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Thesis Statement: In the following paragraphs I will analyze 2003 War War in the framework of Bush Doctrine with using academic documents and peer-reviewed journal. This post based on Rose bush Doctrine and impact of political commanders to make decision in foreign arena.


From this study, I will examine the year 2003 Iraq Conflict within the framework of Bush Doctrine. In 2003 War war started out and in 2011 ended. Additionally, it called second gulf conflict. First to examine the changing American international policy after the September 10 attacks. Inside the US-Iraq battle primarily factors are, As being a realist interests to control Iraqs oil and energy routes, and to guarantee Israels protection in Iraq against Iran, the Middle East, to be nearer to the Caucasus and Central Asia. The idealistic unsupported claims is Flexibility and Democracy. The main reason in the war can be September eleven attacks in the us. To understand American invasion of Iraq firsly we should appreciate Bush Cortège. And then we can understand major causes of war which occured in Korea in the year 2003.

Literature Assessment

EFEGILs article (2009) After the 9/11 attacks, Bush suggested a new project together with the name Larger Middle East Project. The president Bush asserted that Middle East Countries may have democratic and peaceful regimes. But , Bush could not achieve his is designed. On the contrary, fresh problems emergen such as embrace the competition among the list of grear capabilities, problems of democratisation, struggling against terrorism. After the Cold War U. S. was only one hegemonic power. Amim of America, and it olsa means aim of Rose bush, was preventing potential hogemon powers. Relating to Rose bush, only America can bring peace to globe so America must be always hegemon. he implemented two concepts, preemtive and preventive war. This article include Bush doctrine great principle/strategy detailedly.

Bush was assisting Unilateralism meaning being headstrong in international policy. Securitywas also important point for him. War against terrorism things for his foreign policy. Afghanistan and Iraq attacks were made in respect to this technique of Bush.

Ataman Özkan Gökcan document (2012). After september 11, terrorism was a global injury in all over the world. During this period U. T. foreign insurance plan has changed with George T. Bush. Bush and his team begun to adopt a much more aggressive and unileteral supervision. The aim of this kind of study is usually to make an analysis based on the Grand Unified Theory. Consequence of analysis this is the succesful theory in describing U. S i9000. foreign policy reconstituted after the 9/11 strike. This article gives us, relating to period how American foreign policy changing of U. H. foreign coverage from this article.

Ahead of the Bush Doctrine and American foreing policy, there are 4 basic strategy of America in international policy implementetion.

Initial, Ensuring Countrywide Unity UNITED STATES, after the announcement of independence to ensure that countrywide unity offers entered into an intense fight plus the first risks in front to take care of its independence in this path aimed to eradicate. For this, ALL OF US tried to stop presence of the European colonial time powers upon continent.

Second As being a continental electricity With the Monroe Doctrine the usa has declared its responsibility on the region of America for the first time. UNITED STATES, adopted a foreign policy of noninterference in European governmental policies. In return, America said that, governmental policies should not hinder the Western states in the American place. If any kind of european countries has colonial organization to America, confrontation with America. Through this sense, America tried to offer its secureness and brilliance against western world countries. America with the Montroe Doctrine, can easily maintain their existence in western peninsula. USA, has become providing speed up national unity, continental expansion and durchmischung process thanks to this doctirine.

Third Being global power In 1898, Spain and U. S warfare which is the beginning of the US global hegemonic have difficulty is the ALL OF US has been a key turning point with regards to foreign coverage.

Until the middle twentieth century primary trends shaping American overseas policy is definitely isolationism. Till America the entering WW2 provide isolationism policy however the end from the Second World War was your beginning of your new period declared the United States is a global hegemon.

4th Global hegemony and hegemonic stability As we both know, there was a bipolar system in the world through the Cold Warfare. After the Cold War, Soviet Union flattened. US designed their policy according to bipolar system. US preserved a foreign coverage based on the Soviet Union and taken care of its hegemonic power inside the system through the Cold war. During this time US implemented hold and prevention policies till 9/11 attacks.

Agirs content, (2006-2007)In this information, democratic peace theory and preventive conflict have been utilized by the U. S. intended for against preventing terrorism, effects of unileteral actions with significant actors including EU China and tiawan and The ussr, will be examined. And also democratic peace theory and Bush doctrine associations was described in this article.

20th centurys great struggle between a free of charge and totalitarian regimes, which usually resulted in the victory of freedom. Just one model for national accomplishment: freedom, democracy and free of charge

Attempt. These kinds of values might be can not be to world more security nevertheless can better. According to Bush government, only there exists one way to achieve this I mean better world, it is spreading democracy. Not only in Korea but also in all Central East countries. Bush thought, based on Democratic Peace Theory. According to democratic serenity theory, democratic countries usually do not fight each other. The existence of democratic regimes will be the guarantor to supply peace and stability in Middle East and building a fair condition will be able to prevent future interstate conflicts.

Gültekins article (2008). September 10, 2001 Usa (USA) Episodes against people and armed service targets in the American international policy, consequently , has been an important milestone in international governmental policies.

The United States and the American people provides himself sensed so vulnerable and in hazard for the first time after the attack. Following your 9/11 harm American foreign policy has changed. American international policy was more aggressive and unilateral. There are two concept. These are generally preemtive and preventive conflict. Preemtive means, first harm in occurrence at instant threat. Precautionary means, menace is not really clear/ quick attack prior to the other 1 becomes a threat. Bush focus on security and war against terrorism. They are foreign problems. Bush’s management was a even more inward-looking govt before the 9/11 attacks.

Ustas article (2009) In this article, writer wrote regarding from 1st Gulf conflict to now Americans guidelines an Middle section East. Let me use only a few part of this information. these parts will be, 9/11 attacks, Rose bush Era, Countrywide Security Approach, Bush Règle and 2003 Iraq War. In the period after the Chilly War, ALL OF US hegemony as well as the globalization of big government is viewed as an barrier to job application their place has been taken after September 11 terrorist networks. U. S was starting to make use of preventive attacks against constructed new dangers and Rose bush also attempted to justify with saying that he did it to get the security in the whole universe. A month following your September 14, the US started the breach of Afghanistan late after, in Mar 2003 breach og Korea. Result of this kind of invasion the US purpose was understood. Purpose of US was trying to globalize its hegemony. US revealed it to the whole globe. The aim of ALL OF US foreign coverage after the September 11 attacks, the only barrier to the hegemony not to stop the growth of rival powers, in addition has agreed to the move to the dominance in the international system. For this purpose, US entered into a very aggressive and unilateral overseas policy. US foreign coverage after Sept 11 was quite aggressive. The best example of this is the intrusion of Korea. Before the attack of Korea American government asserted that Saddam Hussein produced weapons of mass destruction. And in addition asserted that reletions between Iraq and Al-quade. America olsa stated that Iraq will not comply to UN quality. Weapons of mass devastation in Saddams hands are threat to American security. There was zero evidence about Iraqs weapons of mass destruction and in addition UN could not find evidence adequately. These types of developments show us that The main reason for the invasion of numerous. On the US invasion of Iraq, the key and most crucial reason to keep the basic materials of establishing hegemony and enhance control over Iraqi oil.

YILMAZs article (2010). One of Bushs goal is usually democratic advertising in midsection East as though. This article desired goals to question how much US democratisation effort in the Middle East. Are they feasible and genuine? The daily news aldo dedicated to reletionship among islam and modernization finally implementations of effort to bring democracy to Middle East by ALL OF US.

Somuncuoglus document (2013). Throughout the George T. Bush campaign of democracy is the best method to fighting terrorism. This article looks at American democracy promotion insurance plan in Central Asia. Through the Colored Innovation Kyrgyzstan regime changed by simply Bush administration as the achievements of democracy advertising policy. But , result of this kind of policy American reputation and power continues to be affected badly in Central Asia. Author mentioned What is the coloured revolution?

Pirinççis document (2008). Following September 10, terrorism was a global problem in all over the world. National Security Approach in 1991 was an announced. Aim of this tactic, fighting terrorism and making improvements inside the military discipline. Aim of America was stopping potential hegemon powers. According to Rose bush, only America can bring peace to globe so America must be usually hegemon. ALL OF US is the simply global power that effects world political, economical and military aspects. It is just hegemonic electric power after Cool War. Bush Managements desire has been to implement the National Secureness Strategy securely. There are two major tricks of the US they are Realistgrand strategy-oriented and liberal oriented grand strategy. Consequently realist grand strategy-oriented, hold, deterrence and global electrical power protect to keep the balance: liberal-oriented large approach, based on the market economy, democracy, organized and institutionalized politics relationships to safeguard and grow.


Iraq can be rich in all-natural resources, just like many countries in the Middle East. Accordingly, following gaining the independence, the Western states have tried to maintain their influence in Iraq. The worlds major technology merchant in the US, was dependent on foreign sources intended for production plus it wants to ensure Iraq has got the worlds next largest essential oil reserves and the government wanted to keep this under control. After 9/11 episodes America tried to legitimate the attack with using these types of pretext: Iraqs weapons of mass break down threat to world tranquility, Iraq did not allow the job the weaponry inspectors in violation of the UN promises.

Prior to the war, the US and Uk governments think that Iraq offers nuclear tool and it threated the safety of the country especially coalition countries. That they had no facts about Korea nuclear guns. On the grounds that there could be chemical weaponry, coalition powers attacked to Iraq. A lot of US representatives accused that Saddam Hussein is providing support to al-Qaeda but this kind of relationship was never tested. US declare that the conflict would lead to peace, democrcy and human being rights to Iraq. Intended for the expanding democracy in Iraq, Iraq had to these types of features: a developed overall economy, ethnic homogeneity, strong government institutions, including the democratic knowledge in the country background. Iraq would not have these kinds of features and it was regarded by everybody. America attacked to Iraq with employing these aides.

American overseas policy following September 11

ALL OF US has been through to an unforeseen attack on its own territory about September 10, 2001. Terrorist attack performed by four airliners has been the focus of interest of all the world on a sudden. The first plane has crashed in the World Trade Center is definitely American Airlines flight 11, it was the first airplane to be kidnapped on Sept 11, 2001 attacks. A plane struck into the North Tower on the planet Trade Middle. The second aircraft, flight Usa 175, Boston aircraft. after the first aircraft hit, probably live terrorist attact have been seen by simply world televisions. In Sept 11 attacks, the biggest characteristic of US which can be the very power in all of the world is the fact casualties has become occured in own terrain for the first time. Following your attacks, Rose bush in his presentation said that these attacks were carried out by foes of fredoom and democracy against to Western world, their main goal is to bully the free and democratic West, although has said that they can not enable it. This will be the speech located the Rose bush doctrine at a later date.

Following the attacks of September eleven, the Combined Statess look at to the world has changed. The priority states in the international policy was concept of conflict with terrorism and concentrate on countries had been listed. A radical alteration has knowledgeable in U. S. politics and society with this.

U. S. State Department representatives in charge of Central Asia, as an example, Elizabeth Smith, in fresh case after September 11, emphasized that the U. S i9000. has three main nationwide interest in Central Asia. They are was defined as: “preventing the spread of terrorism, the rule of law, rendering tools intended for political and economic reconstructs, assuring protection and transparent production of Hazar Strength Resources. ” (U. S i9000. Congress, 2001c: quoting by 6 Somuncuoglu: 2013)

With all the end in the Cold Battle, the zweipolig world system collapsed. The newest world buy was established. The attacks within the World Trade Center plus the Pentagon on 11 Sept 2001 was just the beginning of changes in the economical, political and military. Overseas policy focal points of the United States changedaround the concept of the war on terrorism, threat explanations were concretized, target countries were discovered and shown. September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks up against the U. S. was viewed as the level not just for US but also for the other countries. The world was started to be re-established on the war axis right now, not in peaceful axis. According to President Bush, the United States i visited war with organisers from the September 11 attacks. Every one of the evidence was pointing that Osama rubbish bin Laden and the Taliban plus they are Muslims who were controlling/managing the numerous portion of Afghanistan.

In the Cold Conflict years significant Islam terrorists has taken place of communism ever again which was coded as “enemy-other. Now U. S. who also took depends upon behind him, began to count the days to demonstrate the power and strengthen its hegemony. Sept. 2010 11 both had well prepared the ground pertaining to radical change in foreign coverage began while using Bush administration and also brought US in critical loan consolidation to Bush administration in ideological and strategic levels. USA described September eleven terrorist episodes as battle action againsts USA instead of “terrorist” activities. Although the beginning of new community order reported as 1989, September 11 is the date of causing and beginning in a politics. During the period of 1991, National Reliability Strategy was announced in Bush period. In the technique, it was stressed that the U. S. is the only superpower. In this context, it was highlighted that keeping as a totally free and 3rd party country is the main security objective of the United States.

American foreign coverage during the Rose bush administration

George T. Bushs task about conflict with fear all over the world which usually destroyed the Clintons task of democratic, peace and international proper rights all over the world, provides eliminated most barriers to use of armed service force. (Kurtbag, 2010: offered by Ataman and Gökcan from 305, 2012) After September eleven, U. T. has started to use pre-emptive method against individuals who threaten nationwide security. He tried to warrant it simply by saying they are doing this for the safety of all world.

After Sept. 2010 11, the aim of US in foreign insurance plan was not simply preventing development of opposing pushes in front of his hegemony, but also was going to get his absolute sovereignty accepted by entire foreign system. For this specific purpose, U. H went into quite aggressive and unilateral overseas policy orientation, he started to spread intense for the first time in his history. Inside our opinion, the other policy states in Rose bush period, may be explained best lawn mowers of the abnormal expansionism of alleged the Unified theory developed by Snyder. ( Ataman and Gokcan, 2012, upon: p. 217)

US acquired agressive in the foreign coverage. The best sort of this has been the invasion of Iraq.

After Sept 11, interest of U. S. not simply on War, but likewise on all Middle East was to have got natural solutions and in order that area. American foreign policy was aggressive and one-sidedin Rose bush era. The September 14 attacks laid the research for putting into action policies. The has legitimated what he did as of struggling against war after this individual exposed to terrorist attacks in own land. He would not listened to his opponents in the national and international industry. The expansionist policies states could lead to a great alliance of other States, and it happened. Claims such as Spain, China and Turkey have taken a position against the aggressive policies states. Although Poultry was a dedicated ally states during the Cold War, this individual did not land American troops in the intrusion of War.

The U. S i9000. has attempted to provide protection through expansionism, but this approach has damaged himself most of the time. Since 2001, U. T. has spent over 1 ) 2 trillion dollars to get military operations to actually put his hegemony in Afghanistan, War and other areas. (Belasco, 2011, quoted by Ataman ve Gökcan from p. five, 2012. 219). This situation shows that even though U. H. had a big profit by coping with the natural resources of Iraq and Afghanistan, in fact in short period, he has already established to endure a serious expense exceeded his earnings.

Bush operations who decided establishing world system which usually secured individual rights and political and economic liberties as long term foreign coverage goal, decided to implement approaches expressed beneath:

Fighting with terrorism and cruel rulers.

Encouraging free and free communities throughout the world to democracy.

Helping the dominancy of democracy, expansion, free transact and cost-free market around the globe

In order to fulfill these seeks, Bush administration adopts these foreign insurance plan actions

Bettering the defense capability of USA against the airborne rockets and other launch vehicles. In other words recognizing, National Skyrocket Defense Task

In order to make democracy and cost-free trade concepts prevalent, assisting the non-governmental organizations in nondemocratic countries including Russia and China and tiawan. In this subject helping the non government and local multilateral organizations. Through this context UNITED STATES brought up with Great Central East Project.

To be able to end or perhaps prevent community conflicts, participating with other countries and companies.

Make sure the global financial growth with free marketplaces and free of charge trade. From this context next actions needs to be prioritized, looking for to accomplish Globe Trade Business, supporting localized economic union, signing zwischenstaatlich free control agreements, putting first energy secureness. It is preferred that organizations such as G-7, G-20 with World Transact Organization and International Budgetary Fund take on important duties.

Rose bush administration is planning to celebrate with NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION, the European Union, Down under, New Zealand, Japan, Russian federation and Southern East Asia Nations Connection, Peoples Republic of Cina considering the operation of intercontinental system. But this collaboration opportunities will be considered if they will abide by Bush administration’s politics.

Within the Fresh Millennium Challenge Account program, helping the democratic reforms. With this purpose supporting the projects that seeks battle with data corruption, respect towards the human right, superiority of law around the globe.

In the battle with worldwide terror, in the matter of an strike to USA or USA’s federates Rose bush administration states that USA responds in an efficient, comfortable and damaging way and unlike Clinton administration UNITED STATES can reply beforehand in order to eliminate acknowledged enemies and the capacities. Moreover to multi-sidedness principle of Clinton government, Bush government adopted capacity of one-sided intervention understanding. Bush government states that, Pre-Emptive Strike is valid in the eye of intercontinental law and September eleventh terrorist disorders legitimated this tactic. Even so Director Bush says that armed forces force choices cannot be used in every single circumstance

Taking the business lead in 2000, Bush reserve the multi-sidedness principle in Afghanistan and Iraq interventions. He tried to legitimate one-sided military intervention actions. He intervened against Taliban routine in Afghanistan and Al-Kaida terrorist originations. In 2003 USA performed one-sided armed forces intervention to Iraq. American troops overtook the Baghdad in short time. Although President Bush says that conflict is over by May initial 2003, resistance to USA troops is continued. (Efegil, 2009: 109, 110, 111)

Korea War as well as the Bush Doctrine

The worlds only superpower plus the Bush operations acting on the idea that the right to do as it wants for its individual interests despite opposition from the whole universe it desired to enter Middle East. No one can say end against America’s imperyalist perceptions. After eleven September, prior to you strike the shot” the procedure can be summarized briefly, going to the country posing a threat Bush Doctrine” s come about. A move against Iraq, Bushs fresh doctrine is regarded as as an effort to put into practice.

Before the invasion of Iraq, in order to rationalize the breach, the American administration said that Saddam produces guns of mass destruction (WMD), there is a connection between el-Kaida who is used in War, and eleventh September terrorist attacks, War disregarded the United Nations’ Rules. President Bush came attention to guns of mass destruction (WMD) with overstated statements, and claimed that Saddam uses these weaponry in a way that poises USA’s nationwide security. ( Ataman Gökcan, 2012: h. 217)

Regardless of the United Nations report that states there isn’t sufficient data related to WMD invasion of Iraq in March 2003, and no WMD found in the nation, revealed that the actual reason the occupation is unique. The real and most important reasons for invasion of Iraq, was your desire of domination in Iraq’s olive oil. Even though The U. S Supervision states some other reasons also, one of the most important reasons for U. H. invasion of Iraq, was gaining total control over the oil in Iraq.


The key goal of George Watts. Bush can be controling the Middle East. He use some strategy to control this place. He tried many different methods to dominate the earth. The most important focus on of America was Central East. The other countries and acctors with in the region, can not declare anything. America was/is a superpower so it moved what want. In invasion of Iraq America has some interests, the most important the first is Iraq’s oil. Within the framework of Rose bush Doctrine because of Iraq has nuclear guns, America assaulted to War. America better the idea of preemtive war with using this idea it shifted in Middle east. However the real causes of input of War was distinct. America storage containers to it is power may do what want in the all over the world. An example of this was your war in Iraq.

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