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Accused-appellant Pedro Sarmiento con Tordecilla along with co-accused Timeo Yhaap y Palparan and Antonio Olanne y Bergdugo was incurred before the Regional Trial The courtroom, 12th Legislativo Regional Department 15, Quezon City of theft with rasurado. The case was docketed because Criminal Case No . 123456.

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The accusatory portion states: “That in or regarding February 14, 2006, in Quezon Metropolis, Philippines, and within the legal system of this Reputable Court, the above-named accused, armed with a knife, and gun, conspiring and confederating together, mutually aiding and assisting with each other, forced available the red Toyota Corrola Plate Number Apple laptop pc, black Nokia N91 cellular phone, diamond engagement ring, green Lacoste handbag, and cash, most estimated to become worth P150, 000. 00, all belonging to and used against the will certainly of stated  all for the latter’s destruction and misjudgment; that within the occasion of means of push and violence, did after that and there willfully and feloniously, include carnal familiarity with the stated.

Upon becoming arraigned each of the accused which includes accused-appellant Sarmiento pleaded not guilty to the offense charged. The prosecution founded the remorse of all the accused beyond sensible doubt by simply presenting since evidence the testimony with the victim herself. She received out of the car to study the damage when suddenly three men, two of which exactly where armed, snapped up her, required her car open and took her personal possessions inside the explained car. Afterwards the all of the perpetrators taken out their cover up one of them indicated a gun in her, required her to a nearby grassy area after that and there forcibly raped her at gunpoint.

Your woman was able to identify Timeo Yhapp as the rapist and the accused-appellant Pedro Sarmiento as the one keeping the knife and was jeering when the lady was being raped.

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