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Shelley tells us regarding this statue with the great California king Ozymandias, and engraved on his pedestal says: My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings, Seem on my Functions, ye Awesome and lose hope! We go through that verse and quickly think of the arrogance and pride this man need to of got. Look on my Works, ye Mighty and despair! Performs is made a fortune as if it deserved view and awe. Shelley also tells us that the great statut has been shattered: Two great and trunkless legs of stone wait in the wilderness.

Close to them, for the sand 1 / 2 sunk a shattered visage lies, Therefore we think about these set of legs on the pedestal in the center of a wasteland and look for the ground to obtain the rest of the statue shattered in to pieces. We all read the engraving on the base and look about to see his works to ensure that we can despair and we realize that Nothing next to remains. Round the decay Of the colossal Damage, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away. I cant help but laugh on the whole scenario.

Nature has affected man. Nature won in the end. Person tried to build a huge empire and then mocked all of natures work and in many cases asks that all despair since who could beat his work. Nature has eventually won out and we sit and giggle with characteristics as Ozymandiass face with the ground, shattered with a look down upon half sunken in crushed stone.

Natures arrogance is also evident too though. Nature destroyed mans Work and leaves all of us the base to read. Characteristics kept the pedestal like a sign for everyone: My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings, Look on my Functions, ye Awesome and give up hope. Now change the identity Ozymandias with Nature.

My name is Mother nature, King of Kings, Appear on my Works, ye Enormous and despair. We can exchange Ozymandias with Nature since Nature won out in the finish. Nothing that Ozymandias accomplished survived. Characteristics survived and destroyed everything man acquired done.

Shelleys story of Ozymandias could be compared to the conceited Babylonian Full Nebuchadnezzar who a dream about a great statue of him self which God shattered in to pieces and ruined since Nebuchadnezzar hardly ever gave compliment to God but prided his work in front of most mankind. (Daniel 1-4, Jeremiah 21-52)

Its also interesting to note that the poem was written within a time of great despair. Shelleys first partner had only committed committing suicide. The legal courts wouldnt let him have his children great baby daughter with Mary Shelley (his second wife), had only died, and Shelley him self was plagued by ill health, pain, financial worries, and the sense that he had failed.

My spouse and i cant help but feel that this poem can be linked to this situation. Shelley is Ozymandias, who was a male of great potential and had performed what he wanted in every area of your life and now he sat divided by what acquired happened. Having been now struggling to live as he wanted. He couldnt just get up and begin a new lifestyle.

Having been very unwell, depressed and broken. This poem is known as a cry of Shelleys center during this time and a lash out against the human race.

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