are we all addressing the needs of our schools

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We Handling The Requirements Of Our Universities?

There are many problems that need to be

tackled in the open public schools today. What elements are causing these challenges

in the colleges? The main causes are a shortage of prayer, the various pressures

of school, lack of outfit code, and insufficient numbers of caring professors

faculty, and students.

When I say lack of prayer in the colleges

I never mean lets make everybody one faith and every morning at college

we can hope in that one religion. Rather there should be a flash of peace and quiet.

Not to take up time but to allow everyone include a moment to pray to whomever

or however they wish. For a child whos grand daddy died and must go to institution

because they want their two-points for this 6 weeks. And the ones who have

wish not to pray can take that second to just think. Lord knows we as high

university students possess much time to just stop and think.

There are numerous pressures inside the public

universities. All of a sudden in high school anything changes. Everybody takes

that first merger into the real-world. As a younger there is much more

pressure place on the students. About a minute a sophomore thinking Sure Im

gonna college. Even though the next like a junior considering How that is known am

We going to arrive at college. Now that we are juniors we are imagine to be

adult. Everything from Exactly where am I having my gas money? to Where

am i not going to university? is going through our brains all of the time, and

yet a lot of how we are meant to come out relaxed and successful. All of this

pressure and many of young adults having a chance to allow it out. That

is like throwing a human body in to outer space with no safeguard. Its

a vacuum that just tears it apart part by part. Could this kind of have been

what caused the Columbine shooting? Perhaps there was so much pressure

put on those two males to be inside the in group that one day time they merely couldnt

consider it anymore.

A small aspect in all of this is the gown

code. How sad is? There is a shooting at least every year in a school

and administrators and teachers are involved about if our pants are

quite short. The office complains of girls putting on shorts which can be too short

when there are somewhat larger girls running around with an extra part of

skin area. Perhaps we have to have outfits. Would that truly solve the challenge

though? Youngsters would even now get their own clothes as well tight or perhaps too ill fitting. The

universities would still have as much segregation as there exists in the educational institutions

today. People do not simply judge simply by how we gown but also by what we all live

in, where our house is located, what we have, and who our company is related to.

Nobody can change these things. Probably uniforms can make a difference

and perhaps they will not?

Another factor in all of this is the faculty

father and mother, and college students attitudes. A lot of the faculty both just do not

care, or they are scared to say some thing in anxiety about loosing their particular jobs.

The guidance advisors are another part of this kind of. When college students go in to

talk to the guidance, they may be always ingesting and they say come back afterwards.

When you keep coming back, they are nonetheless eating. When arent they will eating? After that

we in fact catch these people not eating, go in to tell them the problems, and

they finish up telling all of us theirs, then nothing gets done regarding the students

challenges. Where are the students imagine to go? We all go to a instructor, they

show that is the actual guidance is made for. We visit the guidance, and so they

are eating. We go home and the parents are at the job. So here many people are

no where you can turn and so we are required to bottle up inside. Whenever we do catch

the consultants and explain our complications supposedly in all secrecy the

whole college and half the town ends up knowing. What were we all better off

doing? Students end up receiving even more anger than before they even advised


It can be no wonder that we get all of the

complications in our educational institutions. We have zero organization, the scholars dont appreciate

what costume code means and the administration doesnt realize that they

arent supposed to fold rules to get relatives. The teachers, father and mother, and

teachers arent any additional help. Or maybe we could just let these complications

take their course and wont need to worry about more than populating the

earth. The ironic that with all the points students have to worry about

now we have to worry about the safety of gonna school. Whether it is

the trip to school within the bus, being at school, or being discriminated


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