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This past selection was my own first-time voting. I can truthfully say that I had been very disappointed in the end result. Mr. Overcome has confirmed not to manage to make America Great Once again, but my question can be: when achieved it ever end?

Because of the President Election, I do believe that Jesse Trump will probably be bad for America. One of the reasons for what reason I think he will be bad for America is that he would like to build a wall membrane but have South america pay for it instead of the American people. He is really hoping that Mexico will probably pay for this wall structure, but we can say that they will not end up being paying for it. Due to the fact that this is a roadblock in his strategy, the American people will be taxed to get it developed. I do certainly not think this is certainly fair to tax those for a thing that he promised in his campaign. Remember Mr. Trump was adament during his whole campaign that South america would pay for the wall just with the drop of your hat. Another reason that I state he is negative is that he wants to replace Obamacare with a few other medical care insurance, so he can create more jobs and get American citizens off of wellbeing, but he does not have a better program to exchange Obamacare with. It is something to want to replace it, but not possessing a replacement to help the American people who are based on Obamacare can be neither sound and/or logical thinking. I really do not believe Donald Overcome understands simply how much people are battling to make funds and pay pertaining to health insurance. He also wants limit constraints on firearms. I do certainly not feel that is a great idea because if you limit the restrictions on guns, offer people who actually dont must be carrying weapons the wrong attitude to get a gun and they might end up harming themselves, an individual they take pleasure in or an individual they don’t know. Innocent people seem to acquire hurt the most.

In President Trump’s opinion, this individual thinks Director Obama’s obama administration was not pertaining to African Americans because the lack of employment for African American youth rose during his presidency. Leader Trump says that he will probably do even more for Africa Americans in a given time than Mister. Obama provides ever done in his 8-10 years of getting president. For me, all Leader Trump cares about is producing America white colored again. This individual doesn’t love African People in america or what we as a individuals have to offer. Likewise, President Overcome believes the Black Lives Matter movement is “trouble. ” For one, I do not think he entirely understands how come the Black Lives Matter movement took place and the relevance of the motion. Even though he might believe that dark lives matter, it doesn’t show that he can say that the motion is “trouble. ” Chief executive Trump feels that law enforcement are the the majority of mistreated people in America. Even though We respect law enforcement officers, I do not really think that these are the most mistreated people in America. I do believe that those who also are the minority are the many mistreated in the us. In addition to believing that police are definitely the most mistreated people in America, this individual also supports police blocking and frisking. He says that it’s “tremendously useful beyond perception. ” This is certainly another issue that I do not think he understands. When law enforcement officials stop and frisk, that causes more tension than there has to be between Photography equipment Americans and police. In case you say that the stop and frisk policy is a good idea then police will think that since the president says it’s okay, they can undertake it more than they may have ever done before. This also means that people of color will be ended and frisked at an mind boggling rate. Persons of color are dua puluh enam times very likely to get stopped and frisked than white wines.

The past issue that we say that makes me believe President Trump is harmful to America can be he says that doctors must be punished intended for abortions. In my opinion it is the female’s decision with an abortion, particularly if it’s a circumstance of rape, incest or perhaps if the life of the mom is on the line. In these cases, this wounderful woman has the right to belay the child if perhaps she really wants to. The doctors don’t force the mom into having an abortion, and therefore really should not be punished to get doing the abortion. We ought to be moving forward and adding to what President Obama has done the past eight years. At the level President Trumps is going, each of our country can be headed in the wrong direction. When you give someone just like Mr. Overcome this kind of electric power and he can not a able individual, We only see very little great going forward to get the American people. Intended for the above reasons, I think that President Trump will be harmful to America.

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