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The next major event from this scene is where Rodolfo and Catherine have been grooving to “Paper doll” What “Paper doll” could symbolize Catherine, while Eddie is definitely implying that Rodolfo just wants Catherine for his papers; his passport towards the country. During this scene Eddie’s anger has become rising and he then makes an attempt to dishonour Rodolfo by causing him seem foolish and unmanly, “I mean with this problem… would be similar to a dress shop. “

In this point Catherine and Rodolfo have ended dancing and turned off the phonograph, demonstrating that Rodolfo has taken notice of this statement and his pent up anger is usually shown when he unconsciously holes the paper in half.

Eddie’s jealousy and anger has become rising through this picture and in another attempt to make Rodolfo seem unmanly and foolish Eddie asks him for a training match. Eddie hurts Rodolfo by punching him, “He feints along with his left… staggers Rodolfo. Ambito rises”

This individual does this to illustrate his power over him and possess to Catherine that he can weak and also to warn him this kind of conduct is proven in pets where males fight one another for the right to mate.

Marco features realised the proceedings so this individual “rises” to have his presence experienced Eddie and also to show him that he will probably back Rodolfo up. Within this scene Callier has been gathering tension through Eddie’s questionable joke towards the sparring meet as what seems to be “comradeship” and jokes, is really a way to settle back at the two brothers.

By the end of this picture Marco and Eddie possess a challenge to determine who can lift up a chair from one leg to over their minds. Eddie attempts and tries but to not any success the chair just, “leans to the floor”. When Ambito attempts this he elevates the couch as if like a “weapon more than Eddie’s head” this action can be symbolic of Eddie’s fate as he dies because of Marco in the end. This can be a gesture that foreshadows the near future events yet to occur after this incident.

This challenge of strength was also a more blatant caution to Eddie by Marco to show that he could out electric power and even eliminate him in a fight, we understand this as a result of stage guidelines, “.. excessive luminance of alert into a smile of triumph” These display Marco’s facial expressions. He’s smiling because he knows Eddie is no match for him, Eddie is also aware this because his, “grin vanishes” ending the picture and take action with a dramatic climax. Eddie cannot eliminate Rodolfo and Marco by being “more of a man” therefore he is left with one option, betrayal, which in turn brings on his downfall.

The next time Eddie encounters Alfieri is his final meeting with him. Eddie involves him eager to do something about Rodolfo and Ambito as he is immersed by his envy after seeing Catherine come out of similar bedroom because Rodolfo in the previous scene. Through this scene Alfieri again explains Eddie’s eyes as “tunnels” this repeated use of the term “tunnels” suggests that his destiny is unavoidable as a canal has merely one way out and thus does Eddie’s fate. In reality in this paragraph there are numerous phrases and words that suggest the drop of Eddie is inescapable such as, “On December twenty-seventh I saw him next.

I normally… lay around searching my window at the bay” It seems unusual for Alfieri to break by his program by remaining in his workplace as he is actually a busy man and staying merely “looking out” the windows is a great illogical way to spend time, suggesting to me it was fate that made him stay in his office that day. Likewise the word “transfixed” shows the downfall of Eddie, this is of the expression transfixed is to be fixed to the spot through dread. Alfieri can be scared when he knows what is going to happen subsequent and he could be powerless to avoid it via happening duplicating this idea of inevitability.

Eddie uses a similar excuses that Rodolfo can be homosexual and that he is employing Catherine in order to stay in America. Alfieri tells him as he told him before, “you cannot prevent it” but Eddie’s paralyzing desparation drives him on. Alfieri warns him, “the law is only… block you should you buck that now” Alfieri is trying to warn him about the implications that could arise if he was to look against the matrimony of Catherine and Rodolfo when he says “law” he is also referring to the marriage nevertheless his warnings are ineffective as he “starts turning around” and would go to the phone presentation area.

Eddie understands now that there may be nothing more he can perform than to call the immigration bureau, his hastiness and paralyzing desparation impairing his morals, making him go against the things he stands for. Within the last scenes we see that Eddie has misplaced everything, because all of the community turn their very own backs about Eddie, “Lipari, the butchers, turns and starts up left”. He features informed the immigration about Marco and Rodolfo which is considered to be one of the most dishonourable factor a Sicilian man could do so they have lost almost all respect that they had for him.

Eddie still maintains his purity as he under no circumstances gave up struggling for his niece until he passed away and he stuck to his methods. Eddie is actually a tragic main character as he died because of his fatal downside; his over possessive love of his niece Catherine. We see that he realises his mistake at the end as his previous words will be, “My B.! ” this suggests that Eddie has now understood that his loyalties should have stayed with Beatrice his wife. It is Alfieri that recognises that the fatality of Eddie should persuade you to think that, “it is way better to settle pertaining to half”.

Alfieri also says that although he recognized that what Eddie do was poor there was still something in him that made him good, “something perversely pure calls in my experience from his memory” This kind of conveys that Alfieri even now thinks that Eddie is the “good guy” at the end with the play, as what this individual did was out of affection a passion for his family, though inevitably this may lead to his downfall and this was the reason why he passed away the way he did. By the end of the enjoy we go along with Alfieri because the audience thinks Eddie to have been leading man in his own way.


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