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Often Running, Book Review

When Luis gets involved with a team he does some dumb things and in the end realizes his ways and gets from the gang. It of the book is Always Running by Luis J. Rodriguez. The book starts of with Luis remembering every day when he can be 9 years of age and on his way to Union Stop with his friends and family. Luis also recounts his participation within a LA company. He is typically misunderstood in English and seeks comfort and protection in gangs. He’s also remedied very unfairly from the teachers at his high school and says that they can favor the whites. Then this individual later starts to believe in himself and gets out of the gang life and marries Camilla. Just because you join a gang will not mean it is going to end poor and in my opinion sometimes it truly does and sometimes it doesnt.

Luis’ life as a bunch member basically what its out to always be. “Luis déconfit Camilla. inch (Pg. 243) This corelates because when he marries Litera, he is not anymore part of the team life and marries the woman he really loves and has a child. “Let the hate go, Chava, embark on and live the life you may have left. inch (Pg. 238) This corelates because Luis is telling Chava to leave all the hate for the gang go and just live the rest of your life. This kind of relates to the thesis because life just isn’t what you believe it is, it has many ups and downs, and also you never understand where you might end up. Therefore , if you become a member of a gang it doesn’t instantly mean that it will end terribly.

Occasionally the people who also you think are your friends usually are really your pals. “One time fellow gang members stop in front of Luis and fire shots at him from point blank range. ” (Pg. 140) It relates since if his fellow team members were really his friends they wouldn’t blast at him at all. “Luis sees the authorities beating a lady and intervenes and is caught and taken up jail. inch (Pg. 144) It relates because the woman he saves from the police beating her doesn’t need to be his friend and never wants to see him again because he is to outdated for her. That relates to the thesis because the gang associates weren’t really his close friends and this individual gets faraway from his bunch life understanding that they were not real good friends. Therefore , becoming in a gang doesn’t imply it will end badly.

Luis wonderful brother are very different and grow in addition to each other. “It’s there me and Rano usually perform, usually with Luis becoming hurt. ” (Pg. 14) It relates to it mainly because Rano and Luis usually play with Luis being injure and Rano gets injure on the pavements meaning they can be very different. “Rano is sixteen and performs exceptionally well at athletics, school, and academics. inches (Pg. 16) It relates because Luis is involved in a company and Rano is very several, but it won’t end badly for Luis. Therefore , Luis and Rano are very differing people.

If you join a gang then it wont actually end terribly. Life has its own ups and downs as well as not whatever you make it out to be. Luis associated himself with his gang friends who he thought were his friends. Luis and Rano are two very different people that grow a part, but Luis eventually concerns his senses and gets his lifestyle back on track. I thought this is a great publication. In relation to real life we should study that gangs are negative and not to find comfort or protection. We also should study that gangs and drugs avoid always end tragically. The last thing we should find out is that in case you believe in yourself you can do wonderful things. Once Luis supported himself he won $250 and a plane window of Berkley in a writing match and is chosen by a university professor to paint a mural. This individual even ends up going to likely to college on the grant. Most it takes is belief in yourself and you will be able to accomplish everything.

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