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Unit goal and goal This product is about by using a variety of distinct office equipment following manufacturer’s and efficiency guidelines. Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria The Learner will: The Novice can: 1 ) Know about different types of office tools and its uses 1 . one particular Identify different types of equipment and their uses 1 . 2 Explain the different features of different types of workplace equipment 1 ) 3 Clarify why several types of equipment will be chosen to get tasks installment payments on your Understand the purpose of following guidance and health insurance and safety types of procedures Exemplification

Learning outcomes 1 to 6 must be assessed employing methods ideal to the examination of knowledge and understanding.

An alternative approach to examination should be followed so that 1 piece of evidence covers several learning end result and several assessment criteria. 2 . 1 Describe the purpose of pursuing manufacturer’s instructions when using products 2 . a couple of Explain the purpose of following efficiency instructions whenever using equipment installment payments on your 3 Recognize health and basic safety procedures pertaining to using several types of equipment installment payments on your 4 Make clear the purpose of following health and safety.

Procedures when you use equipment 2 . 5 Clarify the purpose of OCR 2010 1 keeping equipment spending hygienic three or more. Understand how to work with equipment in a way that minimises squander 3. one particular Give examples of waste when you use equipment several. 2 Give examples of ways to reduce waste 3. a few Explain the purpose of minimising spend 4. Know about the different types of issues that may occur when using products and how to manage them some. 1 Offer examples of equipment problems some. 2 Explain the purpose of next manufacturer’s guidelines and organisational procedures when dealing with

challenges 4. a few Give samples of how to deal with concerns 5. Be familiar with purpose of appointment work requirements and deadlines 5. 1 Explain the goal of meeting function standards and deadlines whenever using equipment 6. Understand the reason for leaving gear and the work area ready for the next user 6th. 1 Make clear the purpose of going out of equipment plus the work area ready for the next end user 7. Have the ability to use office equipment six. 1 Locate and select equipment needed for a task 7. a couple of Use tools following manufacturer’s and organisational guidelines Examination should be prepared.

To maximise the opportunities to get the candidate to demonstrate their very own ability to employ office equipment. 7. 3 Use products minimising waste materials 7. four Keep equipment clean and delete word 7. 5 Deal with tools problems following manufacturer’s and organisational procedures 7. six Refer complications, if needed 7. 7 Make sure final work product meets agreed requirements six. 8 Make sure that product is shipped to agreed timescale 7. 9 Make sure gear, 2 OCR 2010 resources and work area are ready for the next consumer Assessment This kind of unit can be centre examined and externally verified.

A holistic approach to examination should be adopted so that 1 piece of evidence covers more than one learning result and several evaluation criteria and where suitable, provides evidence across many units. The assessor will use a range of assessment methods which may contain:? observation of performance inside the work environment? study of work products? questioning the learner? speaking about with the learner? use of other folks (witness testimony)? looking at student statements? recognising prior learning Evidence requirements

A range of evidence needs to be gathered to pay the Learning Final results and Analysis Criteria. Examples may include:? Work requests/briefs coming from colleagues? Replications of work produced using tools? Fault/problem wood logs indicating your response? Documents of training in use of equipment? Mins of team/1 to 1 meetings, relating to utilization of equipment? Annotated copies of peaked sections in user manuals.

The applicant must display their capability to use a variety of office products including a laptop, printer, and photocopier together with other equipment important to carry out their very own job eg telephone, franking machine, send machine, info projector, shredder, laminator, binder, paper file. Guidance on analysis and evidence requirements Label sections upon Assessment and Evidence requirements above. Nationwide Occupational Requirements (NOS) mapping/signposting This device is based on the NOS BAA231 Use office equipment. Useful skills signposting This section indicates where prospects may come with an opportunity to develop their functional skills. OCR 2010 3 Connect to functional skills standards http://www. qcda. gov. uk/15565. aspx Functional Skills Standards The english language Mathematics ICT Speaking and Listening? Representing? Use ICT systems? Studying? Analysing? Discover and select details? Writing? Interpretation? Develop, present and communicate information? Solutions Access to a functional environment with associated equipment and resources Additional information For more information with regards to administration for this qualification, you should refer to the OCR record ‘Admin Guidebook: Vocational Qualifications’ (A850) within the OCR site www. ocr. org. uk.

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