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As a group we were requested with the exploration, analysis and presentation of Nike inside the Jordanian Industry. We primarily working together to go over the project, plan what would need to always be included and divide duties between all of us to accomplish the primary aim. Through this expression on the business presentation, I will evaluate my own contribution to the group, the task plus the conclusions built. I will take a look at how my personal ideas and contributions influenced upon the end result for the task outlined, realizing the positive items which I may take away and identify changes and areas for creation when getting close to a similar project. I will utilize the feedback provided from the teacher in order to create how I can even more enhance my own skills continue. My primary role within the group activity was to study and collect evidence regarding the status of Nike within the Jordanian market. Even so I faced a number of problems during this exploration stage. At first I found it absolutely was difficult to access sufficient and credible information regarding Nike’s sales strategies for its items in Jordan. I contacted the company directly but did not receive a response so was unable to get hold of empirical info, this limited my capability to base my own finding based upon fact instead of opinion and speculation, which often hindered my own ability to kind strong aims as a basis for my personal further study and analysis. Due to the problems of finding advertising data coming from Nike and its core opponents in Michael jordan I enhanced my analysis to the primary companies as being a global business, this on the other hand did not cover numbers concerning Nike’s business in Test or cleverness on their buyers. To fix this issue, I would need to find alternative very reliable sources of information to establish a well known fact based summary which can be thoroughly and critically analyzed by myself and my personal peers.

One of the main challenging factors included the time I had developed available to talk with the additional members of the group. We endeavored to work together as much as possible while using intentions of supporting each other as a team nevertheless I job and stay outside Test and has not been able to talk with the group as regularly as I may have liked. This kind of lead to me personally working on my given duties independently in most of the preliminary stages. Once we were able to set up time with each other I had the opportunity to share my own findings with my colleagues, they offered me with all the feedback off their own studies which allowed us to put together our business presentation from our group research and analysis. That stuff seriously working with a bunch despite working apart helped me greatly in understanding the support material more clearly and motivated me to finish what was required together with the time allocated. I was benefitting from others experiences and knowledge of the topic as well staying encouraged through our shared discussions and feedback. As a development from this experience I think a more powerful use of on the net technologies and communication equipment such as Skype would have benefitted our undertaking of the group operate task. It will have allowed me to participate more effectively remotely with my colleagues, it would enable us even more flexibility in supporting one another and engaging in discussions more. An additional part I was requested with was identifying barriers to Nike within the Jordanian market, like the challenges inside the promotion of Nike products to Jordanian consumers. Just like previous research I found a limitation in sources specifically to Jordan unfortunately he able to consider the market in Jordan all together to support myself in figuring out the monetary challenges and market trends. On representation I believe it could have been beneficial to the task and our understanding if we were able to recognize the primary strategies of Nike’s core competition, researching their marketing strategies in the area and how these kinds of may evaluate.

Within just my position I conducted a SWOT analysis base on Nike as a global brand, this was able to support me to investigate the brand in more detail, seeking specifically in the main elements that affect the brand, its strengths, weaknesses, the possibilities available plus the possible threats. The advantages identified included the power of Nike’s reputation on the market, the quality of usana products, it has a strong global presence and is thought to be innovative in its designs, expecting the market styles. My examination of the weaknesses specifically for the Jordanian industry included the limitation of distribution plus the methods of advertising promotion applied. I believe that Jordanian people are just as committed as others in the global market and seek to the actual market developments and desire to obtain impressive and fashionable goods of excellent top quality. The specific hazards that encounter Nike are the challenging economical conditions in Jordan as well as negative procedures within the market. I believe that if the firm was to grow within the region there would be problems in retaining its continuity. I was unable to find a crystal clear marketing policy for Nike in the area which will need to take into account the economy of the most of the buyers in the Jordanian market. This kind of analysis offered me the foundation to spot the ways when the company may improve and strengthen their place in the Jordanian marketplace, including what opportunities they could take edge. On further reflection, with increased detailed info the SWOT analysis conducted could have been more detailed, I could include put scaled each of the take into account identify the impact and accumulate more information for the internal and external affects. The feedback given from the presentation highlighted a number of areas for creation including the make use of perceptual mapping. If the task was repeated I would make sure to follow the correct methods beginning with using a suited market research research selecting one of the most likely espective, definite attributes, in such a case the price, top quality and customer satisfaction. I would also have to detail a much more thorough set of competitors inside the product category and spend scores up against the determinate qualities to give a more realistic approximate of the client perceptions.

Another region identified inside the feedback is definitely the need for improvements in the formatting of the PowerPoint presentations. Even though there was a collaborative procedure in completing this task In my opinion that it is vital that you ensure that any kind of presentation is correctly structured displaying this content clearly and concisely. In future presentations with this approach I do believe it would be useful to spend one of the staff to oversee the continuity of the presentation and make sure that it must be compliant with the requirements with the task and a strong visible representation in the work done. Having completed the project That stuff seriously I have enhanced my knowledge of the value in the research levels of a process, I believe that in comparison to my existing talents my study skills possess progressed greatly in order to handle the challenged faced in this instance. This will support me in future research projects and allow me to work with my abilities to maximize the sources offered to me to assure more detailed, current and relevant data is collated. Throughout the planning, research and studying stages with the project I find myself I have attained new understanding of how to analyze more effectively and develop more detailed and extensive marketing plans. Collaborating with others to be able to coordinate the two time and talk about experience provides enhanced my personal understanding and helped me to broaden my own approach. I possess developed my ability to successfully compromise, speak, recognize and understand distinct perspectives to learn from and deepen my very own understanding. All of us worked toward a common target and I feel that this factor helped all of us to adjust to suit the job and job to our talents, this has in turn helped to enhance my confidence and targeted my inspiration.

In summary I believe that if tasked with a related project again I would make certain that I learn and develop from the quantity of challenges experienced, I would work to apply my personal existing understanding to reach the best and very well researched option. I would like the chance to participate even more within a band of my colleagues face to face without the limitations of distance skilled from this task. I would love to enhance my own understanding through additional responses on efficiency from co-workers and those that have the relevant market experience. This would provide myself with a solid foundation to build up my expertise further. I find myself I have learned from the challenges faced through this group project including tackling the limitations faced in gathering reliable data and working collaboratively remotely from peers. Unfortunately one disappointing factor is that I could certainly not be present of waking time of the demonstration with my own peers and our lecturer in Jordan. I have been in a position to receive the relevant feedback by both my group and the tutor but feel that I overlooked the beneficial experience of offering our act as a group.

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