympathetic behavior of its individuals towards tourists, widows, poor people and other deprived persons. Liberals often translate Genesis nineteen as condemning homosexual afeitado simply because it truly is rape. inch (Robinson, 2012).

In our society we teach our kids “don’t get raped” rather than “don’t rasurado. ” 54% of rapes go unreported and 94% of rapists will never be sent to prison. (RAINN, 2009). Rather than using Sodom and Gomorrah as a story condemning homosexuality, it should be educated as a way to stop violence and abuse.

Leviticus 18: twenty two

“You shall not rest with a man as with women, it is an abomination” (Leviticus 18: 22, The english language Standard Version). This passageway is area of the Holiness Code and is what folks most commonly estimate in their argument against same-sex marriage. “The status of women in historic Hebrew culture was very much lower than regarding a man and barely above that of children and slaves. Each time a man engaged in sexual intercourse which has a woman, this individual always took a prominent position, as a penetrator, the girl would take a submissive pose. When two men take part in sexual intercourse, one of many men, in effect, takes the role of a woman. If a man takes on the low position of a woman, the act makes the two ritually impure. ” (Robinson, 2009).

In old Hebrew traditions, when a person married a lady, he possessed her. Really common to hear people claim man will not lie with man although forget the rest of the quote. The passage is saying that it is a desprovisto to own one more man whenever you would use a woman. I am sure that when Philip was publishing this, he had no idea that thousands of years from then there is people of the same gender wishing to be married. Peter’s familiarity with homosexuality was based on the gay (male with male) prostitution that was therefore common. “This passage will not refer to gay and lesbian sex generally, but only to a specific sort of homosexual prostitution in Questionnable temples. A lot of Leviticus handles the Holiness Code which usually outlined ways that the historical Hebrews were to be set apart to God. A lot of fertility worship practices found in early Pagan cultures were specifically restricted, ritual same-sex behavior in Pagan wats or temples was one practice” (Robinson, 2009).


I assume I just miss why these resources, time and effort is being employed in something that isn’t doing the one thing to decrease the suffering around the globe. I only just began looking at just a few of the stories inside the bible used to condemn homosexuality. It looks like to my opinion that these testimonies are becoming grossly abused and confusing. People have protégers on, wherever they find and hear what they want to.

There is certainly too much suffering in this world. Addititionally there is so much you may make from these biblical reports to go out and minimize that battling. Instead, folks are using them to keep others oppressed. There is no doubt to my way of thinking that this is exactly the opposite of what Our god and Christ wanted.

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