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Unrest and war

Theseus and Achilles had been both superb heroes that played essential roles in Greek Mythology. Theseus kept many lives by eradicating a Minotaur, and by fixing the labyrinth. Achilles was obviously a fierce combatant for the Greeks inside the Trojan Warfare. Both heroes accomplished various great issues in their lifetimes; however , it is difficult to decide who the better hero can be. While equally Achilles and Theseus struggled for their persons, Achilles was more concerned about his individual well-being, while Theseus cared more other folks.

Throughout Theseus’s and Achilles’s lives, Theseus led an infinitely more selfless lifestyle thanAchilles.

Once Oedipus was thrust away of his city, Theseus took him in. Oedipus was disliked by everyone. Under Apollo’s Oracle of Delphi, Oedipus was foretold to marry his mother, start a friends and family with her, and kill his dad. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. Theseus recognized exactly what happened and yet enjoyably took him in. “He (Theseus) received the aged Oedipus whom everyone else experienced cast out (Hamilton 215).

On the other hand, Achilles cannot care less about others. When ever Achilles was called to visit fight for the Greeks, he stayed in the tent.

“While Achilles stayed in his tent a brutal battle implemented, the hardest but fought (Hamilton 263). Agamemnon, a jet fighter for the Greeks, produced Apollo angry because he required the little girl of Apollo’s priest, Chrysies, and may not return her. Apollo penalized the Greeks by mailing arrows down that sickened and killed them. Achilles was angry with Agamemnon because he produced things difficult and his activities resulted in a large number of Greek fatalities. Achilles’s mom disliked the Greeks and told Achilles to stop preventing for them. Achilles had not a problem rejecting his own people.

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Achilles actions verify that he was selfish. Although Achilles was a great fighter inside the Trojan War, Theseus proved to be courageous inside the labyrinth. Actually Theseus volunteered himself to visit into the labyrinth. “At 1 Theseus a couple of came toward be one of the victims (Hamilton 212). Theseus volunteered the actual danger he was getting into. The labyrinth had never recently been solved, and there was a Minotaur inside that had killed many people. Theseus made the courageous decision of starting the labyrinth, killing the Minotaur, and solving the labyrinth.

Achilles was not almost as brave as Theseus was. Achilles tried to step out of going into the Trojan Conflict. His mom said he would die if perhaps he entered the conflict so she dissuaded him. “The marine nymph knew if this individual went to Troy he was to die there (Hamilton 258). Because Achilles did not wish to battle, he decked out like a young lady so he would not have to look into the Battle. Achilles’s work of dressing like a woman when the Greeks needed him proves him to be a coward. Theseus and Achilles were different when it came to respect. Theseus was respectful and Achilles was not.

Theseus showed respect for the Thebans whenever they asked for themselves to be hidden. Theseus did not make the decision himself, but instead let the persons of Athens decide. “If the individuals consent, i quickly will go to Thebes (Hamilton 390). Theseus considered their particular request which shows having been respectful. Achilles however had not been respectful. Once Achilles killed Hector, Achilles tied Hector’s body directly to the backside of his chariot and dragged Hectors body behind it.

“He (Achilles) pierced the feet of the useless man and fastened them with thongs to theback of his chariot (Hamilton 274). Achilles demonstrated no respect for the Trojans or the gods. Achilles angered the gods together with his act. Achilles was irritating and bluff. Theseus and Achilles had been similar relatively but their distinctions ultimately produced one main character superior above the other. General Theseus was selfless, brave, and sincere towards others. Achilles was cowardly, selfish, and fresh. It is apparent who the better main character was. Achilles and Theseus were both great characters, but eventually, Theseus is a greater main character.


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