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Short Story

Research from Dissertation:

Ann Packer’s short story “Horse” with Geoffrey Becker’s “El Diablo de la Cienega. inches

Comparison and Contrast – Ann Packer’s short history “Horse” compared to Geoffrey Becker’s “El Satanás de la Cienega. “

Victor, from “Geoffrey Becker’s “El Diablo de la Cienega” and Elizabeth by Ann Packer’s “Horse” are individualists who have excel, in several ways, in solitary hobbies. Victor is known as a young legend basketball person whose skills draw the attention of a person whom this individual believes is definitely the devil. Elizabeth is a great introverted, bookish young female who performs exceptionally well in examining. However , the two of these characters are forced by external friends and family circumstance to come out of their introverted shells as they realize an even more expansive edition of their changing adolescent selves. Both characters must draw upon reserves of strength they will never knew existed inside their souls.

To get Victor, the conflict the young man is engaged in, is actually a masculine story of superiority exhibited within a one-on-one hockey match with a male whom he believes may be the devil. For Elizabeth, women adolescent protagonist’s narrative of self-exploration is definitely not a story of accomplishment but of failure, specifically her inability to become the girl whom she believes her dead dad would have favored to have as a daughter. Victor’s success and Elizabeth’s failing are both developed, in story terms, in an artificial approach – that is through the rules of ‘game play. ‘ Games give the narrative structure to the two tales as well as the rules for anyone young teenagers to find themselves in the world. However , because Victor’s narrative is known as a narrative of masculine, exterior competence, the only tale of the basketball game drives the story of “El Diablo de la Cienega” within a much more concrete fashion than in “Horse. inches Victor’s a lot more clear and literal way of looking at his life also results in the narrative with the basketball game creating a impression of a neat structure for the tale, rather than the more psychologically complex and fewer linear, inner journey of Elizabeth. Elizabeth finds very little grappling with not only instant physical needs of a video game, but as well the physical demands and stresses that her very own physical human body’s perceived lacking place after her mind.

Elizabeth’s recognized gifts in reading, furthermore, are not admired as unequivocally as are Victor’s have upon her mind. Victor recognizes himself with certainty as a skilled athlete, when Elizabeth perceives her human body as not enough to the requirements of the video game she has decided to prove herself at. Therefore the game capabilities differently inside the narrator’s perceptions, the composition of the tale’s evolution within a linear or a more discursive fashion, and in addition in terms of whether or not the character views the composition of the video game as irritating, as in the situation of At the, or holding the potential for salvation or condemnation[n]: damning, as does Victor. The competitive crux of the game-narrative in “Horse” also takes place off-stage, because it is fewer central towards the character’s great development, as opposed to the more physical Victor plus the more physical life in the young guy protagonist, in “El

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