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The Two Encounters of Harvey Dent The same as the proverbial proverb of love and hate, superheroes and villains have a very thin line that separates both the. The I Ch’ing provides the Yin and Yang fighting that good simply cannot exist with out evil. The question arises to try and determine what accurately makes someone a villain or a superhero. There is certainly often a personal or mental connection the authors and film directors tries to convey so the viewers can understand the heroes.

Sometimes, fictional characters are manufactured seem clearly one-sided.

Shakespeare wrote, “Villains that were plainly evil with no explanation which in turn made it crystal clear who the protagonists were.  This sort of character would not satisfy individual curiosity and reasoning. Problem still is still at the end which in turn continues to gnaw at the intellect. In the film, Dark Knight aimed by Captain christopher Nolan, the writer tries to answer this question while using character of Harvey Dent, otherwise referred to as villain Two-Face.

Harvey Dent comes out in the second film of a grittier and darker type of the legendary comic superhero Batman series.

Much of the viewers is well-versed in the Batman villains and so the character Harvey Dent comes out because the morally incorruptible, by-the-book District Attorney of Gotham town; the thought of his duplicitous character is inevitable because of how principled he is when it comes to struggling crime. Generally, those people who are so polarized using one side usually fall the hardest to the additional side. Nolan uses the character of Rachel, Dent’s appreciate interest, a kind of love triangular with Generic Wayne (Batman’s alter ego) to explain his true emotions. Using the diverse personality ideas, the question could be answered with increased satisfaction.

Myers-Briggs has a dichotomous scheme of how people are designed while Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs creates stages of any person’s lifestyle. Ultimately, Freud’s Superego, spirit, and Identity identify the degree of maturity that a person illustrates. These ideas expose the character of Harvey Dent and how a main character can become a villain as a result of his inherent traits, life experiences, and bad options. The inherent traits that lead Harvey Dent into a spiral of shame can be explained by Myers-Briggs dichotomous graph and or chart of persona types. Harvey Dent starts out in the film in the spotlight, new leader of Gotham City as the prosecutor.

He can a role type of principles and law. He is unflinching and unwavering in the ambition and fight against crime. Reduction tends be extraverted in the personality. He likes staying in the spotlight. This individual likes circumstances to be black and white as they is a very principled man. Dent does not prefer to make relates to criminals and he can make it very clear to everyone that he will not really be bribed in any way. He will probably not discount which appears to be a attribute that he was born with. He is very straight forward with people. If he does not just like someone, he can make it known to that individual right away.

On the reverse side, his ailments for Rachel, the mouthpiece district attorney, will be apparent plus the audience views them out jogging besides their very own professional romance. (Dark Knight) The audience will be able to tell that Damage is very careful and logical sometimes appearing cold although his interior passion so that he thinks drive him to do the points he really does. The law can be his guideline and this individual does not allow emotion get the best of him until the Rachel dead because of the choices of others. Drop is a fairly easy target because of these traits. He could be very expected. “Live to determine yourself end up being the villain, or die a hero,  says Dent after this individual lives. Dark Knight) Simply he lives by theory while others live on emotion. This individual makes it clear after Rachel that he will probably no longer be manipulated by his principles. This inherent disillusionment alters his outlook on life and he becomes the different extreme. By the time, he dies in the movie; he abandons all cause and goes with his emotions of apathy and vengeance. Harvey Dent’s struggle with coping with Rachel’s loss of life can be even more explained by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. He begins since the highest level with self-actualization where he can truly provide the will in the people as well as the law.

However the experience eventually is too much for him to deal with. First and foremost, he features fought to get the safety of himself as well as the people, yet since he could not guard the one this individual loved, this individual cannot confront losing anyone else thus his revenge causes blood. The ideals he stood intended for go out the window and he punishes the wrong people. He is sightless to values after this misfortune. He is without distinction among right and wrong, a great person and an nasty person. Through this sense, Nolan wanted to demonstrate audience just how certain activities affect persons and no anybody can control every situation or perhaps circumstance.

All this becomes good fortune and fortune which a person like Harvey Dent are not able to accept. Hence, because of these experiences of discomfort and feel dissapointed, he are unable to move on in his life and make the appropriate decisions of his ranking and person. He is catagorized and ultimately pays his own selling price by his flip from the coin. Freud’s theory of subconscious amounts seems to show the choices that Harvey Dent makes that lead him to become a bad guy rather than stay a main character. After the fatality of Rachel, Dent could have mourned and moved on in his life, although his selfish desires of revenge compel him to create bad options that harm innocent persons like the Gordon’s family.

In a sense, his charitable nature to start with seemed all too clean and ideal. The audience most knows there is no-one to be that perfect and be a person. His authentic selfish characteristics comes out that it was seriously all intended for his egotistical gratification then when he was injure, then everybody should also go through. Nolan attempts to reach the group with Dent’s emotional soreness. Most people are unsure whether to like and support Reduction or hate him internet marketing so poor and self-centered. He is truly dishonoring the memory of Rachel by being a bad guy.

In the end, this individual could have carried out the right points but he chose to take those darker way. This after that shows how the line is definitely not a incredibly wide series between good and bad. It is every one of the choices that people make that make them great or bad. Harvey Dent is a character that is a facade of good and evil. Later a choice to become good or perhaps evil through their lives. All human beings go through tough times; it truly is how we handle it which enables us whom we are. Nolan tries to catch that topic with Harvey Dent. Different personality theories help make clear the imaginary character to higher understand ourselves.

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