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Measure the view the modern friends and family has become more children centered. Some sociologists argue that the ultra-modern family is becoming more kids centred.

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This is certainly mainly because of the changes in laws restricting kid labour and excluding children from paid out work. It is because from about the 10th to the 13th century the concept of childhood did not exist. According to Aries in the middle age groups childhood as a separate age-stage was brief. Children came into wider society on the same terms as adults. Even the regulations we have today to protect kids were not relevant, the law often made simply no distinction between children and adults and in addition they faced a similar punishment while adults.

Even so Aries theory can be regarded as unreliable as he used evidence by paintings and diaries to comprehend childhood and family your life in the past. Another reason some sociologist argue that the family is becoming more kid centred is caused by the introduction of compulsory schooling for a lot of children in 1880. This benefited mainly the lesser children for instance a upper class children had been receiving education. According to Aries a lot of elements of the present day notion of childhood gradually began to emerge from the 13th century onwards.

This is because college came to specialize in the education of youngsters. However issue sociologists just like Marxist believe inequalities among children of different classes remain in existence even if all children head to school. The opportunities and risks they face nonetheless differ several children stay unprotected and badly maintained.

The view which the modern family members has become even more children centered can be discussed with weak family size and reduced infant mortality rates.

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