Assessment Plan for Unit Cu697 Handle Mail Criteria 4.1 – 5.2 Essay

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5. 1 In Proactive Staff we use Royal Mail to send away our postal mail our plans. The options we all use to send out our out bound mail are 1st class, 2nd class and exceptional delivery. Just how we are able to tell what email needs to proceed 1st, subsequent or exceptional delivery through our personnel placing the mail in the particular trays where they need, where as special delivery is known simply by ‘rec’ been wrote around the mail. four.

2 The way in which our nearly all prices are worked out is to apply the Noble Mail franking machine. We choose the option that we require to get the mail, in that case we consider the mail/package on the scale on the franking machine that we are in that case given a cost. Once this is certainly done we simply you can put mail beneath and the equipment stamps the mail.

If the mail is too big there are special stickers used which get stamped and stuck for the package. 5. 3 At Proactive Staff we do not require the use of a courier service. Whenever we ever do need to work with one there are many companies which range from DHL to Fedex that we could use. If we had a huge parcel that needed to be sent we would pay for the company to come collect it then deliver this to the vacation spot.

The cost consists of the time done by the driving force, the gasoline and the safety of the bundle. 4. some This is protected in some. 1

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