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So what do you plan about accomplishing in the week? What concepts, concepts, or ideas will you teach? Remember, these should correspond with the Big Picture and Links you layed out in your Job Description. Arranged at least 3 goals for each week. Some phrases you may want to use: enhance, expand, continue, talk about, build, create, develop, enhance, identify, display, etc .:

5. Apply all their knowledge of the universal concepts of boogie to a new technique

5. To show they have the ability to changeover from one method of moving and using the physique to a brand-new way

2. To incorporate their skills in performance through both lessons or rehearsals

* In order to translate American ideas and customs into their interpretations of those from one other country, and be able to connect to them good enough to reconstruct an African Mask wedding

* Develop appreciation and abilities in regards to smaller more precise activity.

* To foster and understanding of conventions to celebrate bounty and how that incorporates move.

* To get familiar with the utilization of props and costumes in dance.

2. Assessment:

Program how you will determine whether you could have met the weekly targets. What are the specific ways the kids will display theyve learned what you wished they would. Use the ABA Kinds of Learning bed sheet to guide you. You want to make sure that you select assessments that reflect fundamental learning and assessments that show more complicated understanding. Can you document any kind of assessment soon? How?:

The youngsters have been teaching their systems to be applied to a very specific way for the Native American and Photography equipment dance products. They will have to show they can make a transition to a completely new dance form, adopting new techniques when keeping some elements regular. The 1st half of the project was used on learning and developing expertise which come in every kind of dance.

They are going to demonstrated their comprehension of these this week by following a new tempo, identifying it is characteristics (either allegro or perhaps adagio), portraying a new account using their mime or performing skills, as well as will have to demonstrate their mastery of level and performance manners. The African dancing needs a much more positive and strong movement together with the body compared with the shaped and even heartbeat of the Native American.

The Vietnamese boogie will have them learning to make use of smaller and more simplified procedure for convey the celebration of the harvest, and also using added props to enhance the choreography. They will be able to give their own interpretation in the technique used in Vietnamese dance, discuss the existence of festivals and ceremonies, and compare and contrast the costume/prop with this new move to dances of our earlier lessons.

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