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Philosophical Theories

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In normative integrity, utilitarianism can be used to describe a theory that places the center of the correct and wrong actions on consequences of choosing either from the choices. The moral ordre theory also describes the consequences of certainly not choosing one option above the other. The idea concentrates on the need to satisfy the requirements of the whole society rather than the needs of your individual or perhaps an alienated group of people.

For example , the theory is applicable inside the law of retribution whereby the entire nation is validated to harm Japan for its Pearl Harbor assault on 12 , 7th 1941. In carrying out attacks on Japan, the represents the needs of all citizens and not any individual. Japan might have accomplished the assault to satisfy the needs with the top authorities officials, but under the Lex Talionis, performing retaliatory strike would justify the safeguard of the residents of the whole nation. The japanese is also among the a possible utopian society where the suffering of one child makes determines the happiness and well-being with the rest. Japan probably performed attacks at the Pearl Harbor for their happiness as the people in the harbor experienced.

Utilitarianism is a meaningful theory that is also used to determine the validity in the rules of conduct. The theory requires which the right secret is that which gives the best possible outcome out of the alternatives. For example , in the selection of a supplier, Steve Jobs decided to use the main one in America but not the one coming from Foxconn. This individual notes that their best range of a dealer is because of the high prices of committing suicide at Foxconn (Thomas 22).


Deontological ethics refer to the normative theories that focus on on the sort of choices which can be required based on the morals with the society. The idea recognizes the morals which can be accepted, those that are unacceptable and permitted according to the morals of the society. The theory asserts that the alternatives, which persons make, will be guided by the domain of moral theories. The idea does not focus on the consequences from the choices that people make, but on the values of those options.

For example , the philosophical work of Immanuel Kant, which states that people need to act in a way that they deal with humanity as if the actions were the end to their romance. The requirements in the theory are also stated in the book of Leviticus exactly where human beings are made to be o, just like God himself. Again, morally, individuals ought to not take payback since meaning ethics own it that people will need to love an additional as they love themselves (Kant 352).

Moral Relativism

Being a debatable topic in philosophy, philosophers have realized the theory in a variety of ways, with individuals defending the various forms. The theory is linked with the dispute there are widespread disagreements that there is no rationalization pertaining to complete moral judgments. With the ethical rules of many people, the principle is also said to be a normative point how people need to act against them. The people whom others think about and act against are individuals who are thought to be morally wrong. The theory asserts that despite the difference, such persons should be tolerated in the society. For example , Sue Blackburn helps moral relativism by noting that meaning standards are what people decide to do from a list of other existing specifications that should end up being tolerated (Blackburn 1).

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