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The story of Antigone is a tragic story that means which the universal topics are going to associated with audience believes twice of the decisions or life itself. This account has a lot of universal topics like facing darkness, function of women and the most important motif in my opinion will be injustice. This universal may be applied to this world. Facing darkness! After the two sibling named Eteocles and Polyneices fight for opposites sides Creon decides to buried with the brother that fight for his kingdom, in this instance would be Eteocles and this individual decides not to buried the other close friend because he was fighting against his empire.

Creon declared “Polyneices is actually a traitor and should not be buried and he ought to be giving towards the slavery ” (Sophocles 1109). Creon also said “Anyone trying to bury Polyneices ought to pay with death (Sophocles 1109). This can be a point once darkness started for Antigone figuring out just how she is going to left her sibling that she love and if she is captured she was willing to pay with her existence because that prove simply how much she cherished her sibling.

After Antigone loss of life happen the darkness commenced for Creon because he murdered his father and his track and now trying to find forgiveness something which he didn’t deserve. To finalize with this motif darkness transform this kingdom. Women can produce a huge effect.

The story of Antigone shows this by simply Antigone fighting on what she feels something that zero man was willing to do. She decides to go against his granddad, the california king Creon. Antigone tells her sister Ismene that “she will bury Polyneices which Creon does not have any right to keep me from my own (Sophocles 1105). Irmene notify Antigone “Remember we are ladies, we’re certainly not born to contend with men (Sophocles 1105). Antigone tells her sibling “I will raise a mound to get him, pertaining to my special brother (Sophocles 1106). Previously women was afraid of men because they didn’t know how to stand up about what believes to get. A perfect sort of this would Irmene; she tells Antigone that she did not have the bravery to join her. In the end Antigone died content knowing the girl did the ideal thing and from that point females began next her cases. How the concept of the injustice is definitely reflected in the story? To begin with, injusticehappen right from the start the story the moment Creon saying that Polyneices is not going to be buried before the part of Creon killing his own family. Antigone was a individual that believes that family members needs to be treated with respect and she was willing to the right thing no matter what happened to her.

For example the girl believes every person should be buried no matter what they did. In the furthermore Creon was person that wished to follow custom from the town and Our god according to him and he was happy to do anything that he feels should be beneficial even punishing his family. Creon murdered his relatives because we were holding in favor of Antigone and that is certainly not reason enough because they will just were expressing their opinion. In conclusion, these general themes are reflected in the play Antigone. Out of those themes injustice have to one of the most impact through this story mainly because that what this history main target for the readers. The story could be applied to this world by everything possessing a consequence. By way of example Creon misgivings killing his father great son and wants forgiveness from Our god. If female like Antigone didn’t have courage to complete what your woman did, women today can be still fear men and the government just like Irmene.

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