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From the back garden of the pioneers house, our exclusive palm drawn batik is now a multi , 000, 000 ringgit sector with markets as far ranging because Europe and the Middle East. Our batik fashion house or perhaps haute premium combines modern design and traditional Malay motifs in batik of simple style, and are quite definitely sought out simply by discerning buyers from around the world. WHAT WE DO We could involve in various batik creation processes via manufacturing from printing, colouring/dyeing, designing and tailoring, wholesaling, exporting to retailing of your batik products. We keep pace with open a series of Noor Arfa Batik retail all over the world through franchising.

Noor Arfa is Malaysian’s largest commercial Batek maker. Noor Arfa has built a reputation since the leading producer of remarkable hand drawn fashion items and accessories. All of us also coach and develop master artisans that regularly produce quality with superiority. We be noticeable as leader in our market in the way we certainly have perfected the ability of combining specific colour with classic styles and classic Malay causes, to create Batek of straightforward elegance. The marketplace Noor Arfa Franchise operates in a active and evolving marketplace.

Consumers are presented with many options for batik textile and we see a developing interest in fashionable and modern day batik that address the requirement to be trendy and yet exceptional in id. We find each of our customers desiring the look that is certainly Malaysian and yet global in application. Noor Arfa tackles this distance in the market by giving a more complete product range that addresses the many needs with the different portion of the industry for batik wear and textile.

Each of our customers could also not need to worry about top quality as we give a consistent shopping for experience with the quality insurance plan which is to create excellent quality merchandise that fulfill our customer needs. We all also consider there are other locations of the industry that would take advantage of our products which we now have not yet targeted. For example we see huge potential in providing our merchandise to the trendy and fashionable youthful market which is looking for amazing and in fashion have on.

This is a location of the marketplace that is completely aware of the advantages of self id and yet modern day.

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