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Alice Walker

Women and Strength

The poem i have chosen to type my own essay more than is a very good poem. It offers a lot of insight to how specific people experience certain subject areas. The poem is in a system, a tone for those who cannot share it alone. The poem, ” A Woman is usually Not a Potted Plant”, simply by Alice Walker is all that we just defined and more. The poem uses many fictional elements to appeal to readers. Alice Walker utilized literary equipment such as change, metaphors, as well as repetition to show her thoughts on the strong women in this world and the rights they hold.

“A Woman is definitely not a Potted Plant”. It of the poem in itself tells so much as to what the composition will be about. From the name the audience can instantly tell that the author, Alice Master is somewhat feminist. If one were to interpret the title, they would think that “A Woman is Not a Potted Plant” means, ladies are independent and strong and they are competent of doing whatever. Throughout the composition the audience can come to tell that the poem is usually one giant metaphor. In my opinion this style of articles are not only brilliant but it is usually inspiring in the sense that it causes the reader to achieve the subject/topic deep thought. The lines, “a woman/is wilds Unbounded”(28), is among the strongest metaphors in the poem. Walker examines a woman towards the wilderness to send the meaning that a female cannot be tamed and is in a position of much therefore the word “unbounded”. Alice Walker wanted to associated with repetition well-known throughout the poem. She repeated the same thing through most of the poem stating, “A Woman is Not a Plants in pots Plant”. In my experience, this duplication has an effect in a way that makes me wish to appreciate ladies for what they do and who they actually are. It makes me realize exactly precisely how strong females are.

There is a very important literary technique that Alice Walker uses in the poem that very few notice. From your very start of poem, Walker uses replication and says, “A Woman is Not just a Potted Plant”. The audience gets familiar with this kind of pattern right up until a certain reason for the composition where Walker reverts in order to saying “A woman is”. This is the highly effective literary strategy of change. Transition is usually used to send a profound strong message to the viewers reading the poem. In Walkers circumstance, she uses the change to send the message stating not exactly what a university woman just isn’t, but what she’s. This is the technique Walker utilized that I appreciated the most. It made me seriously open my eyes and have a fresh understanding for the topic. To get quite honest, I didnt realize that the poem was initially talking about what women usually are until the transition came to life. When the transition was revealed, I had formed a better knowledge of the composition, more metaphors made feeling, and the message spoke in my experience.

With the three important literary components that Alice Walker used in her outstanding poem, she sent out a note that does not simply appeal or perhaps speak to ladies, but it speaks to all that have yet to appreciate women for a lot of they do and everything they are. “A Woman can be Not a Potted Plant” offers very strong potential due to the powerful topic upon women, plus the poem achieved up to that potential. This kind of poem was clearly developed to give quality to those who had been blind in all that women carry out, and give pride to those solid women that surround us all. All girls are kept to a higher standard due to the works of Alice Walker and her poem “A Woman is Not a Potted Plant”.

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