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What factors can help a multi-ethnic society live happily together?

A multi-ethnic society is actually a society in which different nationalities or religion live jointly. Mauritius is usually an example of a multi-ethnic world in which Muslims, Hindus, Chinese and Christians live with each other. The need to live happily jointly therefore turns into important. There are several factors which usually need to be taken into account to lead into a happy multi-ethnic society.

The first factor which might help is respect. The respect for other faith and custom is of maximum important. Not necessarily necessary that most religious customs be a similar. And people ought to understand that big difference does not usually mean something happens to be wrong. For example , the Hindu wedding will differ from the Christian marriage indeed. Hindu wedding ceremonies last for around four days. It becomes very interesting to find out people via different ethnicities attending the ceremony and a lot of them dress in an Indian traditional way irrespective of their particular ethnic backdrop.

Furthermore, a meritocratic society will give less importance to racial. That is, similar opportunities in the field of education in addition to the job industry should be given to all based on merits. A multi-ethnic culture should commemorate the multiplicity of civilizations and practices that build the culture. It is a uncommon pearl. Mauritius has public holidays pertaining to the different cultural groups of the region. It recognizes all of them as equal and no festival is certainly more important because the various other. Hindu festival ‘Deepavali’ is usually celebrated not simply by Indio but likewise by people of different ethnic background who make it a must to mild a light fixture in their house. Festivals such as ‘Chinese New Year’ and ‘Christmas’ are not limited only to this ethnic history it is affiliated to.

All of these contribute to make a multi-ethnic world healthy and happy. Also, the mass media should try not to benefit one cultural background in the rest. This will cause very much disruption and ethnic pressure. Instead, documentaries should be made on the diverse ethnic history living in the country to enable them to discover more about the faith of others. Furthermore, there should be at least one particular channel committed to different ethnic background so that they are able to delight in their favorite displays in their respective language too.

Finally, the above simple initiatives mentioned above can be important in promoting a healthy society where persons of different ethnic background live happily and where solidarity, love and respect dominates. These factors are important to consider because when favoritism starts arising, that they bring along a lot of problems.

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