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1 . How can the Bible view the family members?

Just like just how God developed people in the own photo and likeness, He also wants us to have a friends and family that is similar to the holy friends and family. The holy bible says that each member of the family contains a role. The father, as the top of the family members, should stand strong for his family. The mother on the other hand, will act as the guide. Not only features God asked them to copy the holy family to provide proper parentage, but He has also positioned big responsibilities upon all their shoulders.

The children’s role is to do their best to respect their particular parents for doing it is set by the fourth ma?tre to “Honor thy father and thy mother.

2 . Give 5 examples of factors that strike the family. Explain.

a. Disparity of religion ” Father and mother of the kids may will vary religions which may affect their faith and their worshipping. They will have trouble raising youngsters in one idea.

n. Cultural differences ” The traditions may possibly affect the relatives because one person might be carrying out something out of traditions that is not appropriate for the other’s traditions. c. Instability of marriage ” The instability in the marriage of fogeys can affect the family tremendously, because using this, the relatives might cause becoming a broken family. g. Domestic maltreatment ” Harming a member of the family may cause them to possess strained family relationship. It will be hard to trust one other after the abuse, and trust is very important since it’s one of many foundations of any strong romance. e. Cheating ” Father and mother fight over little issues, but infidelity is a different story. This could cause not simply problems inside the family although outside items may also be afflicted, like the research of the kids and the emotional, mental and physical wellness of each member of the family.

3. What is the stand of the chapel against RH Bill?

The church is against the RH Bill because they see it as an anti-life expenses. They believe that overpopulation, that the government says is the main source of poverty, is usually not the real reason yet corruption.

some. What is your stand against the RH Bill?

I think that the RH Bill must be imposed. I actually don’t think that the RH Bill promotes anti-life. It is only for security of the population growth. Human population growth might not be the cause of poverty but it is surely killing the Philippines. Each of our country, particularly in Metro Manila, cannot hold more people. If the RH Bill is usually rejected, the Filipinos, being innovative, will try and find ways to look for alternatives for contraceptive. They might also start unlawfully producing contraceptive which will gain Filipinos even more criminals which can be the last thing the society requires right now.

five. How does the state protect the family?

The state of hawaii does not enhance divorce in the area. It is illegitimate for lovers to separate apart from some circumstances which can be regarded as. The state likewise does not approve of abortion. This could save various lives. The state of hawaii also has applications which are against child maltreatment, sexual harassment and other points that support protect the proper of a person. With these types of, we can trust that the relationship of every Filipino family is safer.


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